Doherty's Difficult & Dangerous Approaches Volume 1-63

PreviewFS9 Difficult & Dangerous Approaches v1-63. Mr. Michael Dohetry has given our community one of the most awesome answers to breaking up the boring $100 hamburger runs. Mr.Dohetry has kindly allowed me to compile all of his Difficult & Dangerous Approaches into one file. Designed by: Michael...

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FS9 Difficult & Dangerous Approaches v1-63. Mr. Michael Dohetry has given our community one of the most awesome answers to breaking up the boring $100 hamburger runs. Mr.Dohetry has kindly allowed me to compile all of his Difficult & Dangerous Approaches into one file. Designed by: Michael Dohetry Compiled by: Philip Wilson.

Difficult & Dangerous Approaches

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Airports and Approaches.txt01.04.048.29 kB
Copyright and Installation.txt01.04.043.18 kB
File_id V 1.0.txt01.01.041.54 kB
File_id.txt01.04.041.48 kB
Useful Information and Tips.txt01.04.048.29 kB
Afghanistan - Faizabad.FLT06.06.047.52 kB
Afghanistan - Faizabad.WX06.06.04204.04 kB
Alaska - Ketchikan Intl I.FLT10.20.047.75 kB
Alaska - Ketchikan Intl I.WX10.20.04240.91 kB
Alaska - Ketchikan Intl II.FLT10.13.047.82 kB
Alaska - Ketchikan Intl II.WX10.13.04241.21 kB
Alaska - Quartz Creek.FLT09.08.047.23 kB
Alaska - Quartz Creek.WX09.08.04202.47 kB
Albania - Korce Northwest ~ (STAR) ~.FLT12.08.037.35 kB
Albania - Korce Northwest ~ (STAR) ~.WX12.08.03217.84 kB
Albania - Kukes.FLT06.07.047.50 kB
Albania - Kukes.WX06.07.04205.68 kB
Algeria - Biskra.FLT06.07.047.71 kB
Algeria - Biskra.WX06.07.0484.85 kB
American Samoa - Fituatu.FLT06.09.047.97 kB
American Samoa - Fituatu.WX06.09.0484.87 kB
Antartica - Palmer Station.FLT10.13.047.44 kB
Antartica - Palmer Station.WX10.13.04177.64 kB
Antigua and Barbuda - V C Bird.FLT01.04.047.74 kB
Antigua and Barbuda - V C Bird.WX01.05.04155.42 kB
Aruba - Oranjastad Reina Beatrix.FLT01.05.047.82 kB
Aruba - Oranjastad Reina Beatrix.WX01.05.04225.89 kB
Ascension Island - Ascension Island Aux AB.FLT11.20.037.77 kB
Ascension Island - Ascension Island Aux AB.WX11.20.03239.51 kB
Assumption Island - Assumption.FLT01.13.047.38 kB
Assumption Island - Assumption.WX01.13.04209.61 kB
Australia - Adelaide.FLT01.12.047.85 kB
Australia - Adelaide.WX01.12.04200.45 kB
Australia - Alice Springs.FLT01.08.047.79 kB
Australia - Alice Springs.WX01.08.04212.62 kB
Australia - Ayers Rock.FLT01.06.047.81 kB
Australia - Ayers Rock.WX01.06.04213.56 kB
Australia - Badu Island.FLT01.14.047.86 kB
Australia - Badu Island.WX01.14.04146.59 kB
Australia - Boigu.FLT01.09.047.68 kB
Australia - Boigu.WX01.09.04183.22 kB
Australia - Brisbane (night).FLT01.27.047.58 kB
Australia - Brisbane (night).WX01.27.04192.61 kB
Australia - Brisbane.FLT01.26.047.85 kB
Australia - Brisbane.WX01.26.04191.38 kB
Australia - Canberra.FLT04.18.047.78 kB
Australia - Canberra.WX04.18.04193.84 kB
Australia - Christmas Island.FLT11.19.037.71 kB
Australia - Christmas Island.WX11.19.0383.56 kB
Australia - Coconut Island.FLT01.19.047.44 kB
Australia - Coconut Island.WX01.19.0483.21 kB
Australia - Cocos Island.FLT01.19.047.59 kB
Australia - Cocos Island.WX01.19.04112.56 kB
Australia - Croker Island.FLT01.20.047.87 kB
Australia - Croker Island.WX01.20.04171.96 kB
Australia - Garden Island.FLT01.21.047.14 kB
Australia - Garden Island.WX01.21.0483.48 kB
Australia - Hamilton Island.FLT01.22.047.80 kB
Australia - Hamilton Island.WX01.22.04201.44 kB
Australia - Kingsford-Smith (night).FLT01.26.047.82 kB
Australia - Kingsford-Smith (night).WX01.26.04191.38 kB
Australia - Kingsford-Smith.FLT01.26.047.81 kB
Australia - Kingsford-Smith.WX01.26.04191.38 kB
Australia - Lord Howe Island.FLT01.22.047.75 kB
Australia - Lord Howe Island.WX01.22.0483.21 kB
Australia - Melborne Intl.FLT04.08.047.82 kB
Australia - Melborne Intl.WX04.08.04193.26 kB
Australia - Mornington Island I.FLT01.25.047.79 kB
Australia - Mornington Island I.WX01.25.0483.21 kB
Australia - Mornington Island II.FLT01.25.047.93 kB
Australia - Mornington Island II.WX01.25.04113.72 kB
Australia - Mount Isa.FLT11.19.037.65 kB
Australia - Mount Isa.WX11.19.0383.61 kB
Australia - Oodnadatta.FLT11.19.038.01 kB
Australia - Oodnadatta.WX11.19.03115.69 kB
Australia - Palm Island.FLT11.19.037.82 kB
Australia - Palm Island.WX11.19.03204.74 kB
Australia - Phillip Island.FLT11.19.037.88 kB
Australia - Phillip Island.WX11.19.03252.23 kB
Australia - Queenstown.FLT04.21.047.97 kB
Australia - Queenstown.WX04.21.04245.31 kB
Australia - Townsville .FLT04.13.047.88 kB
Australia - Townsville .WX04.13.04183.05 kB
Australia - Troughton Island.FLT10.04.037.23 kB
Australia - Troughton Island.WX10.04.03249.38 kB
Australia - Warraber Island.FLT01.13.047.27 kB
Australia - Warraber Island.WX01.13.04246.89 kB
Austria - Innsbruk I.FLT04.13.047.90 kB
Austria - Innsbruk I.WX04.13.04286.91 kB
Austria - Innsbruk II.FLT04.14.047.78 kB
Austria - Innsbruk II.WX04.14.04264.73 kB
Austria - Klagenfurt.FLT01.03.047.62 kB
Austria - Klagenfurt.WX01.03.04163.64 kB
Austria - St Johann.FLT01.13.047.50 kB
Austria - St Johann.WX01.13.04153.70 kB
Austria - Zell Am See.FLT01.25.047.29 kB
Austria - Zell Am See.WX01.25.04113.72 kB
Bahrain - Bahrain Intl.FLT01.13.047.82 kB
Bahrain - Bahrain Intl.WX01.13.04214.90 kB
Bangladesh - Cox's Bazar.FLT11.23.037.74 kB
Bangladesh - Cox's Bazar.WX11.23.03183.69 kB
Barbados - Grantley Adams.FLT01.14.047.74 kB
Barbados - Grantley Adams.WX01.14.04215.41 kB
Bermuda Island - Bermuda.FLT01.11.047.81 kB
Bermuda Island - Bermuda.WX01.11.04233.28 kB
Bhutan - Paro I ~ (STAR) ~.FLT11.26.037.43 kB
Bhutan - Paro I ~ (STAR) ~.WX11.26.03214.02 kB
Bhutan - Paro II ~ (STAR) ~.FLT11.26.037.50 kB
Bhutan - Paro II ~ (STAR) ~.WX11.26.03211.06 kB
Bolivia - Apolo ~ (STAR) ~.FLT04.24.047.58 kB
Bolivia - Apolo ~ (STAR) ~.WX04.24.04213.56 kB
Bolivia - Bermejo.FLT01.29.047.32 kB
Bolivia - Bermejo.WX01.29.04148.27 kB
Bolivia - Capitan Oriel Lea Plaza.FLT07.05.047.51 kB
Bolivia - Capitan Oriel Lea Plaza.WX07.05.04204.83 kB
Bolivia - Capitan German Quirogia Gauri.FLT06.13.047.53 kB
Bolivia - Capitan German Quirogia Gauri.WX06.13.04263.62 kB
Bolivia - Charana.FLT07.26.047.47 kB
Bolivia - Charana.WX07.26.04164.65 kB
Bolivia - El Alto (La Paz).FLT07.19.048.52 kB
Bolivia - El Alto (La Paz).WX07.19.04184.98 kB
Bolivia - Juan Mendoza.FLT08.19.047.46 kB
Bolivia - Juan Mendoza.WX08.19.04266.61 kB
Bolivia - Laja ~ (STAR) ~.FLT07.19.047.58 kB
Bolivia - Laja ~ (STAR) ~.WX07.19.04185.50 kB
Bolivia - Rurrenabaque.FLT10.01.047.46 kB
Bolivia - Rurrenabaque.WX10.01.04224.47 kB
Brazil - Santos Dumont.FLT10.29.047.96 kB
Brazil - Santos Dumont.WX10.29.04194.84 kB
Bulgaria - Stanke Dimitrov Highway Strip.FLT11.24.037.96 kB
Bulgaria - Stanke Dimitrov Highway Strip.WX11.24.03194.15 kB
Cameroon - Mamfe ~ (STAR) ~.FLT12.03.037.51 kB
Cameroon - Mamfe ~ (STAR) ~.WX12.03.03178.62 kB
Cameroon - Banyo.FLT12.03.037.36 kB
Cameroon - Banyo.WX12.03.03169.22 kB
Canada - Alert Bay.FLT11.26.037.27 kB
Canada - Alert Bay.WX11.26.03170.37 kB
Canada - Bella Coola I.FLT07.01.047.48 kB
Canada - Bella Coola I.WX07.01.04270.23 kB
Canada - Bella Coola II.FLT07.01.047.81 kB
Canada - Bella Coola II.WX07.01.04268.30 kB
Canada - Burns Lake.FLT06.11.047.68 kB
Canada - Burns Lake.WX06.11.04203.37 kB
Canada - Calgary.FLT09.21.047.91 kB
Canada - Calgary.WX09.21.04191.19 kB
Canada - Crawford Bay.FLT08.11.047.39 kB
Canada - Crawford Bay.WX08.11.04245.26 kB
Canada - Kaslo I.FLT08.11.047.53 kB
Canada - Kaslo I.WX08.11.04232.06 kB
Canada - Kaslo II.FLT08.11.047.45 kB
Canada - Kaslo II.WX08.11.04232.86 kB
Canada - Pangman ~ (STAR) ~.FLT09.26.047.34 kB
Canada - Pangman ~ (STAR) ~.WX09.26.04117.06 kB
Canada - Revelstoke I ~ (STAR) ~.FLT10.28.047.51 kB
Canada - Revelstoke I ~ (STAR) ~.WX10.28.0486.92 kB
Canada - Revelstoke II ~ (STAR) ~.FLT10.28.047.57 kB
Canada - Revelstoke II ~ (STAR) ~.WX10.28.0486.96 kB
Cape Verde - Sao Filipe.FLT11.26.037.38 kB
Cape Verde - Sao Filipe.WX11.26.03196.48 kB
Cape Verde - Sao Pedro.FLT11.26.037.32 kB
Cape Verde - Sao Pedro.WX11.26.03223.40 kB
Cayman Island - Roberts Intl.FLT06.15.047.78 kB
Cayman Island - Roberts Intl.WX06.15.04232.86 kB
Chile - Bariles.FLT04.14.047.68 kB
Chile - Bariles.WX04.14.04183.05 kB
Chile - Huancara ~ (STAR) ~.FLT07.31.047.74 kB
Chile - Huancara ~ (STAR) ~.WX07.31.04410.11 kB
Chile - Rio Mayer ~ (STAR) ~.FLT11.27.037.34 kB
Chile - Rio Mayer ~ (STAR) ~.WX11.27.03114.40 kB
China - Baita.FLT12.04.037.84 kB
China - Baita.WX12.04.03224.95 kB
China - Baiyun.FLT12.03.037.62 kB
China - Baiyun.WX12.03.03194.15 kB
China - Beijing.FLT06.11.047.78 kB
China - Beijing.WX06.11.04224.03 kB
China - Gasa.FLT07.14.047.79 kB
China - Gasa.WX07.14.04214.58 kB
China - Lukou.FLT08.04.047.79 kB
China - Lukou.WX08.04.04212.46 kB
China - Macau I.FLT07.12.047.85 kB
China - Macau I.WX07.12.04153.89 kB
China - Macau II.FLT07.14.047.86 kB
China - Macau II.WX07.14.04153.71 kB
China - Phoenix.FLT08.29.047.79 kB
China - Phoenix.WX08.29.04192.11 kB
China - Qingshan.FLT09.16.047.80 kB
China - Qingshan.WX09.16.04211.52 kB
China - Woody Island.FLT10.08.047.81 kB
China - Woody Island.WX10.08.04194.92 kB
Columbia - Malaga ~ (STAR) ~.FLT09.29.047.39 kB
Columbia - Malaga ~ (STAR) ~.WX09.29.04188.71 kB
Comoros - Ouani.FLT11.25.037.20 kB
Comoros - Ouani.WX11.25.03207.71 kB
Congo (DRC) - Basongo.FLT09.15.047.36 kB
Congo (DRC) - Basongo.WX09.15.04123.12 kB
Congo (DRC) - Bukena ~ (STAR) ~.FLT12.05.037.14 kB
Congo (DRC) - Bukena ~ (STAR) ~.WX12.05.03224.66 kB
Congo (DRC) - Gemena.FLT01.11.047.72 kB
Congo (DRC) - Gemena.WX01.11.04248.55 kB
Congo (DRC) - Goma Intl.FLT09.29.047.74 kB
Congo (DRC) - Goma Intl.WX09.29.04140.53 kB
Congo (DRC) - Inga.FLT12.05.037.44 kB
Congo (DRC) - Inga.WX12.05.03221.47 kB
Congo (DRC) - Ishasha ~ (STAR) ~.FLT04.08.047.29 kB
Congo (DRC) - Ishasha ~ (STAR) ~.WX04.08.04253.82 kB
Congo (DRC) - Kamisuku ~ (STAR) ~.FLT12.05.037.29 kB
Congo (DRC) - Kamisuku ~ (STAR) ~.WX12.05.03239.23 kB
Congo (DRC) - Lubero.FLT04.20.047.32 kB
Congo (DRC) - Lubero.WX04.20.04185.25 kB
Congo (DRC) - Luisha ~ (STAR) ~.FLT01.23.047.37 kB
Congo (DRC) - Luisha ~ (STAR) ~.WX01.23.0483.59 kB
Congo (DRC) - Lusinga ~ (STAR) ~.FLT12.05.037.52 kB
Congo (DRC) - Lusinga ~ (STAR) ~.WX12.05.0383.72 kB
Congo (DRC) - Luvua.FLT08.23.047.51 kB
Congo (DRC) - Luvua.WX08.23.0484.47 kB
Congo (DRC) - Mahagi ~ (STAR) ~.FLT08.15.047.34 kB
Congo (DRC) - Mahagi ~ (STAR) ~.WX08.15.0484.23 kB
Congo (DRC) - Moba ~ (STAR) ~.FLT07.13.047.39 kB
Congo (DRC) - Moba ~ (STAR) ~.WX07.13.04221.87 kB
Congo (DRC) - N'djili.FLT12.05.037.85 kB
Congo (DRC) - N'djili.WX12.05.03144.23 kB
Congo (DRC) - Tingi Tingi ~ (STAR) ~.FLT12.05.037.37 kB
Congo (DRC) - Tingi Tingi ~ (STAR) ~.WX12.05.0390.03 kB
Congo (DRC) - Tshumbe ~ (STAR) ~.FLT07.27.047.40 kB
Congo (DRC) - Tshumbe ~ (STAR) ~.WX07.27.04175.00 kB
Congo (DRC) - Yedi ~ (STAR) ~.FLT04.28.047.41 kB
Congo (DRC) - Yedi ~ (STAR) ~.WX04.28.04113.69 kB
Cook Islands - Raratonga ~ (STAR) ~.FLT11.27.037.70 kB
Cook Islands - Raratonga ~ (STAR) ~.WX11.27.03213.54 kB
Costa Rica - Golfito.FLT12.08.037.31 kB
Costa Rica - Golfito.WX12.08.03180.13 kB
Costa Rica - Juan Santamaria.FLT12.08.037.80 kB
Costa Rica - Juan Santamaria.WX12.08.03185.87 kB
Costa Rica - Limon.FLT12.08.037.71 kB
Costa Rica - Limon.WX12.08.03184.51 kB
Costa Rica - Salama I ~ (STAR) ~.FLT01.14.047.08 kB
Costa Rica - Salama I ~ (STAR) ~.WX01.14.04182.80 kB
Costa Rica - Salama II ~ (STAR) ~.FLT12.08.037.10 kB
Costa Rica - Salama II ~ (STAR) ~.WX12.08.03144.91 kB
Croatia - Grobnicko Polje.FLT07.26.047.54 kB
Croatia - Grobnicko Polje.WX07.26.0487.90 kB
Croatia - Kastela.FLT12.08.037.47 kB
Croatia - Kastela.WX12.08.03113.72 kB
Croatia - Losinj.FLT06.10.047.76 kB
Croatia - Losinj.WX10.15.0394.44 kB
Croatia - Sinj.FLT01.14.047.46 kB
Croatia - Sinj.WX01.14.04147.46 kB
Dominican Republic - Constanza ~ (STAR) ~.FLT10.03.047.29 kB
Dominican Republic - Constanza ~ (STAR) ~.WX10.03.04148.82 kB
Ecuador - Camilo Ponse I.FLT10.03.047.76 kB
Ecuador - Camilo Ponse I.WX10.03.04227.00 kB
Ecuador - Camilo Ponse II.FLT10.03.047.73 kB
Ecuador - Camilo Ponse II.WX10.03.04141.12 kB
Ecuador - Patuca ~ (STAR) ~.FLT10.23.047.23 kB
Ecuador - Patuca ~ (STAR) ~.WX10.23.04211.99 kB
Ecuador - Rio Amazonas ~ (STAR) ~.FLT07.20.047.36 kB
Ecuador - Rio Amazonas ~ (STAR) ~.WX07.20.04146.88 kB
Equatorial Guinea - Bata I ~ (STAR) ~.FLT11.26.037.73 kB
Equatorial Guinea - Bata I ~ (STAR) ~.WX11.26.03144.23 kB
Equatorial Guinea - Bata II ~ (STAR) ~.FLT11.26.037.79 kB
Equatorial Guinea - Bata II ~ (STAR) ~.WX11.26.03143.55 kB
Equatorial Guinea - Malabo.FLT11.27.037.84 kB
equatorial guinea - Malabo.WX11.27.03146.74 kB
Ethiopia - Lalibella ~ (STAR) ~.FLT10.09.047.40 kB
Ethiopia - Lalibella ~ (STAR) ~.WX10.09.0497.38 kB
Ethiopia - Tippi ~ (STAR) ~.FLT09.21.047.30 kB
Ethiopia - Tippi ~ (STAR) ~.WX09.21.04200.18 kB
Falkland Islands - Stanley.FLT01.19.047.59 kB
Falkland Islands - Stanley.WX01.19.04251.15 kB
Falklands - Mount Pleasant.FLT04.18.047.79 kB
Falklands - Mount Pleasant.WX04.18.04232.98 kB
Faroe Islands - Vagar.FLT01.28.047.62 kB
Faroe Islands - Vagar.WX01.28.04144.23 kB
Finland - Alavus Highway Strip.FLT12.09.037.81 kB
Finland - Alavus Highway Strip.WX12.09.03174.73 kB
Finland - Haapajarvi.FLT12.09.037.53 kB
Finland - Haapajarvi.WX12.09.0383.21 kB
Finland - Ivalo.FLT06.06.047.85 kB
Finland - Ivalo.WX06.06.04143.85 kB
Finland - Jakalapaa.FLT12.09.037.20 kB
Finland - Jakalapaa.WX12.09.03146.02 kB
Finland - Jarvitalo Highway Strip.FLT07.31.047.88 kB
Finland - Jarvitalo Highway Strip.WX07.31.04144.42 kB
Finland - Martiniiskopalo.FLT09.03.047.39 kB
Finland - Martiniiskopalo.WX09.03.04236.72 kB
Finland - Rotimojoki Highway Strip.FLT10.03.047.94 kB
Finland - Rotimojoki Highway Strip.WX10.03.0484.52 kB
Finland - Voujarvi Highway Strip.FLT08.15.047.80 kB
Finland - Voujarvi Highway Strip.WX08.15.0484.24 kB
France - Aix-Les Baines.FLT08.27.047.73 kB
France - Aix-Les Baines.WX08.27.04217.70 kB
France - Campo Dell'Oro I.FLT11.16.047.90 kB
France - Campo Dell'Oro I.WX11.16.04288.99 kB
France - Campo Dell'Oro II.FLT11.16.047.79 kB
France - Campo Dell'Oro II.WX11.16.04240.84 kB
France - Challes-Les-Faux.FLT06.26.047.31 kB
France - Challes-Les-Faux.WX06.26.04199.47 kB
France - Courchevel.FLT06.26.047.36 kB
France - Courchevel.WX06.26.04198.75 kB
France - La Mole.FLT09.29.047.41 kB
France - La Mole.WX09.29.04221.56 kB
France - Mandelieu (Cannes).FLT11.22.047.75 kB
France - Mandelieu (Cannes).WX11.22.04257.12 kB
France - Saint Crepin.FLT06.30.047.45 kB
France - Saint Crepin.WX06.30.04212.26 kB
Gabon - Koulamoutou Mabimbi.FLT07.17.047.74 kB
Gabon - Koulamoutou Mabimbi.WX07.17.04152.55 kB
Gabon - Mouilla Ville.FLT01.20.047.52 kB
Gabon - Mouilla Ville.WX01.20.0490.42 kB
Gabon - Ndende ~ (STAR) ~.FLT12.09.037.49 kB
Gabon - Ndende ~ (STAR) ~.WX12.09.0391.38 kB
Gaudeloupe - Baillif.FLT12.12.038.07 kB
Gaudeloupe - Baillif.WX12.12.03181.81 kB
Gaudeloupe - Grande Anse.FLT07.14.048.29 kB
Gaudeloupe - Grande Anse.WX07.14.04184.14 kB
Geogia - Batumi.FLT01.29.047.58 kB
Geogia - Batumi.WX01.29.04171.62 kB
Georgia - Gudauta.FLT07.25.047.81 kB
Georgia - Gudauta.WX07.25.04133.42 kB
Germany - Anspach-Taunus.FLT07.12.047.40 kB
Germany - Anspach-Taunus.WX07.12.04216.52 kB
Germany - Cologne-Bonn.FLT07.16.047.85 kB
Germany - Cologne-Bonn.WX07.16.04273.89 kB
Germany - Duene.FLT09.24.047.40 kB
Germany - Duene.WX09.24.04219.94 kB
Germany - Mont Royal.FLT09.19.047.40 kB
Germany - Mont Royal.WX09.19.04228.64 kB
Germany - Oos.FLT10.09.047.49 kB
Germany - Oos.WX10.09.04156.33 kB
Greece - Elefsis.FLT04.27.047.70 kB
Greece - Elefsis.WX04.27.04269.56 kB
Greece - Kasos.FLT06.23.047.59 kB
Greece - Kasos.WX06.23.04206.05 kB
Greece - Kotroni.FLT07.28.047.52 kB
Greece - Kotroni.WX07.28.04202.47 kB
Greece - Leros.FLT08.29.047.40 kB
Greece - Leros.WX08.29.04187.45 kB
Greece - Odysseas Elytis.FLT09.24.047.77 kB
Greece - Odysseas Elytis.WX09.24.04215.22 kB
Greece - Santorini.FLT12.18.038.53 kB
Greece - Santorini.WX12.18.03151.36 kB
Greece - Volos Army.FLT07.17.047.70 kB
Greece - Volos Army.WX07.17.04206.68 kB
Greenland - Kangerlussuaq.FLT09.27.047.83 kB
Greenland - Kangerlussuaq.WX09.27.04105.46 kB
Greenland - Narsarsuaq.FLT08.19.047.80 kB
Greenland - Narsarsuaq.WX08.19.04141.60 kB
Greenland - Nerlerit Inaat.FLT07.09.047.57 kB
Greenland - Nerlerit Inaat.WX07.09.04153.04 kB
Greenland - Qaanaaq.FLT12.03.037.41 kB
Greenland - Qaanaaq.WX12.03.03144.59 kB
Greenland - Sisimuit.FLT12.03.037.44 kB
Greenland - Sisimuit.WX12.03.03140.86 kB
Greenland - Upernavik.FLT01.08.047.47 kB
Greenland - Upernavik.WX01.08.04143.24 kB
Guadeloupe - Grand Case.FLT04.19.048.46 kB
Guadeloupe - Grand Case.WX04.19.04196.01 kB
Guadeloupe - St Barthelemy Island I ~ (STAR) ~.FLT09.03.047.52 kB
Guadeloupe - St Barthelemy Island I ~ (STAR) ~.WX09.03.04155.15 kB
Guadeloupe - St Barthelemy Island II ~ ( STAR) ~.FLT09.03.047.33 kB
Guadeloupe - St Barthelemy Island II ~ ( STAR) ~.WX09.03.04149.82 kB
Guam - Andersen AFB I.FLT10.30.048.51 kB
Guam - Andersen AFB I.WX10.30.04259.27 kB
Guam - Andersen AFB II.FLT10.30.048.52 kB
Guam - Andersen AFB II.WX10.30.04266.69 kB
Guam - Guam Intl.FLT10.30.047.62 kB
Guam - Guam Intl.WX10.30.04253.98 kB
Guyana - Kato.FLT11.18.047.56 kB
Guyana - Kato.WX11.18.04203.83 kB
Guyana - Kurukabaru.FLT03.29.047.29 kB
Guyana - Kurukabaru.WX03.29.04233.86 kB
Guyana - Mountain Point.FLT06.09.047.43 kB
Guyana - Mountain Point.WX06.09.04232.47 kB
Honduras - Catacamus ~ (STAR) ~.FLT10.08.047.33 kB
Honduras - Catacamus ~ (STAR) ~.WX10.08.04161.14 kB
Honduras - Tela.FLT09.23.047.33 kB
Honduras - Tela.WX09.23.04186.86 kB
Hong Kong SAR - Hong Kong Intl I.FLT06.12.047.67 kB
Hong Kong SAR - Hong Kong Intl I.WX06.12.04204.04 kB
Hong Kong SAR - Hong Kong Intl II.FLT06.12.047.71 kB
Hong Kong SAR - Hong Kong Intl II.WX06.12.04202.47 kB
Hong Kong SAR - Kai Tak I ~ (STAR) ~.FLT06.14.047.98 kB
Hong Kong SAR - Kai Tak I ~ (STAR) ~.WX06.14.04153.62 kB
Hong Kong SAR - Kai Tak II ~ (STAR) ~.FLT06.12.047.84 kB
Hong Kong SAR - Kai Tak II ~ (STAR) ~.WX06.12.04183.06 kB
Hong Kong SAR - Kai Tak III ~ (STAR) ~.FLT06.12.047.84 kB
Hong Kong SAR - Kai Tak III ~ (STAR) ~.WX06.12.04182.03 kB
Hong Kong SAR - Kai Tak IV ~ (STAR) ~.FLT06.14.048.65 kB
Hong Kong SAR - Kai Tak IV ~ (STAR) ~.WX06.14.04189.00 kB
Iceland - Isafordur.FLT06.11.047.50 kB
Iceland - Isafordur.WX06.11.04182.79 kB
India - Baghdogra AB.FLT09.24.047.76 kB
India - Baghdogra AB.WX09.24.04312.64 kB
India - Kargil.FLT02.19.047.67 kB
India - Kargil.WX02.19.04210.05 kB
India - Khajuraho.FLT08.07.047.83 kB
India - Khajuraho.WX08.07.04203.06 kB
India - Kullu Manali.FLT08.20.047.68 kB
India - Kullu Manali.WX08.20.04202.74 kB
India - Leh I.FLT02.20.047.47 kB
India - Leh I.WX02.20.04184.35 kB
India - Leh II.FLT02.20.047.97 kB
India - Leh II.WX02.20.04184.13 kB
India - Lengpui I.FLT09.04.047.90 kB
India - Lengpui I.WX09.04.04263.07 kB
India - Lengpui II.FLT09.06.047.88 kB
India - Lengpui II.WX09.06.04257.32 kB
India - Pasighat.FLT09.21.047.50 kB
India - Pasighat.WX09.21.04227.02 kB
India - Shimla.FLT09.27.047.69 kB
India - Shimla.WX09.27.04198.67 kB
India - Srinagar AB.FLT10.09.047.67 kB
India - Srinagar AB.WX10.09.04252.39 kB
India - Thoise I.FLT10.23.047.86 kB
India - Thoise I.WX10.23.04290.04 kB
India - Thoise II.FLT10.23.047.79 kB
India - Thoise II.WX10.23.04482.46 kB
India - Trivandrum.FLT06.22.047.98 kB
India - Trivandrum.WX06.22.04459.70 kB
Indonesia - Achmad Yani.FLT07.15.047.69 kB
Indonesia - Achmad Yani.WX07.15.04290.92 kB
Indonesia - Adi Sumarmo Wiryokusumo.FLT07.27.047.87 kB
Indonesia - Adi Sumarmo Wiryokusumo.WX07.27.04299.54 kB
Indonesia - Adisutjipto I.FLT08.30.047.82 kB
Indonesia - Adisutjipto I.WX08.30.04299.37 kB
Indonesia - Adisutjipto II.FLT08.30.047.94 kB
Indonesia - Adisutjipto II.WX08.30.04299.12 kB
Indonesia - Aek Godang.FLT08.06.047.57 kB
Indonesia - Aek Godang.WX08.06.04302.38 kB
Indonesia - Babullah.FLT08.20.047.66 kB
Indonesia - Babullah.WX08.20.04299.88 kB
Indonesia - Bali.FLT09.14.047.88 kB
Indonesia - Bali.WX09.14.04301.08 kB
Indonesia - H Hasan Aroeboesman.FLT02.16.047.78 kB
Indonesia - H Hasan Aroeboesman.WX02.16.04303.12 kB
Indonesia - Satartacik I.FLT11.18.047.75 kB
Indonesia - Satartacik I.WX11.18.04257.00 kB
Indonesia - Satartacik II.FLT11.18.047.53 kB
Indonesia - Satartacik II.WX11.18.04194.88 kB
Indonesia - Soekarno-Hatta I.FLT10.04.047.90 kB
Indonesia - Soekarno-Hatta I.WX10.04.04255.37 kB
Indonesia - Soekarno-Hatta II.FLT10.04.047.83 kB
Indonesia - Soekarno-Hatta II.WX10.04.04252.16 kB
Indonesia - Sultan Iskandarmuda.FLT07.28.047.95 kB
Indonesia - Sultan Iskandarmuda.WX07.28.04252.17 kB
Indonesia - Wolter Monginsidi.FLT09.21.047.75 kB
Indonesia - Wolter Monginsidi.WX09.21.04190.14 kB
Italy - Aosta.FLT09.16.047.71 kB
Italy - Aosta.WX09.16.04254.88 kB
Italy - Bolanzo I.FLT06.07.047.67 kB
Italy - Bolanzo I.WX06.07.04202.34 kB
Italy - Bolanzo II.FLT06.07.047.53 kB
Italy - Bolanzo II.WX06.07.04202.22 kB
Italy - L Aquila Preturo.FLT08.25.047.64 kB
Italy - L Aquila Preturo.WX08.25.04302.91 kB
Italy - Matterello.FLT08.08.047.69 kB
Italy - Matterello.WX08.08.04309.16 kB
Italy - Reggio Calabria I ~ (STAR) ~.FLT06.23.048.51 kB
Italy - Reggio Calabria I ~ (STAR) ~.WX06.23.04187.89 kB
Italy - Reggio Calabria II (STAR).FLT06.23.048.53 kB
Italy - Reggio Calabria II (STAR).WX06.23.04184.07 kB
Italy - Viterbo Military.FLT07.15.047.44 kB
Italy - Viterbo Military.WX07.15.04187.02 kB
Jamaica - Sangster Intl.FLT09.23.047.88 kB
Jamaica - Sangster Intl.WX09.23.04216.23 kB
Japan - Asahikawa.FLT01.13.047.06 kB
Japan - Asahikawa.WX01.13.04187.51 kB
Japan - Fukue I.FLT04.19.047.86 kB
Japan - Fukue I.WX04.19.04241.90 kB
Japan - Fukue II.FLT04.19.047.81 kB
Japan - Fukue II.WX04.19.04242.25 kB
Japan - Kamigoto.FLT07.19.047.29 kB
Japan - Kamigoto.WX07.19.04113.72 kB
Japan - Kansai I.FLT09.14.047.85 kB
Japan - Kansai I.WX09.14.04347.25 kB
Japan - Kansai II.FLT09.13.047.88 kB
Japan - Kansai II.WX09.13.04349.14 kB
Japan - Kozishima.FLT12.07.037.76 kB
Japan - Kozishima.WX12.07.03113.72 kB
Japan - Minami Torishima I.FLT08.21.047.97 kB
Japan - Minami Torishima I.WX08.21.04137.10 kB
Japan - Minami Torishima II.FLT08.21.047.94 kB
Japan - Minami Torishima II.WX08.21.04143.33 kB
Japan - Nanki-Shirahama.FLT12.07.037.46 kB
Japan - Nanki-Shirahama.WX12.07.03141.50 kB
Japan - Tateyama.FLT09.20.047.26 kB
Japan - Tateyama.WX09.20.04144.09 kB
Japan - Yoron.FLT10.06.047.36 kB
Japan - Yoron.WX10.06.04138.79 kB
Kenya - Kilaguni.FLT07.31.047.59 kB
Kenya - Kilaguni.WX07.31.04257.53 kB
Kenya - Loitokitok.FLT08.24.047.26 kB
Kenya - Loitokitok.WX08.24.04194.15 kB
Kenya - Lokichogio.FLT09.19.047.49 kB
Kenya - Lokichogio.WX09.19.04181.82 kB
Kenya - Mackinnon Road.FLT10.08.047.53 kB
Kenya - Mackinnon Road.WX10.08.04203.46 kB
Kenya - Naivasha.FLT12.04.037.32 kB
Kenya - Naivasha.WX12.04.03181.68 kB
Kenya - Webuye.FLT12.04.037.22 kB
Kenya - Webuye.WX12.04.03194.15 kB
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Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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