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Shigeru Tanaka Releases SST2010 For FS2004

Posted on Sat, 27 Sep 2003 10:54:37 GMT
Now available from designer Shigeru Tanaka is his FS2004 package of the next generation supersonic transport that he calls the SST2010. The highly detailed model comes with four liveries, full animations, dynamic shine and a specially designed panel. For full details, click on Read More.Shigeru Tanaka has just released his new package for FS2004, SST2010 North America.

Brand-new SST series upgraded and tuned up for FS2004 flights. The shape of things to come in near future. Innovative concept models of next-generation Super Sonic Transport to show up in 2010. Original futuristic design with canard and swing-wing configuration and luxurious and stable Mach 2.3 cruising speed, after study on SST concept designs by NASA, Boeing, and other aerospacial manufacturers, also the time-honored Concorde. This package offers 4 models for famous North American airlines, Air Canada, American Airlines, Pan American, and United Airlines. You may say PanAm is already gone, but airline companies are ever changing unpredictably through struggles for existence and M&A's, and the future is not ours to see as the old song tells us.

Making the most of all the latest fs features, full animations of multifunctional control surfaces, swing-wings, rolling wheels, steerable front gear with landing lights and main gears all with dignified suspension motions. Elegant dynamic shine with realistic service stains moderately applied for even better realism, and night lights mapping for cool nocturnal flights. Effective brakes, spoilers, and thrust reversers for adequate slowdown after touchdown. Special panel with flight map, radio stack, throttle quadrant, Garmin GPS 500, autopilot, and ATC available. Custom afterburner and smoke effects toggled by I key enable to enjoy both clean non-smoke environment-friendly flights and Concorde- like heavy-smoke yet dynamic-looking flights. Enjoy first-class exquisite SST flights just ahead of the time, into the next century of flight.

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