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DTG Quality of Life Update for FSW

Posted on Thu, 25 May 2017 21:15:42 GMT

Having seen the release of Flight Sim World last week in Early Access mode, the discussion has been rife since. People have been enjoying their weekend in the skies of this new simulator, testing out the range of features this 64-bit simulation brings to the table. 

The team behind the simulator, Dovetail Games, have been looking on forums, looking at report forms and bug lists, and trying to build a comprehensive list of fixes to be implemented. At the moment, it looks like a new patch for the software will land this week.

One of the default aircraft in FSW.
One of the default aircraft in FSW.

Dubbed Quality of Life, this new patch aims to:

  • Improve brightness issues on runways, a much-maligned feature, as well as horizon and autogen lighting.
  • Better translation fixes for French and German users, who suffered from UI problems and mistranslations.
  • The music tick-box is now ticked, even when the slider is set to 0.
  • When you quit a lesson, you now return to the lesson screen, saving valuable time.
  • State options are now disabled when implemented in the Key Assign panel.
  • Aircraft livery of the Scud Runner mission has been changed to fit the UI needed.
  • The audio of both PA34 and PA46 aircraft has been optimized and improved massively.
  • New momentum effects are applied to all aircraft using default cockpit views.

Thanks to these additions and changes, it’s hoped that users can enjoy a more progressive experience. Just as importantly, though, is the addition of overall improvements. From optimizing frame-rate issues to fine-tuning performance, this update is looking to make everything smoother. Performance on high-end machines has been slated so far, with many believing it’s nowhere near as fluid as it should be.

The aim is to try and correct these problems in this update. However, some tips and tricks have been suggested by the Dovetail Games team. They suggest trying the following temporary workarounds:

  • Turn off concurrent streaming for both broadcast and viewing. This can eat up a lot of resources!
  • Try and run the game in a bordered full-screen mode, rather than the standard full screen.
  • Lower display settings to try and find a better balance – scenery high and traffic low seems to be working best at present.

Of course, there’s still a lot more change to come with the simulator as time goes on. It has great potential and there is the scale for improvement, so long as the updates are regular.

Regular improvement is going to be vital in making sure that this simulator can live up to the hype. With so many people interested in having a 64-bit simulator, this should make a massive difference to the overall reception. Many of the much-maligned issues at the start, including frame rate problems, have been improved slightly.

With more changes due to come in the coming days and weeks, we expect that the Quality of Life patch is merely the beginning. With plenty of change and improvement still to come, we expect to see a fair share of updates coming in the near future. 

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