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FS-FlightControl Announce Support for FSW

Posted on Sat, 10 Jun 2017 13:49:34 GMT

Having been on the market and making a positive impression for a couple of weeks now, Flight Sim World is duly impressing. People seem to be really appreciating the work that has gone into the program, ensuring it offers a really uplifting aviation experience. However, that being said, one concern has been about the level of modification support it will receive. 

Simulators in the past have been awash with amazingly detailed flight simulation add-ons from fans and enthusiasts. One of the major concerns has been that the new level of simulators might be beyond modding.

Screenshot of the software.
Screenshot of the software.

Thankfully, that cannot be the case. Why? Because the excellent FS-FlightControl provides full, official support for Early Access Flight Sim World. This is likely to head off into the main release, too, meaning that people will be able to make the most of the quality commercial-quality add-ons. FSFC provide a gluttony of excellent solutions for simulation fans, and now these will be officially supported by the new simulator.

This is an important step in the right direction, as this will make sure that fans aren’t going to be left behind or forced to ‘make do’ with what is provided. If this fast and official support is anything to go by, then Flight Sim World is going to be absolutely packed!

What is FS-FlightControl?

So, this new mod for FSW is going to be all about flight management. Made to be easily controlled with both mouse click and touchscreen, this offers an instructor station for FSW as well as FSX and P3D. It’s a nice little amplifier, if you will, that helps to improve the offerings that the original simulator can provide.

Screenshot of the map feature.
Screenshot of the map feature.

Thanks to the help of this new Instructor Station, you can make sure that the aircraft can be enjoyed in just about any way that you might expect. Now, you can set aircraft approaches for runways, define weather conditions and even impose system failures, crashes and more.

Basically, if you are looking to test yourself in a certain environment, this will make it easy thanks to this mod, then, enthusiasts can begin to try things out and avoid having to wait until the simulator decrees that such actions should occur. Thanks to this, then, you should find it much easier to take full control over testing out every little feature and fact that Flight Sim World provides you with.

You can also manage a fully moving, deeply detailed map. This comes with various background options, too, making sure that you can look at everything from taxi points in airports to street view systems. You can also directly create and manage flight plans from here, making it so much easier for you to control the destiny of your aviation experience.

So, if you have grown used to working with this piece of kit with FSX and P3D, you can still use it. The latest release is going to be out soon, so then you can start managing every aspect of your flight from flue and load planning to push-back control and even remote control via network machines.

You can view more information on the official website here.

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