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Big Bear Airport Scenery Released for FSW

Last updated Tue, 03 Jul 2018 11:22:11 GMT
Originally posted on Sun, 01 Apr 2018 14:23:07 GMT

Sometimes, the most enjoyable part of a flight experience is landing in a more rural, charming location. Many people find it hard to locate rural airports that feel worth landing at, though, thanks to the lack of any kind of diverse details. The Big Bear Airport, though, is a proper rural airport that can be very much fun to come land at. 

Landing at Big Bear airport.

About Big Bear Airport

Released for Dovetail Games’ Flight Sim World, this recreation of Big Bair Airport by Turbulent Designs and released officially for the simulator should be worth a look for rural airline fans. This small airport is located in the mountains of San Bernardino, in Big Bear City. It’s a very interesting location, with around 117 acres of land taken up and with one single asphalt runway to be used.

While it might feel small and a little cramped at times, Big Bear Airport creates a very enjoyable rural airport to come visit. This recreation looks to capture everything from the small terminal building to the kind of specific flight protocols needed to make sure you can engage in a textbook landing.

Aircraft on ramp

With inbound traffic expected to come in over the ski slopes at 9,000+ft and for departing traffic to fly at or under 8,500ft, it’s easy to see why this airport is a new challenge. The development looks to add another challenge to quite a unique airport, giving you something totally different to get used to.

What’s New?

  • The first piece of official add-on scenery for FSW has been released, with this the result of the work carried out.
  • Makes use of highly detailed buildings that feel specific to the region and to the airport itself in terms of placement and layout.
  • High definition ground polys are used to ensure the ground looks as authentic and as realistic as it possibly can.
  • Extensive work has been carried out using the Real Flora tech; a Turbulent system that looks to re-create authentic flora based on the world.
  • Makes the most of new rendering capacity from the simulator, ensuring that more of the area is closely detailed while retaining a level of individuality that makes it stand out.
  • 62km2 photorealistic coverage across the region ensures that Big Bear Airport and the surrounding areas look even sharper. 30cm resolution helps to back this up.
  • Take on a unique and different aviation challenge as you need to adapt to the airport's quirks and needs for departure and arrival accordingly.
  • Also includes three missions to help you make the most of the Epic Approaches DLC more than ever.
  • Followed the example of real-life arrivals and departures to help capture the detail and the challenge as much as possible. 

You can also read feedback from existing users of FSW here.

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