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FS2004 AFCAD Files

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NZAA, Auckland Int'l Airport, New Zealand. Based on the apron chart so gate placement is fairly realistic. By Arvin Pitt. Overview of Auckland Int'l Airport. This is my last refinement to NZAA's Afcad2 .bgl. Essentially it is based on the APRON chart for Auckland, so the gate placement is fairly realistic. However, two blatant gates have been added which are not added on the chart. This is to ensure enough parking spaces for AI Aircraft. International: 9...

File size: 264.37 kB | Download hits: 61

AFCAD2 Files For Spain

AFCAD2 files for Spanish airports to use with the default scenery. Includes the brand new runway 07R/25L in Barcelona-El Prat as well as navaids, taxiways and apron areas published by Aena AIP in its charts for all Spain. Airports included are GCFV, GCGM, GCHI, GCLA, GCLP, GCRR, GCTS, GCXO, GEML, LEAL, LEAM, LEAS, LEBB, LEBL, LEBZ, LECO, LEGE, LEGR, LEIB, LEJR, LELC, LELN, LEMD, LEMG, LEMH, LEPA, LEPP, LERS, LESA, LESO, LEST, LETO, LEVC, LEVD, LEVT, LEVX, LEXJ, LEZG, LEZL. By Luis de Diego....

File size: 213.04 kB | Download hits: 348


FMEE, Gillot Airport, Reunion Island. ...

File size: 3.81 kB | Download hits: 89


YBBN, Brisbane Int'l Airport, Australia, using crosswind runways. By Ray Smith and Bruce Blackshaw. This file is for the default airport and updates my previous version (my previous versions not required) this activates the crosswind runway, a big thanks to Jim Vile and Reggie Fields for their hard work in activating crosswind rwy's fully tested with Ultimate Traffic but not required. Please Note: When ATIS is activated you will see fictitious rwy's this is part of activating...

File size: 13.14 kB | Download hits: 25


KSFO, San Francisco International Airport, California (CA) only for use with the FlyTampa payware scenery. By Roberto Messina. Overview of San Francisco International Airport. FlyTampa San Fransisco International Airport (KSFO) afcad 2 file for FS2004 only. This is a rework of the default AFCAD 2 file include with the wonderful FlyTampa San Fransisco scenery. This file is for use only with this SFO scenery. This also includes the use of crosswind  runways using the...

File size: 15.14 kB | Download hits: 151


KDEN, Denver Int'l Airport, Colorado (CO), for Imaginesim's add-on scenery. All parking positions are set up using the aircraft code method. By John Kramer. This is a new AFCAD file for Denver International Airport (KDEN) V1 for Imaginesim's add-on scenery. This Afcad is to be used with FS2004 ONLY! All Parking positions are set up using the aircraft code method. This is for use with no static aircraft. To remove the static aircraft remove/move the aircraft_cargo_01.bgl and the...

File size: 24.32 kB | Download hits: 144


LFBD, Bordeaux, Merignac Airport, France, for LFBD2002 scenery by Bevilacqua Joel. By Silvester van Wijk. Unzip the *.bgl into your Flight SimulatorAddon Sceneryscenery folder. As I have Noticed ( and others using this scenery ), there seems to be an elevation problem with AI floating above he surface. My highly regarded fellow simmer Philip from KSAT has helped me fixing this elevation problem. This file contains Adjusted AP947160 and default AP947160. Unzip the *.bgl into your Flight...

File size: 86.29 kB | Download hits: 32

Nepal AFCAD2

Adds parking for AI to all 41 airports of Einar Aarvik's Nepal scenery (NEPALSCE.ZIP). You need mesh of Martin Domign (EPALMSH.ZIP). Also included is sound file for Nepal airline "Cosmic Air" to be used with Dornier 228 (D228CMIC.ZIP) by Bjorn Buchner, repainted by Yeatin Giri. By Christoph Sondern. The ZIP file contains the following files: afcad.bgl, airport data for ATC (Taxiways, parking and comm. frequencies.) Installation: Download and install the...

File size: 40.39 kB | Download hits: 61


This AFCAD file corrects all the parking positions in the west pier. The west pier in flight simulator 2004 is designed the way it used to look some years ago. Recently Mehrabad airport totally reconstructed the parking positions in the west pier. I also fixed the parking positions in the east pier though I didn't include all the gates since there was not enough room. I fixed some taxiways and I closed rwy 11L and 11R for landings since rwys 29L and 29R are used 95% of the times for...

File size: 28.21 kB | Download hits: 82


KOMA, Eppley Airfield, Omaha, Nebraska (NE) for use with default scenery. Includes all gates with airline designators. By Jason Landuyt. This is a AFCAD2 file for Eppley Airfield in Omaha, Nebraska (KOMA). I tried to make the airport as realistic as possible with what is given to me with FS9. I included all gates at the airport including airline designators with the airlines that use the gates. Please let me know if you need an airport done, or have any questions. Install: Simply...

File size: 8.25 kB | Download hits: 15


4N0, Newman's Airport, Kalamazoo, Michigan (MI). All KBIA files are created by basing an airport off of a small airport. Installation: Copy file into C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Addon Scenery. To uninstall, just delete the file. My files DO NOT have customized ATC, but if you want to adjust it, DO IT! ...

File size: 6.22 kB | Download hits: 8


EDDS, Stuttgart Airport, Germany, for use with German Airports 1 scenery. By Tobias Karcher. Afcad File for Gap1 Version 2004, for use with FS9. I worked many hours at that file. I saw, some months ago, that there were no good and realistic Afcad-Files for GAP1, so I decided to create a layout for my home airport. 1 time per week I visit that airport to spot the planes, so I know where all the airlines will park etc. But I also used the nice information, of all the different airlines in...

File size: 10.42 kB | Download hits: 22

EPWA AFCAD2 File, Okecie Int'l Airport

EPWA, Warsaw, Okecie Int'l Airport, Poland, for Warsaw Okecie Scenery EPWA 1.9b scenery (EPWA19D.ZIP). By Silvester van Wijk. (Not to be used with the default scenery.) All credits to Marek Sikorski for the EPWA Okecie scenery, many many thanks. I love those stoplights when other traffic is on the crossing Runway. Tested them in my own FS2004, and it works well. Installation: Unzip the *.bgl into your Flight SimulatorsceneryEPWAscenery folder. Or you can put in the usual...

File size: 8.02 kB | Download hits: 43


LLBG, Tel Aviv, Ben Gurion Intl Airport, Israel, for VATSIM's Israel scenery (LLBG v0.51). Now runway 26 can be used for takeoffs and landings as well as runway 12/30. By Silvester van Wijk. (Not to bo used with the default scenery.) Afcad originally made by Chanan Epstein, changed it a bit to my own convenience. Now Runway 26 can use for Take Offs and landings , as well as Runway 12/30. All credits to the makers from Vatil for the LLBG Ben Gurion scenery, many many thanks. Tested...

File size: 11.12 kB | Download hits: 27


LMML, Luqa Airport, Malta, for Daniel Chircop's scenery. By Silvester van Wijk. Tested them in my own FS2004, and it works well . Installation: Unzip the *.bgl into your Flight SimulatorAddon Sceneryscenery folder. ...

File size: 15.86 kB | Download hits: 50


Oodnadatta (YOOD) for the default version of this South Australia airport, with the original "invisible" runways replaced by visible gravel ones. By John Lawler. Overview of Oodnadatta. The AFCAD2 file in this package was created using Lee Swordy's "AFCAD Version 2.21 for FS2004". The default FS9 scenery for YOOD has invisible runways which I have replaced with (visible) gravel ones. I have no evidence for the use of gravel on these runways, but I...

File size: 7.46 kB | Download hits: 20


YPPH, Perth Int'l Airport, Australia, with active crosswind runways. For use with default scenery. By Ray Smith. Perth Airport Logo. This file is for the default airport and updates my previous version (my previous version not required) this activates the crosswind runway, a big thanks to Jim Vile and Reggie Fields for their hard work in activating crosswind rwy's fully tested with Ultimate Traffic but not required. Please Note: when ATIS is activated you will see...

File size: 10.82 kB | Download hits: 27

AFCAD2 Files For Larnaca And Paphos V2

Larnaca And Paphos Int'l Airports, v2.0 (LCLK, LCPH). By Marios Anastasiou and Terry M. Kyrakides. Overview of LCLK Stands. Larnaca International LCLK Adds Missing Twy D (That's between Twy B and Twy E) Adds Missing Taxiline lights (green lights on the twy centerline at night) Adds Parking Stands (A more close to real life representation of the Main apron's parking stands Picture included in zip LCLK Stands.jpg) Makes the end of twy C (H/P Rwy 04) curved...

File size: 46.06 kB | Download hits: 43


LOWI, Innsbruck, Austria, Kranebitten, for default scenery. Tested with 'PAI AI Traffic'. Installation: Just put the file in 'Addon Scenery/Scenery' Make sure you have only one active AFCAD bgl file for LOWI. That's it. ...

File size: 5.87 kB | Download hits: 75


EHEH, Eindhoven AB, The Netherlands, for use with default scenery. Overview of Eindhoven AB. Eindhoven Airport in a growing airport in the south of The Netherlands. It has a civil and an airforce part. There are scheduled flights to Paris, Rome, Milan, London, Hamburg, Amsterdam and Instanbul.The next airlines are using Eindhoven Airport: KLM Cityhopper, KLM Exel, Ryanair, FLY Air, Onur, Sky Airlines, Inter Airlines, Dutchbird and Transavia. In December 2004 starts the airport...

File size: 75.06 kB | Download hits: 51


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