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FS2004 AFCAD Files

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Real AIP AFCAD2 File for EGCC

EGCC, Manchester Int'l Airport, UK. By Matt Duxbury. Overview of Manchester Int'l Airport. ...

File size: 155.53 KB | Download hits: 19


OMDB, Dubai Int'l Airport, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). By Matt Duxbury. Overview of Dubai Int'l Airport. ...

File size: 152.77 KB | Download hits: 225


VHHH, Chek Lap Kok Int'l Airport, Hong Kong. By Matt Duxbury. Overview of Chek Lap Kok Int'l Airport. ...

File size: 156.25 KB | Download hits: 47


ESSA, Arlanda Flygplats, Stockholm, Sweden. ...

File size: 6.97 KB | Download hits: 14

Blackpool 2003 AFCAD2 File

An AFCAD 2 file for EMatch Sims Blackpool UK 2003 scenery. Puts taxiways and parking spots in correct places. Requires Blackpool 2003. By Chris Hulme. To install simply copy the BGL file to your FS9Addon Sceneryscenery folder and it will install its self. Includes 2 gates by the terminal, parking outside of the hangers and 4 helipads. ...

File size: 3.48 KB | Download hits: 7


KSAN, San Diego Int'l-Lindbergh Airport, San Diego, California (CA), USA. By Peter Rietkerk. Overview of San Diego Int'l-Lindbergh Airport. This AFCAD layout is a modified version of the one provided by FlyTampa Scenery's AFCAD for KSAN, and must be used with FlyTampa Scenery - San Diego. Installation: Replace the AFCAD provided by FlyTampa Scenery - San Diego with this file. ...

File size: 127.76 KB | Download hits: 53


NZNP, New Plymouth Airport, New Zealand. By Peter Rietkerk. Overview of New Plymouth Airport. Installation: Move this file to the following directory within your root Flight Simulator 9 directory: Flight Simulator 9Addon SceneryScenery folder. ...

File size: 152.7 KB | Download hits: 11


WITT, Sultan Iskandarmuda (Blang Bintang Airport), Banda Aceh, Indonesia. By Peter Rietkerk. Overview of Blang Bintang Airport. Installation: Move this file to the following directory within your root directory: Flight Simulator 9Addon SceneryScenery folder. ...

File size: 35.41 KB | Download hits: 56

Bakdusan Aero V2

Bakdusan Aero (R007), North Korea. Overview of Bakdusan Aero. Installation: Just unzip the file and send to your " Flight Simulator 9Addon Sceneryscenery " folder. You must remove old version before install. ...

File size: 105.88 KB | Download hits: 15

Upper Heyford Update

This file gives ATC facilities for Dave Fagan's Upper Heyford, UK, scenery. This update corrects some incompatibility issues. Requires UHEY70.ZIP. By Dave Hanstater. Overview of Upper Heyford. Installation: If replacing the earlier version, pleae delete it before installing the update. Do not overwrite it. Dave Fagan installed his AF2_EGUA.bgl in the Flight Simulator 9/Add on Scenery/ uhey/scenery folder. Replace it with my file. ...

File size: 6.58 KB | Download hits: 30


Larnaca/Larnax Airport (LCLK), Cyprus. I started to design AFCAD2 Files. My first file you can see is Larnca Cyprus for the standard FS2004 Scenery. It's a real overlay, like you can find it in the Jeppesen charts! Installation: Copy to your Microsoft games/Flight Simulator 2004/Addon Scenery/Scenery folder. ...

File size: 3.91 KB | Download hits: 14


AFCAD2 file for use with Budapest 2004. Adds realistic parking positions at Ferihegy Airport, Hungary. By Jozsef Suveg. Budapest Airport Logo. ...

File size: 8.03 KB | Download hits: 21

Baekdusan Aero

File For Baekdusan Aero (R007), North Korea. Installation: Just unzip the file and send to your " Flight Simulator 9Addon Sceneryscenery " folder. ...

File size: 1.61 KB | Download hits: 14


YCMH, Australia. Camden Haven airport has one runway and a river next to the runway for seaplanes. Camden Haven has no navaids and the main frequency is 122.90. To Install place the AF2_YCMH file in the Scenery folder in Addon Scenery. Have fun flying around it and watch out for the house on approach to 12. ...

File size: 2.14 KB | Download hits: 11

AFCAD2 Files For Clearwater Valley

Clearwater Valley, Idaho (ID). Includes files for the larger airports in the area: Orofino Municipal (S68), Idaho County (S80) and Lewiston-Nez Perce County (KLWS). Also includes AI flight plans for Orofino. By Keith Hoffmann. Overview of Clearwater Valley. You must have TrafficTools by Lee Swordy to load these flight plans! I did the best I could with the Orofino AFCAD. I lived there when I was 12 and was not interested in planes yet. i moved away 2 years ago and am trying to...

File size: 107.43 KB | Download hits: 8


This file features improved night lighting, where there are more lights around tighter corners, simulating a more realistic night environment. KDPA, also known as DuPage County Airport is the 3rd busiest airport in the state of Illinois (IL). By Chris Lawrence. ...

File size: 23.31 KB | Download hits: 20

FFS2004 AFCAD2 File For RJOO

Osaka Itami, Japan. This file is specifically for the scenery Osaka of Eiichi Shimizu (OOV006FX.ZIP). By Alain Robert. ...

File size: 5.48 KB | Download hits: 35


KSGF, Springfield-Branson Regional Airport, Springfield, Missouri (MO). Overview of Springfield-Branson Regional Airport. ...

File size: 63.56 KB | Download hits: 18


KFLL, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (FL). By Mike Paradise. Overview of Fort Lauderdale. I noted that no one has yet put out an AFCAD2 file for default FS9 KFLL airport. So I made one for everyone...I used Fort Laud.'s Web Site to designate parking for AI. I did the best I could...I've never been to FLL but I think I got pretty close to the real thing with the default scenery. Parking for Concourse B and C has been combined for airlines such as COA, NWA, JBU. Parking...

File size: 45.69 KB | Download hits: 68


KOSH, Wittman Regional Airport, Oshkosh, Wisconsin (WI). ...

File size: 6.07 KB | Download hits: 14