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FS2004 AFCAD Files

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SimWings LFMD

For SimWings LFMD (Cannes-Mandelieu, France) and LFMN (Nice/Cote d'Azur, France) packages. By F. Deege. Both new releases by Sim-Wings contain by default AFCAD-files. Since the taxi and runway lay outs are hard coded in the (extraordinarily) scenery files, the only remaining function of the AFCADs is to control the AI-traffic in a way that it smoothly matches and follows the scenery. As the matching was not 100% (to put it mildly), I set to work to improve the AF2-files. Here are the...

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LFRB, Brest Guipavas, France. By Sebastien Petiteau. Code ICAO : LFRB Code IATA : BES Country : France Tried to make it so realistic as possible. Happy flying! ...

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Leh Airport

Leh Airport (VILH). Leh is a domestic airport in the northern most state of Jammu and Kashmir in India. It is very challenging to land and take off at the airport as it is surrounded by mountains. Based on photos of the airport. Alliance air and Jet Airways both have daily flights from Delhi to Leh. By Shivendra Shukla. Overview of Leh Airport. Installation: Just extract the .bgl file into X:Flight Simulator 9Addon ScenerySCENERY folder and that should do it. enjoy flying...

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LEMD, Madrid Barajas Airport, Spain. By Miguel Rama. ...

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LQTZ, Tuzla Int'l Airport in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Adds/corrects existing and missing taxiways, fixes polygons, adds new parking stands, etc. By Giovanni Miduri. List files: Airport Diagram LQTZ.pdf AF2_LQTZ.bgl AFDreadme AFCAD Scenery for Tuzla Intl Airport MILITARY (LQTZ) in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It adds/corrects existing and missing taxiways, fixes existing polygons, adds new parking stands to match the real ones (both in the main and light a/c aprons), adds missing...

File size: 67.02 KB | Download hits: 96


EDDF, Frankfurt/Rhein-Main Int'l Airport, Germany. For use with Simflyers scenery. By Adam Naczynski. ...

File size: 24.42 KB | Download hits: 26


KLAX, Los Angeles International Airport, California (CA), for use with Simflyers scenery. By Adrian Norman. Los Angeles World Airports Logo. Simflyer's Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX) Version 2 afcad 2 file for FS2004 only. This is a remake of Simflyer's Los Angeles International (KLAX) Version 2 Afcad 2 file. This file is for use with the Simflyer's KLAX scenery. It will also work with version 1 if you have not upgraded to version 2. Runways 6L/24R &...

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270 gates are available. All airlines have their assigned gates. Four runways are set for landing to minimize going around. Features also apron's blue centerlines lights, stop-lines, hold short lights, helicopter area, de-icing bays, new taxiways and apron, etc. By Xavier Ossedat. Overview of Paris, Charles de Gaulle Airport. This Afcad of LFPG is dedicated to replace the original FS2004 LFPG stock airport. It is not compatible with FS2002. It's not compatible with...

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UKBB, Borispol Airport, Kiev, Ukraine. ...

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KMIA, v1.5 beta for use with Fly Tampa's payware scenery. By Adrian Norman. Overview of Miami International Airport. This is a remake of Fly Tampa- Miami Version 1.5 Beta (KMIA) Afcad 2 file. This file is for use with the Fly Tampa- Miami version 1.5 beta which is available on the Fly Tampa website forum under Miami. This is the suspected release due soon to add the new terminal and renumbered new runways. Runways 8L/26R & 12/30 is used for landing, 8R/26L & 09/27 for...

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KIAH, George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Houston, Texas (TX) for use with Simflyers scenery only. By Adrian Norman. Overview of George Bush Intercontinental Airport. This is a remake of Simflyers G. Bush Intercontinental (KIAH) Afcad 2 file. I have tried to gather as much information from the airport website to make gate assignments as real as possible. This file is for use without the static planes in the scenery folder. Runways 8L/26R & 15R/33L is used for landing, 8R/26L...

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SBSV, Salvador, Bahia, Brasil, Dep. Luiz Eduardo Magalhaes, including taxiways and aprons. By Ciro Gomes de Sousa. Overview of SBSV, Salvador. ...

File size: 36.18 KB | Download hits: 42


EDDM, Munich International Airport, Munich, Germany for use with German Airport Volume 1 scenery only. By Adrian Norman. Overview of Munich International Airport. This is a remake of Munich International Airport for Aerosoft's German Airport series Volume #1. I have tried to gather as much information from the airport website to make gate assignments as real as possible. This file is for use without the static bgls in the scenery folder. Runways 8R / 26L is used for landing...

File size: 17.59 KB | Download hits: 70


LPPT, Aeroporto da Portela de Sacavem, Lisboa (Lisbon), Portugal. ...

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LEMD, Barajas Airport, Madrid, Spain for use with Sim-Wings scenery. ...

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LIRF, Leonardo da Vinci/Fiumicino Airport, Rome, Italy, for use with Lago's scenery. ...

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KLAS, McCarran Int'l Airport, Las Vegas, Nevada (NV) for use with SimFlyers scenery. ...

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KPHX, Phoenix Sky Harbor Int'l Airport, Arizona (AZ) for use with SimFlyers scenery. ...

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EDDP, Leipzig-Halle Airport, Sachsen, Germany. ...

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KMEM with crossing runways. For use with default Memphis Int'l Airport, Tennessee (TN) scenery. By Bob Bernstein. A star has been created about 100mi west of rwy 9 with an outmarker to help find the star. Rwy 9/27 is primarily used by FedEx with some departures going to the parallel 18/36 runways (just as in real life). 18/36 L/R/C handles 90% of the pax departures. Inbound traffic uses 9/27 - 18L/36R/L 18R/36L. 18C/36C is mostly departures which is pretty close to KMEM...

File size: 20.59 KB | Download hits: 20