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FSX Historic & Vintage Aircraft

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WW2 fighter Spiteful Mk XVIComplete with Base Model

The Supermarine Spiteful was a direct development of the Spitfire using a new laminar flow wing . Spiteful RB518, was modified to Mark 16 configuration and fitted with a Griffon 101 engine . During a test in 1947 this aircraft attained 494 m.p.h. at 27,500ft. RB518 goes up to 430 knots as the real aircraft did. The model is made for FSX flightsim with special Airfile,and modified texture by A.F.Scrub. ...

File size: 6.56 MB | Download hits: 8751

DeHavilland Comet UpdateComplete with Base Model

This is an update for FSX of the default DeHavilland Comet from FS004 (aircraft from FS2004 required). You need the original for this to work. I have updated the flight dynamics and the panel so the aircraft flys better and works in FSX. This update will also work in FS9. Bob Chicilo...

File size: 40.25 kB | Download hits: 756

P 40B AVC Flying Tigers 3rd Squadron Hell's AngelsComplete with Base Model

Included are some historical pictures and history of the AVC aircraft this is a complete aircraft ... Modified and Created By RSDG Rooks Silva Design Group This is a first attempt at a aircraft with this new FSX so please be kind Textures By Mark Fireball Rooks....

File size: 7.46 MB | Download hits: 3005

Bleriot XI PackageComplete with Base Model

The First Greek Aircraft Bleriot XI was a design of Louis Bleriot of 1909. The Bleriot XI was the aircraft of the first two Hellenic private aviators, Arniotis Karamanlakis. Karamanlakis also was the first victim of an air accident in Greece. Two Bleriot XI were also used by the Greek army during the first and the Second Balkan War. Features: cockpit, virtual cockpit, sounds, reworked flight dynamics, historical details. Authors: Thanasis Delizisis, Panagiotis Delizisis...

File size: 7.76 MB | Download hits: 3319

RCAF P-51D Mustang 442 Squadron 9597

Textures for A2A Simulations' FSX WoP North American P51D Mustang depicting aircraft BU-G of RCAF 442 "City of Vancouver" Squadron. In 1947 the RCAF purchased 130 surplus P-51Ds for use by auxiliary squadrons, which flew them until the mid 50's. 442 Squadron was based at Sea Island airport (now Vancouver International). Textures by Grant MacLean. Screenshot of RCAF P-51D Mustang 442 Squadron 9597 in flight. Unzip MUSTBU-G, then copy folder...

File size: 8.75 MB | Download hits: 829

USMC JRB-1 1943

Textures only for Milton Shupe's D-18 FSX portover. This is painted to represent a JRB-1 that was the personal transport for Marine Maj. General Alexander Vandergrift, the commander of the First Marine Division in the South Pacific. circa 1943. By John Detrick. Screenshot of USMC JRB-1 1943 in flight. Place the folder "texture.4729" into your D18Sfsxport folder. Cut and paste the following into your aircraft cfg: [fltsim.x] title=Beech JRB-1 USMC...

File size: 8.52 MB | Download hits: 275

Dornier Do 17

Dornier Do 17 with accurate bombing from 12000 feet or 100 feet. Simulating the Dornier Do17 raids on "The Hardest Day" 18 August 1940 (RAF Kenley) and the "Battle Of Britain Day" 15 September 1940 (Battersea Railway Station) but using the power station yard as a target so as not to drop bombs on people or modern day infrastructure. This Do17 is an update, with permission, of the A.F. Scrub Dornier Do17Z-2. A bomb aimers view has been added and tools provided to achieve...

File size: 53.06 MB | Download hits: 1213

Flight Replicas BF109-k4 Pack

Five repaint textures for Flight Replicas Messerschmitt BF 109-k4 representing planes flown by Adolf Galland, Graf Punski Krupinski, Gunther Rall, Werner Schroer, Walter Schuck. Repaint by Hani Michal. Image showing all 5 textures included in this pack.   ...

File size: 26.67 MB | Download hits: 1046

Flight Replicas BF109-k4 Textures Pack

Two repaint textures for Flight Replicas BF 109-k4 FSX representing BF-109 G-6 flown by Erich Alfred "Bubi" And BF-109 G-5 flown by Erich Gerhard Barkhorn "Gerd". By Hani Michal. Screenshot of BF109-k4 in flight. [fltsim.xx] // insert next sequential number here title=Me-109K4 - Erich Alfred...

File size: 16.07 MB | Download hits: 457

Flight Replicas BF109-k4 Textures

Pack with six different textures for the Flight Replicas Messerschmitt BF 109-K4 model with real historical paint (some colors were changed by not having enough information). By Hani Michal. Screenshot of BF109-k4 in flight.   ...

File size: 43.53 MB | Download hits: 454

Acceleration Malibu Motorsports P-51

Malibu Motorsports P-51 package. A package of four different racing schemes for the default FSX Acceleration P51 Mustang. Also includes a ground handling mod to fix the nose pitchover when applying brakes on the ground, even at low speeds. Textures only. By Joshua Nyhus, Mike Vivaldi, and Jason L. Terry. Screenshot of Malibu Motorsports P-51 in flight. To install the MMS P-51 package, just copy and paste the following lines to the P-51's aircraft.cfg file, found in...

File size: 9.78 MB | Download hits: 312

Patrouille Suisse P-51 Mustang

A repaint for the FSX Acceleration P51 Mustang. By Killian Beuret / L'Aerotique. Screenshot of Patrouille Suisse P-51 Mustang in flight. [fltsim.xx] title=P51 Racer PAtrouille Suisse sim=P51_Racer model= panel= sound= texture=Patrouille Suisse kb_checklists=NA_P51_check kb_reference=NA_P51_ref atc_id_color=0xffff0000 atc_id=HB-WOW ui_manufacturer="North American" ui_type="P-51D" ui_variation="Patrouille...

File size: 11.58 MB | Download hits: 413

A6M2 Zero A1-101

This is an updated version of J R Lucariny's A6M. The Japanese Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter, which began production in 1940. Its excellent maneuverability and exceptional range allowed it to outperform all other fighters that it encountered in the first years of World War II. But as the war drew longer the Zero lost its advantage. Tail Code A1-101. Textures by Mark Rooks. Screenshot of A6M2 Zero A1-101 in flight. As always back up any original files. Unzip...

File size: 12.67 MB | Download hits: 877

RNZAF Vickers Wellington P9206

First of a series covering the units aircraft paint for First Class Simulations' Vickers Wellington for the MK1A - Triple AA-A 75. Sqn RNZAF P9206. A Royal New Zealand Flight had been established in No. 3 Group at Fetwell in January 1940, due to being reliable and service record of 321 sorties from January to April. In April this was elevated to Squadron status becoming No. 75 (New Zealand) Squadron, the first such Commonwealth unit in Bomber Command. This aircraft on most occasions used...

File size: 9.92 MB | Download hits: 1275

Luftwaffe Messerschmitt 109K

A paint of Flight Replica's Messerschmitt 109K of 111/Jagdegeschwader 53 'Pik as' based at Kirrlach in March 1945. JG53 had earlier been used in Operation Bodenplatte attack on the Allied airfields in the Brussels area, JG53 was pulled back to Barvira for the final defence of the Reich. By Ian Warren. Screenshot of Luftwaffe Messerschmitt 109K in flight. [fltsim.X] title=Me-109K4 JG53 'Pic as' sim=Me-109K4 model= panel= sound= texture=JG53...

File size: 2.65 MB | Download hits: 871

P-38 Army Fear The Reaper Weapons

Weapons configuration for the P-38 "Fear the Reaper" by David Copley. Requires six additional downloads. By David Robles. Screenshot of P-38 firing weapons. P-38 Fear the Reaper, This is David C. Copley's P-38 Lightning Updated for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. This Aircraft Carries the Grim Reaper into Battle 'Fear the Reaper '. This aircraft includes a 2D panel by Mel Mutter. 3D panel by RDG Aircraft works in FSX. Also included is War Emergency...

File size: 553.41 kB | Download hits: 290

SAAF P-51D 2nd 'Cheetah' Sqdn 334

Textures for A2A Simulations' FSX WoP North American P51D Mustang depicting SAAF 2nd 'Cheetah' Sqdn 334 as flown in Korea, 1952. The squadron fought with extraordinary heroism for the United Nations during the Korean War, flying a total of 12,067 sorties, most of them highly dangerous ground attack missions: of the squadron's 94 Mustangs, 74 were lost. Textures by Grant MacLean. Screenshot of SAAF P-51D 2nd 'Cheetah' Sqdn 334 in flight. For their...

File size: 9.55 MB | Download hits: 268

RCAF P-51D Mustang IV KH661

Two sets of textures for A2A Simulations' WoP North American P51D Mustang depicting RCAF 442 Squadron's P-51D Mustang IV, KH661, one in its 1945 condition the other in the Vintage Wings of Canada aircraft as seen in 2011. Among the aircraft's missions was as escort for Lancasters bombing Hitler's Berchtesgaden retreat. 442 squadron flew the last Allied operational fighter mission over Europe at the end of WWII. Textures by Grant MacLean. Screenshot of RCAF...

File size: 21.21 MB | Download hits: 550

Messerschmitt Bf 109 K-4 "Switzerland"

This is a repaint for Flight Replicas Messerschmitt Bf109 K-4. Repaint only. By B. Lechner. Screenshot of Messerschmitt Bf 109 K-4 "Switzerland" in flight. Unzip the file. Put the folder "texture._J-705" in the directory Microsoft Flight Simulator XSimObjectsAirplanesMesserschmitt Bf-109 K4 FSX Open the aircraft.cfg file and paste the following text into the file after the previous aircraft repaint, ensuring to replace [fltsim.XX] with...

File size: 4.16 MB | Download hits: 413

Swiss Mosquito MKIV B-5

Swiss captured Mosquito MK IV during the WWII, at the airfield Emmen. By Killian Beuret / L'Aerotique. Screenshot of Swiss Mosquito MKIV B-5 in flight. [fltsim.7] // SWISS title=Mosquito Mk IVB5 sim=mosquito_MkIV model= panel= sound= texture=B-5 panel_alias = sound_alias = kb_checklists=Mosquito_check kb_reference=Mosquito_ref atc_id=DK296 atc_id_color=0x00000000 atc_parking_code = atc_airline= atc_flight_number= ui_manufacturer=de...

File size: 27.39 MB | Download hits: 847


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