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FSX Historic & Vintage Aircraft

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North American P-51D 'Scat VII'

This is a repaint for the Warbirdsim P-51D Mustang 'Restored Part 2' pack depicting P-51D-25-NA 44-72922 'Scat VII' of the 434th FS, 479th FG, and flown by Maj. Robin Olds. This was the last of Maj. Olds' Mustangs and survived the war, being sold on to Sweden then bought privately in 1958. This aircraft has been rebuilt twice, lastly following the tragic death of the owner Jim Shuttleworth in 2003, and now sports the high tail of a TF-51D. It now flies in Belgium as...

File size: 14.40 MB | Download hits: 87

North American P-51D 'Yokahama Yardbird'

This is a repaint for the Warbirdsim P-51D Mustant 'Little Friends' pack depicting Dallas-built P-51D-5-NT 44-11276 'Yokahama Yardbird' flown by Lt. Col. Charles Olders, C.O. of the 23rd FG (The Flying Tigers) from Liulang AB, Southern China in the summer of 1945. By Dave Quincey. Screenshot of North American P-51D with red tips, in flight. Copy the texture.yardbird folder to your Simobjects/Airplanes/P-51D_Little_Friends_75_DT directory. Paste the...

File size: 18.85 MB | Download hits: 140

Ultimate P-51 Racer

This is the Microsoft default North American P51 Mustang model with new high performance flight dynamics and new effects. Built purely for fun and speed lots of speed. Use the NOS for a added thrill. This aircraft entitled Shadow Spear is the ultimate piston racer. Textures and modifications by Mark Rooks of RDG Aircraft. Screenshot of P-51 'Shadow Spear 'in flight. To install this aircraft: As always back up any original files. 1. Unzip downloaded...

File size: 25.58 MB | Download hits: 1459

P-51D 'Small Boy Here' Update

This is an updated file for the repaint of 44-63620 'Small Boy Here' (SMALLBOY_HERE.ZIP) for the the Warbirdsim P-51D 'Little Friends'. The file in the original post lacks an alpha channel; this is now corrected. By Dave Quincey. Screenshot of P-51D 'Small Boy Here' in flight. Find your .../../Simobjects/Airplanes/P-51D_Little_Friends_75_DT/texture.SBH folder and copy and paste the new file into the folder, replacing...

File size: 3.32 MB | Download hits: 94

SP2 Acceleration Fairchild PT-19BComplete with Base Model

Fairchild PT-19B, WW2 USAAF basic training aircraft. This release comes with multiple paint schemes, and fore and aft cockpit VC's. Paint kit included. By Tim Conrad. Screenshot of Fairchild PT-19B (NC3421) in flight. 1) After downloading the zip, locate it, and extract the file to a temp folder. 2) Copy the PT-19 Folder over to your FSX Aircraft folder. 3) Copy the gauge file over to your FSX gauges folder. Just copy the file, do not open, or...

File size: 20.05 MB | Download hits: 1786

USAAF Piper J-3 Cub Cockpit Fix

USAAF Piper J-3 Cub Cockpit Fix for A2ACUB.ZIP">USAAFGHA2ACUB.ZIP. By Dean P. Cosens. Screenshot of USAAF Piper J-3 Cub in flight. If you are reading this, you are likely to know of the problems with my usaaf cub. here are new cockpit textures to replace the old ones, which will make the gauges work. To Install: Simply paste the two files, pit1 and pit3 into the texture.usaaf folder. Sorry about the problems! Happy Landings! Deanosaurus...

File size: 2.78 MB | Download hits: 170

Royal Air Force AOP Cub

Royal Air Force AOP Cub (fictional). A fictional texture representing an RAF Aerial Observation Post Piper J-3 Cub. Since Austers are descended from Cubs this is a fairly sensible texture. By Dean P. Cosens. Screenshot of Royal Air Force AOP Cub in flight. Deanosaurus-Rex here!!! Thanks for downloading my RAF AOP textures from the EXCELLENT J3 Cub from A2A. The Auster AOP was an evolution of the cub I belive, so I thought this would be a cool texture... and also I LOVE...

File size: 10.78 MB | Download hits: 215

Red Bull B-25

The North American B-25J 'Red Bull' (N6123C) is owned and operated by The Flying Bulls and stationed in Salzburg. This repaint requires version 7 of MAAM-Sim's B25 package for FSX. By Tim Scharnhop. Screenshot of Red Bull B-25 in flight. INSTALLATION: This download requires the previous installation of the B-25 package (version 7) for FSX available from MAAM-SIM, and presumes a standard installation of this package. 1. Unzip

File size: 3.06 MB | Download hits: 1734

USAAF Piper J-3 Cub

USAAF Piper J-3 Cub. USAAF Grasshopper texture for A2A's Cub. A United States Army Air Force texture for A2A's J3 Cub. By Dean P. Cosens. (See also USAAFCUBFIX.ZIP). Screenshot of USAAF Piper J-3 Cub in flight.   ...

File size: 6.69 MB | Download hits: 178

Messerschmitt BF 108 S-07

This is a repaint for the Classics Hangar Messerschmitt BF 108 "Taifun". VVKJ (Yugoslav Royal Air Force) Bf 108B-1 from the 704th Liaison Squadron, Zagreb, 1940. Destroyed in mid-air collision with a Yugoslav Hurricane in the same year. By Clemens Nauschnegg. Screenshot of Messerschmitt BF 108 S-07 in flight. Installation: 1. Copy the file "texture.S07" into the "Classics_Hangar_Bf108B" folder in your FSX application (i.e. c:Program...

File size: 38.15 MB | Download hits: 586

Royal Navy Wildcat V

Royal Navy Wildcat V A simple repaint of Phil Crowther's FM2 Wildcat as JV 884, B1C of 882NAS HMS Searcher, in the Indian Ocean, 1945. Required file: ESCORT_CARRIER_GROUP.ZIP. This is an FSX native model of the General Motors FM2 (Wildcat V in RN parlence) that comes with an equally brilliant Casablanca class 'jeep' carrier. Easy to fly, rugged, hard hitting, fairly nimble and a docile deck landing aeroplane, the Wildcat in its developed FM2 form, stayed in production until 1945,...

File size: 1.40 MB | Download hits: 233

Nakajima Gekko 2 Pack - Rabaul

Two repaints for Hadi Tahir's Nakajima Type-11 Gekko (Moonlight) night fighter, with a 'shared files' folder format to reduce hard drive footprint, the original texture included in shared file format, all files saved as DXT5 DDS. Two Gekkos in camouflage, from black and white photos of Gekkos based in Rabaul. Includes a revised configuration file to simplify installation. By Mike Barnes. Screenshot of Nakajima Gekko in flight. Installation: open the J1N1S...

File size: 5.89 MB | Download hits: 242

Messerschmitt Bf108 Aldon DK280

This is a repaint for the Classics Hangar Messerschmitt BF 108 "Taifun". Royal Air Force impounded four Bf 108s on the outbreak of World War II and put into service, where they were designated Messerschmitt Aldon. By Clemens Nauschnegg. Close up view of Messerschmitt Bf108 Aldon DK280 in flight. Royal Air Force impounded four Bf 108s on the outbreak of World War II and put into service, where they were designated Messerschmitt Aldon. DK280 was formally a...

File size: 50.55 MB | Download hits: 332

"Hungary 1942" Messerschmitt Bf 108

"Hungary 1942" Messerschmitt Bf 108. This is a repaint of Classics Hangar (Mathias Pommerien) Messerschmitt Bf 108 Taifun. This airplane flew around 1942 for the Hungarian Air Force. Repaint only. By B. Lechner. Screenshot of Hungary 1942 Messerschmitt Bf 108 in flight. This repaint was created by using the original paintkit released with the aircraft. Installation: 1. Unzip the file. 2. Put the folder "texture.G3+51" in the directory...

File size: 8.09 MB | Download hits: 161

French Navy. F-4U Corsair

The Aircraft Factory F-4U Corsair in 14 Flottille Aeronavale French Navy livery. Repaint by Zsolt Beleznay. Screenshot of French Navy. F-4U Corsair on runway. Screenshot of two French Navy. F-4U Corsair in flight.   ...

File size: 9.89 MB | Download hits: 591

Armee de l'Air F8F Bearcat

Armee de l'Air F8F Bearcat, unit GC 1/21 "Artois" (SPA 83, SPA 100), serial: N (281, BuNo. 95281), Bach-Mai, French Indochina, 1954. Model by Vertigo Studios. Repaint by Zsolt Beleznay. Screenshot of Armee de l'Air F8F Bearcat in flight. Screenshot of Armee de l'Air F8F Bearcat on the ground.   ...

File size: 15.00 MB | Download hits: 343

North American P-51D Mustang V1.1

North American P-51D Mustang v1.1. The freeware Alphasim P-51 Mustang upgraded for FSX. The author has upgraded the 2D and VC cockpits to work in FSX, added firing gun effects and 3D landing light effect. Version 1.1 includes minor updates and five new textures. By Steve Hess. Screenshot of North American P-51D Mustang firing guns. Added Features for FSX: 1. Gun effect Smoke Effect Key - i 2. 3D landing light (ctrl + L) FEATURES: 1) External...

File size: 18.56 MB | Download hits: 6429

Royal Australian Air Force Douglas C-47

A repaint of the Manfred Jahn Douglas C47. C-47 Skytrain Exterior Base Pack 1.0 required (C47BASEPACK.ZIP), Optionally also the interior model tweak (C47_INTERIOR.ZIP). This RAAF Dakota transport A65-4 is a Long Beach C-47-DL 42-32881 c/n 9107 delivered on 20 February 1943. It went to the Royal Australian Air Force on 26 March and to No. 36 Squadron coded "RE-G" with radio-call-sign "VH-CTD" on 11 May 1943. By B. Lechner. Screenshot of Royal Australian Air...

File size: 10.42 MB | Download hits: 270

Japanese Zero Nishikaichi

Textures only of the WWII Fighters A6M5 from A2A. The textures are in DXT5 bmp format and have been tested only in FSX SP2 Acceleration, running in Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. The livery depicted in this repaint is that of PO 1c Shigenori Nishikaichi, who flew in the second wave from the IJN carrier Hiryu, in the attack on Pearl Harbor, HI, 7 December, 1941. The livery itself is historically accurate, with the "minor" exception that Nishikaichi's machine was an A6M2, Type 0...

File size: 8.88 MB | Download hits: 696

Vichy Government Douglas C-47

This is a repaint of the Manfred Jahn Douglas C47. C-47 Skytrain Exterior Base Pack 1.0 required (C47BASEPACK.ZIP), optionally also the interior model tweak (C47_INTERIOR.ZIP). The paint is fictitious. There was however a Bloch 220 with a similar painting. These airplanes flew for the Vichy government in the unoccupied France from 1940 to 1944. By B. Lechner. Screenshot of C-47 F-AOHD in flight. This repaint was created by using the original paintkit released with the...

File size: 13.40 MB | Download hits: 139


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