FSX Cerval Airfield Scenery

PreviewCerval Airfield. Scenery of the Cerval Airfield, located near Valenca do Minho, in the northern border between Portugal and Spain. For FSX SP2 and not compatible with previous work. It includes an area of 20x20 km of terrain completely redrawn from scratch. By Jose Maia.

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Cerval Airfield. Scenery of the Cerval Airfield, located near Valenca do Minho, in the northern border between Portugal and Spain. For FSX SP2 and not compatible with previous work. It includes an area of 20x20 km of terrain completely redrawn from scratch. By Jose Maia.

Cerval Airfield Scenery.

Cerval Airfield Scenery.


1. Extract the zip into your main FSX Addon Scenery folder.

2. Start up FSX and when the welcome screen, or initial menu comes on, select settings, then click on Scenery Library, and Add Area. Find the SM_Cerval folder and click on it. Click the OK tab at the bottom.

3. That's it!

This scenery is freeware, and may not be used in whole or part for profit. It may not be duplicated or altered in any form from the original except by the author.

Any commercial usage requires the written permission of the author.

These files should not harm your computer however the autor will not be held responsible should anything untoward happens - you have been warned!


José Maia

Cerval Airfield Scenery.

Cerval Airfield Scenery.

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The archive smcerval.zip has 94 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
cerval_logo.gif09.24.0813.80 kB
Figura1.jpg09.24.0896.60 kB
Figura2.jpg09.24.08121.55 kB
Figura3.jpg09.24.08105.78 kB
Figura4.jpg09.24.0882.07 kB
Read Me.txt09.24.081.63 kB
Scenery09.24.080 B
4517.bgl01.20.071.28 kB
AFX_LPCE.bgl08.06.082.05 kB
cerval_3d.bgl08.05.08649.69 kB
Cerval_3dx.BGL08.04.0843.43 kB
CVX_Viana_A1.BGL08.03.0847.52 kB
DPX_LPCE_OBX.BGL08.05.08540 B
LC_4517_Viana_A1.bgl08.01.08642 B
vncerveira_3d.bgl08.30.0855.28 kB
Texture09.24.080 B
antrac.bmp09.24.082.74 kB
Barril_BP.bmp08.05.0885.40 kB
Barril_BP1.bmp08.11.0885.40 kB
Barril_Shell.bmp08.11.0885.40 kB
Barril_Total.bmp08.11.0885.40 kB
cerval06.bmp09.24.08341.40 kB
cerval07.bmp09.24.0885.38 kB
cerval08.bmp09.24.08341.40 kB
cerval09.bmp09.24.08341.40 kB
cerval10.bmp09.24.08341.40 kB
cerval11.bmp09.24.0821.40 kB
cerval12.bmp09.24.08341.40 kB
cerval13.bmp09.24.0885.40 kB
cerval14.bmp09.24.0885.40 kB
cerval15.bmp09.24.0885.40 kB
cerval16.bmp09.24.08170.73 kB
cerval16a.bmp09.24.08682.73 kB
cerval17.bmp09.24.08170.74 kB
cerval18.bmp09.24.08170.74 kB
cerval19.bmp09.24.0885.40 kB
cerval20.bmp09.24.0885.40 kB
cerval21.bmp09.24.0885.40 kB
cerval22.bmp09.24.081.32 kB
cerval23.bmp09.24.0810.70 kB
cerval24.bmp09.24.0821.40 kB
cerval25.bmp09.24.08754 B
cerval26.bmp09.24.0885.40 kB
cerval27.bmp09.24.08170.73 kB
cerval28.bmp09.24.0842.74 kB
cerval29.bmp09.24.085.38 kB
cerval30.bmp09.24.0821.40 kB
cerval31.bmp09.24.0885.40 kB
cerval32.bmp09.24.0821.40 kB
cerval33.bmp09.24.08170.73 kB
cerval34.bmp09.24.08170.73 kB
cerval35.bmp09.24.0885.40 kB
cerval36.bmp09.24.0885.38 kB
cerval37.bmp09.24.0885.40 kB
cerval38.bmp09.24.0842.74 kB
cerval39.bmp09.24.08341.40 kB
cerval40.bmp09.24.0842.70 kB
cerval41.bmp09.24.0885.38 kB
cerval42.bmp09.24.08682.74 kB
cerval43.bmp09.24.08170.74 kB
cerval44.bmp09.24.0885.40 kB
cerval45.bmp09.24.08170.74 kB
cerval46.bmp09.24.08341.40 kB
cerval47.bmp09.24.08341.40 kB
cerval48.bmp09.24.08170.74 kB
cerval49.bmp09.24.0885.40 kB
cerval50.bmp09.24.0842.74 kB
cerval51.bmp09.24.0810.74 kB
cerval52.bmp09.24.0810.74 kB
ceval01.bmp09.24.0842.74 kB
ceval02.bmp09.24.0842.74 kB
ceval03.bmp09.24.0885.38 kB
ceval04.bmp09.24.0821.40 kB
ceval05.bmp09.24.0885.40 kB
Concrete.bmp09.24.0842.74 kB
Concrete_arrabida.bmp08.30.0842.74 kB
cone.bmp09.24.0842.74 kB
estrada2.bmp08.30.08170.73 kB
fence_barb_green.bmp11.26.0764.07 kB
fence1.bmp06.08.05129.05 kB
hondacivic.bmp07.16.08682.74 kB
hondacivic01.bmp07.18.08682.74 kB
Imagem 1060a.bmp09.24.08341.40 kB
LPPR_antena.bmp04.17.03170.74 kB
Oleo_BP.bmp08.04.0885.40 kB
Oleo_Shell.bmp08.04.0885.40 kB
portim13.bmp09.24.085.32 kB
portim21.bmp09.24.08170.73 kB
portim25.bmp09.24.0842.74 kB
portim37.bmp09.24.08746 B
porto8.bmp09.24.085.40 kB
telhado1.bmp09.24.08170.74 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


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