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FS2004 AFCAD Files

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Athens Eleftherios

Athens Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport (LGAV), Greece. By John Orfanos. It adds 88 parking gates ramps etc. in order to allow more airlines to use more parking space so the sirport to be crowded with aircraft trying to match reality. Accurate gate numbering. It is NOT 100% accurate as some ramps on the north apron have not been added yet because of misfitting. It is approximately 95% accurate as new cargo gates have been added to real life LGAV. Information used from many friends...

File size: 4 MB | Download hits: 66

Swaziland AFCAD2

This file will add a bit more parking to Matsapha Intl at Manzini in Swaziland. This is the main airport of this small southern African country, which is located within the borders of South Africa and Mozambique. The airport is not very big, but it deals with some AI in FS2004, particularly South African aircraft. By Leo Pardon. This is for use with AFCAD 2.04 by Lee Swordy and is for FS2004 ONLY, it is intended for use with the default scenery and I can not guarantee that it will work...

File size: 3.54 KB | Download hits: 40


An AFCAD2 file for shutting down the fictional ATIS of YBMC which interferes with Brisbane center at the area around northeast of YBBN. Without removing the ATIS, it will stuff up the ATC and FS2004 will eventually crash. This file will only work in FS2004. By Alan Chan. Changes made to the airport: ATIS (119.80) of YBMC is removed Installation: Just copy the AF2_YBMC_BBQ.bgl file to C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9Addon SceneryScenery. ...

File size: 3.37 KB | Download hits: 13

CFB Trenton

CFB Trenton (CYTR), Ontario, Canada for default scenery. Includes general aviation at Quinte Terminal and military parking. Version 1.0. Overview of CFB Trenton. Basic parking for: General Aviation at Quinte Terminal CC-150 CC-130 CF-18 E-3A F-16 Installation: Place .bgl file in your addon sceneryscenery folder. Hope you like it. ...

File size: 49.48 KB | Download hits: 24


ESPA, Lulea/Kallax, Sweden. ...

File size: 4.88 KB | Download hits: 33


Adds the parking ramp for the California ANG at Fresno-Yosemite Int'l, CA. The Griffons occupy a single ramp down in the SW corner. Also corrected the tower view location. By Jeff Stoermer. Overview of Fresno Yosemite International Airport. Because KFAT is already loaded into the airports file, you need only to extract the Af2_KFAT.bgl into your Addon Scenery/scenery folder. You may consider downloading the California ANG skin that's included in Justin Lamb's ANG...

File size: 119.32 KB | Download hits: 26


KHRT, Hurlburt Field, Florida (FL). Hurlburt Field is the the USAF's home for Special Operations. They fly many versions of Spec Ops aircraft, to include the AC-130, MC-130 and MH-53 Pavelow. By Jeff Stoermer. Overview of Hurlburt Field, Florida. This is my representation of Hurlburt Field, Fl. I've tried to replicate as best as I can all of the parking spots on the various ramps. Some I've intentionally left off to allow the AI to taxi freely and reduce the FPS hit if...

File size: 106.49 KB | Download hits: 28

Ercan Airport

Ercan Airport (LCEN), Cyprus. Adds taxiways, tower, ground and others and moves the runways to the correct positions for the scenery. Requires LCEN2003.ZIP. Overview of Ercan Airport. Installation: At first download the scenery of Serdar Nuzhet ( and install it. After that put the file AF2_LCEN.bgl to the scenery folder of ERCAN LCEN which located ADDON Scenery (C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Flight Simulator 9/ADDON SCENERY/ERCAN LCEN/Scenery). That is...

File size: 3.09 KB | Download hits: 40

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok Airport, for use with Thomas Kwong's scenery. By Lars Armgart. Screenshot of Chek Lap Kok Airport scenery. Installation: Copy AF2_VHHH.bgl to you Addon Scenery/Scenery folder. That's it. Known bugs: I have not included all parking positions because of the frame rates, nevertheless there are enough gates to handle a lot of traffic. I am also not sure about the taxiways as I've used Jeppesen charts from 2001. ...

File size: 308.38 KB | Download hits: 114


VHHX, Kai Tak Airport, Hong Kong. By Peter Bos. Overview of Kai Tak Airport. To install this AFCAD2 file, place AF2_VHHX.bgl in the ../Flight Simulator 9/Addon Scenery/Scenery folder. That's all. To edit this file, download AFCAD2 from Lee Swordy and open VHHX airport. ...

File size: 204.84 KB | Download hits: 83


UTAA, Ahal Airport, Ashkhabad, Turkmenistan. ...

File size: 6.49 KB | Download hits: 23


CYYZ, Lester B. Pearson Int'l Airport, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. ...

File size: 17.38 KB | Download hits: 31


EDDF, Frankfurt, Germany, only for use with Simflyer's scenery. By Lars Armgart. Overview of EDDF, Germany. Installation: Copy AF2_EDDF.bgl to you Addon Scenery/Scenery folder. That's it. ...

File size: 284.25 KB | Download hits: 230


EDDT, Tegel Airport, Berlin, Germany for use with German Airports 3 commercial scenery add-on. By Moritz Lenzner. This is my first work so far. I only added the correct taxiway and parking locations (Two small taxiways, which are not used in real i think, are left out for better AI performance).8R/26L is used for departure 8L/26R for landing. I tried to put as many gates as possible to EDDT to fit my AI-Traffic.So parking positions may not fit in the real world EDDT. Please feel free to...

File size: 7.2 KB | Download hits: 26


EGPN, Dundee Airport, Scotland, UK. Dundee serves General Aviation and the occasional Business Jet. Installation: Just add this to the Fs 2004 Folder ADDON SCENERY and put it in the SCENERY FOLDER ...

File size: 2.4 KB | Download hits: 28

London Stansted

London Stansted Airport (EGSS), UK. The enclosed file adds the gates and aligns the AI traffic to the London Stansted scenery contained in EGSSJY5.ZIP. Although this scenery was designed for FS2002, it works very well in FS2004. Stand coding is to the ProjectAI standard for consistency. By John Young. Overview of London Stansted Airport. Gate allocation: If you don't mind where aircraft park, then there is no need to read on. I have however, used the new facilities of...

File size: 31.46 KB | Download hits: 78


EGSS, Stansted Airport, London, UK. By Stephen Dearne. Place the Afcad 2 type file (.BGL extension) in the scenery folder under the Addon Scenery directory. FS2004 does the rest. The file enclosed for EGSS has been 'beta tested' using AI traffic, and has been found to work correctly. ...

File size: 9.55 KB | Download hits: 15


EHTW, Enschede, Overijsel, The Netherlands. Overview of EHTW. Just put the .bgl file, ONLY, in the Addon Scenery and FLY! These are not the real parking places, I only fill in the empty parking space. ...

File size: 20.18 KB | Download hits: 19


KBIL, Billings Logan International Airport, Billings, Montana (MT). By Allen Bagwell. Made with AFCAD 2004. May only be used in Flight Simulator 2004. Added coded gates according to airport website: A1 - Northwest A3 - United B1 - Delta/Delta Connection B2 - Big Sky B3 - Horizon Air B4 - America West Fixed runway 10L/28R and numerous other problems using taxiway diagrams and other information. Cargo gates added for FedEx, UPS, and...

File size: 5.97 KB | Download hits: 33


KMEM, Memphis Int'l Airport, Tennessee (TN). Adds many gates, corrects concourses A, B and C. Also updates local airports. M01 corrected runway to new numbers, and added the new ASOS installed to KAWM. New v1.1 fixes details on KMEM gate numbering, and taxiway procedures, added real parking at KDYR, KFCY, KPGR, KTKX, M04, M36, and M05. By Diego Tellez. V1.1. Adds many gates, also has correct concourses A, B and C. Contains current gate assignments for Northwest and other airlines. Also...

File size: 258.95 KB | Download hits: 33