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FS2004 AFCAD Files

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KPHX, SimFlyers Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, Arizona (AZ). Adds 194 general aviation parking spots to the AFCAD file from Dan Relfe. Also adjusts the traffic flow to stop having bottlenecks. The general aviation parking is designed so that regional turboprops do not use it (except for two or three that are undergoing maintenance). By Chris Behnke. Screenshot of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport scenery. This scenery is designed for the SimFlyers Phoenix Sky Harbor FS2004 scenery. The main...

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KIDA, Idaho Falls Regional Airport, ID. Aerial view of Idaho Falls Regional Airport. This is pretty straight forward, it is the AFCAD for Idaho Falls Regional Airport. It will look funny in the AFCAD program but looks great in Flight Simulator. This is really built for the pilot and not for AI Traffic, it has the correct spaces, but the links to the taxiway are a bit odd, they may do funny things on the ramp. Installation: Hopefully you know how to do this, but for those of...

File size: 869 KB | Download hits: 45


LHBP, Ferihegyi Airport, Budapest, Hungary. Corrects several gates, adds more lights. Overview of Ferihegyi Airport. Installation: Unzip and copy the bgl file to the X:...FS2004Addon sceneryscenery directory, and start FS2004. ...

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KSFO, San Francisco International Airport, California (CA). Includes accurate gates, United Express ramp, American maintenance area, corrected taxiways, Coast Guard area. By Chasen Richardson. Overview of San Francisco International Airport. I have noticed most SFO AF2 files were very bad, i mean they left out a huge number of gates and designated them to the wrong airlines. Many left out the United Express ramp, the the American Maintenance area, and many other areas. And I have...

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LECO, Alvedro Airport, La Coruna, Galicia, Spain. Gates and taxiways. By Toni Molina. Overview of Alvedro Airport. ...

File size: 59.59 KB | Download hits: 46


DKYS, Dyess AFB, Abilene, Texas. Adds parking to Dyess AFB, TX. Dyess is the home of the 7th Bomb wing and the 317th Airlift Group. This AFCAD2 is for the default scenery only. It Adds parking for over 40 B-1Bs and 20 C-130ss. By Ryan Loper. Overview of Dyess AFB. Instructions: Just copy the AF2_KDYS.bgl file into the fs9/addon scenery/scenery folder and start flightsim. ...

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LIPK, Forli Airport, Italy. By Alessandro Monti. Installation: Extract into your Flight Simulator 9Addon SceneryScenery folder and overwrite the previous file. ...

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LIED, Decimomannu AB, Sardegna. Adds parking to Decimomannu AB. Deci is used by the German and Italian Miltary. Includes provisions for German Tornado's and Italian F-104s and F-16s. By Ryan Loper. Overview of Decimomannu AB. Instructions: Just copy the AF2_LIED.bgl file into the fs9/addon scenery/scenery folder and start flightsim. ...

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KLUF, Luke AFB, Arizona. Adds parking to Luke AFB, AZ. Luke is used for pilot training and F-16 upgrade. The base boasts an impressive number of aircraft; around 200 to be exact. By Ryan Loper. Overview of Luke AFB. WARNING: Loading this base up with Aircraft is not recommended for slower computers! Instructions: Just copy the AF2_KLUF.bgl file into the fs9/addon scenery/scenery folder and start flightsim. ...

File size: 69.5 KB | Download hits: 33

Pula AB

Pula AB, Croatia (LDPL). Adds parking to Pula AB, Croatia. Pula is used by the Croatian military for pilot training and joint U.S. exercises. Although no aircraft are stationed here here the base is set up similar to what it would look like during one of those exercises. Includes accommodations for the Croatian AF's MiG 21s and USAFE F-16s. By Ryan Loper. Overview of Pula AB, Croatia. Instructions: Just copy the AF2_LDPL.bgl file into your Flight Simulator 9Addon...

File size: 53.24 KB | Download hits: 44


LEMD Madrid Barajas Airport, Spain, for use with LEMDGB1.ZIP scenery. Includes improved navaids, star runway technique to allow multiple runway use, gates assigned to actual airlines and improved taxiways. By Joaquin and Miguel Zafra. Changes included are the following, and are based on latest information published by AENA: VOR SSE (San Sebastion de los Reyes) has been renamed to SSY. Markers and old navaids (ILS and NDBs) of old runway 36R/18L have been deleted, except terminal NDBs...

File size: 154.94 KB | Download hits: 252


EGCC, Manchester Ringway International Airport, UK. This updates the runways by adding the realistic changing of surfaces on runway 24L's displaces threshold. It adds correct parking and airline codes and updates parts of the taxiway layout. By Chris Kellett. Overview of Manchester Ringway International Airport. Installation: Just unzip the .bgl and place it in your default AFCAD folder. ...

File size: 10.08 KB | Download hits: 39


KJFK, John F. Kennedy Int'l Airport, New York, NY for use with default scenery. Uses latest FAA charts for layout and features crosswind runway technique to activate all runways for simultaneous use. By Lee Brompton. Overview of John F. Kennedy Int'l Airport. To install, simply place the 'AF2_xxxx' file into your 'Flight Simulator 9Addon SceneryScenery' folder. ...

File size: 283.14 KB | Download hits: 143


Nevada (NV) for default Las Vegas McCarran scenery with active crosswind runways. A High quality AFCAD2 file for the default Fs2004 Las Vegas McCarran airport. This file has been completely rebuilt from scratch using information from the latest FAA charts (17th March 2005). All aprons have been completely rebuilt and are modeled to be as near real as possible. Improvements have been made to the taxiways and newly built taxiways 'Romeo' and 'Zulu' have been added to the airport....

File size: 82.04 KB | Download hits: 127

Colvirtual Scenery

This file will fix the way airplanes move around the airport of Medellin Olaya Herrera Airport (SKMD), Colombia in the scenery Colvirtual 2005. Now the planes really use the taxiways--no more planes taxiing in the grass. By Alvaro Fierro G. Overview of Medellin Olaya Herrera Airport. How to install: Just place the file named AF2_SKMD.bgl in your Addon Scenery folder in the root of your Flight simulator. That's it! I hope you enjoy! ...

File size: 76.61 KB | Download hits: 64

AFCAD2 Files For GAP 2004 Vol. 3

These AFCADs are only for users of the German Airports 2004 Vol. 3 payware scenery of Germany. They are replacements for the original ones, not additions. Also includes new versions of 5TMK and 5DDT to remain compatible with the military packages for Germany and Netherlands from Cristian Muenier. By Dieter Barthelmeus. Screenshot of a German Airfield. Please be sure to have one and ONLY one AFCAD active for an airport, so replace the original ones. Of course after backing them up,...

File size: 109.26 KB | Download hits: 55


OKBK, Kuwait Int'l Airport. Fixes taxiways. By Ali Jasem. Overview of Kuwait Int'l Airport. ...

File size: 6.89 KB | Download hits: 65

AFCAD2 Files For Madagascar

Madagascar, to be used with summer 2005 AI flight plans for Air Madagascar (MDG05MAD.ZIP). By Christian Muenier. Logo for Air Madagascar. ...

File size: 24.1 KB | Download hits: 79


This file fix the parking spots in Bogota, Colombia airport "El Dorado" and set them in the right places just like in the real life. By Alvaro Fierro G. Overview of El Dorado. How to install: Just place the file named AF2_SKBO.bgl in your Addon Scenery folder in the root of your Flight simulator. That's it, I hope you enjoyed! ...

File size: 92.23 KB | Download hits: 75

Copalis Beach State Airport

Copalis Beach State Airport (S16) in Copalis, Washington (WA). Just a minor tweak of the stock AFCAD to add the beach and a few small GA parking spaces. By Brad Banister. "Copalis Beach State Airport is a unique airport. It is the only known beach airport in the United States and is the only stretch of ocean beach in Washington where landing is legal. The runway is the 4500 foot stretch of ocean beach from the Copalis River on the south to the rocks a mile north. Since the runway is the...

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