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FS2004 AFCAD Files

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EHBD, Kempen Airport, Budel, Weert, Noord Brabant, The Netherlands. ...

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EHGG, Eelde Airport, Groningen, The Netherlands. Logo for Eelde Airport. ...

File size: 3.66 KB | Download hits: 29


EHKD, Militair Vliegveld de Kooy, The Netherlands. ...

File size: 3.86 KB | Download hits: 20


EHBK, Maastricht/Aachen Airport, The Netherlands. ...

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EHEH, Eindhoven/Welschap Airport, The Netherlands. Logo for Eindhoven Airport. ...

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Cherry Capital Airport AFCAD2

An AFCAD2 file for Cherry Capital Airport (KTVC) in Traverse City, Michigan (MI). This airport has gone through some major changes recently and this is an attempt to keep up. Adds new taxiways/tarmac and correct parking for general aviation and the Coast Guard Air Station. By Matt Magner. Overview of Cherry Capital Airport. Installation: Copy AF2_KTVC.bgl to your FS9/Addon Scenery/Scenery folder. ...

File size: 39.94 KB | Download hits: 54

UK2000 Leeds Bradford

An AFCAD2 file for the UK 2000 Leeds Bradford Airport. Built from scratch, using the latest charts, this AFCAD2 compliments the add-on scenery perfectly. This file gives you the current real life taxiway names and gate numbers at this airport. Airlines are allocated to the gates and all gates are used. This file gives you 40 usable parking positions at this airport, comprising 17 gates and 23 GA ramps (including a ramp for the Multiflight BBJ). GA parking is located near the Multiflight hangars...

File size: 227.59 KB | Download hits: 54

Barcelona LEBL

Barcelona LEBL, Spain. Adds additional parking gates to the Sim-wings Barcelona scenery that were not included in the original AFCAD file. Designed for use without any static aircraft. By Danny Hill. Overview of Barcelona (LEBL). I've added pretty much all of the gates that show on the visual scenery and added a couple of points on the runways to try to get the AI aircraft to vacate quicker and improve the flow of AI traffic. Installation: Copy the...

File size: 76.7 KB | Download hits: 103


Cleveland-Hopkins Int'l Airport, Ohio (OH). A high quality AFCAD2 file the Cleveland-Hopkins International (KCLE) scenery by Shehryar Ansari. Features assigned gates for all airlines that currently serve CLE. A tower view is provided for the airport and two runways are in use to maximize traffic flow. Runway 6L/24R for takeoffs, runway 6R/24L for landings. Runway 6C/24C is also included as it is still used in real life (as a taxiway). An AFCAD parking code for Independence Air, who also...

File size: 1.43 MB | Download hits: 120


LTBJ, Adnan Menderes Airport, Izmir, Turkey, for use with LTBJ2002.ZIP scenery. By Fatih Unal. This file is made for use Hakan Unal's ADNAN MENDERES scenery in FS2004. Corrected runway heading, taxiways, gates and ILS. Installation: Initially, be sure of the installed LTBJ 2002 scenery that made by Hakan Unal. Extract the package to Addon SceneryScenery folder. ...

File size: 4.13 KB | Download hits: 66

Swiss Alps 01 AFCAD2

Swiss Alps 01 AFCAD2 for the little Swiss airports located in the Alps. Includes LSMN Raron: 7 GA small, 2 GA medium; LSPM Ambri: 14 GA small, 9 GA medium; 5 GA large, 3 helipads; LSMC Ulrichen: 4 GA small, 1 GA medium, 1 helipad. By Jean-Jacques Parel. Overview of LSMN Raron. ...

File size: 52.83 KB | Download hits: 50


KYUM, MCAS Yuma / Yuma International Airport, Arizona (AZ). Adds additional parking to both the military and civilian sides. By Keith Guillory. Overview of Yuma International Airport. These additional parking locations are for FS9 only. You will accurately have parking assignments for AV-8B Harriers and transient aircraft on the MCAS Yuma side. The Yuma International Airport side, includes parking locations for GA and commercial flights. No flight plans or aircraft are included....

File size: 71.64 KB | Download hits: 33


KWRI, McGuire AFB, Wrightstown, New Jersey (NJ). This file is a close rendition of the real Air Force Base providing parking locations military aircraft. There is also a small ramp for GA parking. By Keith Guillory. Overview of McGuire AFB. AFCAD 2 file for KWRI, McGuire AFB, USA. This file is a close rendition of the real Air Force Base providing parking locations for C-17 Globemaster, KC-10 Extenders, and KC-135 Stratotankers. There is also a small ramp for GA parking. I am...

File size: 244.33 KB | Download hits: 63


NZAA, for Deanne Baunton's FS2002 Auckland Airport, New Zealand (NZAKV10.ZIP and NZAKFIX1.ZIP). All gates are included. By Owen Mitchell. Overview of Auckland Airport. To install this AFCAD2 file, just copy the .bgl file to your FS9Addon Sceneryscenery folder and start the game. I do not guarantee 100% accuracy of this file although I have tried my best to ensure it is as close to correct as possible (though space is limited so sometimes heavy jets wings overlap at the...

File size: 91.54 KB | Download hits: 76


KATW, Outagamie County Regional Airport, Appleton, Wisconsin (WI), v2. This updates my previous file of the Outagamie County Regional Airport (KATW), in Appleton, Wisconsin. Just simply place in Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9Addon Sceneryscenery and overwrite the other file. This update includes taxiway B10 being changed to B9, the extension of taxiway B6 on the other side of runway 3/21, the addition of taxiway T directly on the other side of runway 29/11 from taxiway A4. Also...

File size: 4.59 KB | Download hits: 38


ESSA, Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Sweden, for use with FS Dream Factory's scenery (part of Scandinavian Airports 2 package). Logo for Stockholm, Arlanda Airport. More parking spaces added. This is the ultimate AFCAD for Arlanda. Installation: Copy the file named AF2_ESSA.bgl into your Fs9addon sceneryscenery folder and the insatllation is complete. ...

File size: 10.58 KB | Download hits: 57


NZNR, Napier Aerodrome, Napier/Hastings, New Zealand. Adds gates to Napier airport. By Dale Heywood. Just put the file in the addon scenery/scenery folder. ...

File size: 2.37 KB | Download hits: 24

Paris Orly Airport

Paris Orly Airport (LFPO), France, for use with Wilco's Airport 2000 Volume 3. By Frederic Kabalu. Overview of Orly Airport. Be careful, some ground texture may not appear correctly if you use a Mesh (for example, I add to exclude my FSglobal mesh for the corresponding region=EB68) but there is no problem with FS9 default Mesh. Orly is second Paris airport (2nd rank in France with about 25 Million passenger per year). LFPO has now more than 65 gates and parking places for...

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LICC, Catania "Fontanarossa", Italy, with all parking areas (ACB included) and new taxiways names up to date through January 2005. By Gianluca Murella. Overview of Catania "Fontanarossa". About the AFCAD: All Commercial Aviation parkings Coast Guard Military parkings General Aviation parkings Aeroclub parkings New Taxyways and Parkings Names Wind Jet, Alitalia and Meridiana dedicated parkings Taxyways Width Fixed Ground Surfaces...

File size: 413.57 KB | Download hits: 68


LICT, Trapani Airport, Italy, with all parking areas (commercial and military both) and brand new ILS-DME runway 31, ILS-DME PAPA runway 31 chart included. By Gianluca Murella. Overview of Trapani Airport. About the AFCAD: Commercial Aviation parkings Combat Military parkings General Aviation parkings New Taxyways Names New ILS-DME RWY 31 (code TRA, freq 110.95, Course 306, see attached chart) ILS-DME PAPA RWY 31 included Up to Date at Jan...

File size: 471.92 KB | Download hits: 57

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