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FS2004 AFCAD Files

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LIPK, Luigi Ridolfi Airport, Forli, Italy, with all parking and taxiways up to date as of January 2005. Installation: Simply drop the AF2_LIPK.bgl file into your Flight Simulator 9Addon SceneryScenery folder. FS will automatically recognize the file, and install it. Uninstallation: Delete the AF2_LICC.bgl file, and FS will revert to the default settings. ...

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Orlando International

Orlando International Airport (KMCO), Florida (FL). Not 100% accurate, but most airlines and correct gate numbers are used, as well as cargo and general aviation areas. Also has new runway 17L/35R. Intended for use with default KMCO and add-on sceneries KMCO2.ZIP and OIA_UPDATE.ZIP. AFCAD2 file compiled by Mel Acres. Overview of Orlando International Airport. Usual installation for AFCAD2, drop file into your FS9/Addon Scenery/Scenery folder. This AFCAD2 file was designed to be...

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AFCAD2 files for the 91 airports in Japan. By Tetsuji Nakata. The Japanese flag. I tried to make it the layout near a true airport, as long as the space allowed to original scenery. However, an airport and original scenery without exact data received restriction. Therefore, the size of a gate, a number, etc. differ from an actual airport. Moreover, at some airports, the existing scenery may have overlapped with the taxiing way etc. If required, please the check of the "crash...

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LSGG, Geneva-Cointrin Airport, Switzerland. Overview of Geneva-Cointrin Airport. Installation: Copy the BGL file to your "add-on sceneryscenery folder". ...

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AFCAD2 Files For GAP 2004 Vol. 4

Vol. 4, Germany. These updated AFCADs are only for users of German Airports 2004 - Vol. 4. They are replacements for the original ones, not additions. By Dieter Barthelmeus. Please be sure to have one and ONLY one AFCAD active for an airport, so replace the original ones. Of course after backing them up, e.g. rename to *.bgx, to be able to restore them, if you are uncomfortable with my ones. And it's always a good practice to scan your directories for duplicates in a regular way (I...

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LFMN, Nice/Cote D'Azure Airport, France. This file is pretty accurate to the parking arrangements. All gates have been coded for most of the airlines but not all of them. It adds a few more gates to the airport. Installation: Just place the .bgl file into your (addon scenery/scenery) folder and go into flightsim and your ready to go. ...

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Updated AFCADs For GAP 2004 - Vol. 1

These are enhanced AFCAD2 files only as replacements for users of German Airports 2004 - Vol. 1. By Dieter Barthelmeus. Please be sure to have one and ONLY one AFCAD active for an airport, so replace the original ones. Of course after backing them up, e.g. rename to *.bgx, to be able to restore them, if you are uncomfortable with my ones. And it's always a good practice to scan your directories for duplicates in a regular way (I recommend using ScanAFD - search for it). After a...

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SNJO, Aeroclube da Paraiba, Brazil. By Matheus Cavalheiro. Overview of Aeroclube da Paraiba. How to install: Create a folder called 'aeroclube' in the scenery folder of FS2004. Create another folder called 'scenery' into the folder 'aeroclube'. Extract the file AF2_SNJO.bgl to the folder 'scenery' of the folder 'aeroclube'. Now make a simple add in the settings of FS2004. ...

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KIND, Indianapolis, Indiana (IN). This file increases the number of gates at the default KIND and adds some new cargo parking spots as well. It includes realistic parking as per the Indianapolis airport webpage (which doesn't list individual gates so I made it as close as possible). This file was made using Kenneth Weik's original FS2004 AFCAD file for KIND as a base and is uploaded with permission of the original author. By Denny Payne. Logo for Indianapolis Airport...

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KBTV, Burlington Int'l Airport, Vermont (VT), for use with default scenery. By Colin McKinnon. If you think planes are constantly not parking in the right parking spots, check the Aircraft's radius setting. If you have AFCAD2 (Lee Swordy) installed all you have to do is open it up and click on TOOLS - Aircraft Editor. If you don't have AFCAD2 then you will have to go through each AI aircrafts aircraft.cfg (of course of the ones that you suspect not "all.") To help I had...

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KMHT, Manchester Airport, New Hampshire (NH), for use with default scenery. By Colin McKinnon. Screenshot of Manchester Airport scenery. MHT has undergone significant changes since the creation of FS2004, so many changes had to be made to the AFCAD. An extension to Runway 35 was made along with a new "M" taxiway connecting the Terminal Area Directly to Runway 6 Several Apron additions were created. After I added all of additions I ended up with buildings in the middle of...

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Jomo Kenyatta Airport

Jomo Kenyatta Airport (HKJK), Nairobi, Kenya. Removes all gates and parking spots from the North Terminal, as it is not operational in real life. As many "heavy" aircraft fly to this airport, includes several heavy gates around the southern terminal. Also adds a fictional area for smaller aircraft and thin aprons either side of the runway, as it would be in real life. There now should be enough gates and parking for this busy international airport This is best for Project AI and...

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AFCAD2 Files For The Caribbean

Includes TVSM, TVSU, TVSB, TVSC and TVSV on St Vincent & Grenadines Island group in the Carribean. By default most of these airfields are runway only so these files add some parking, and where necessary, tower frequencies. There are a couple of minor updates to the TVSM Afcad I uploaded. By Loue Maclennan. Just drop the bgl files into C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9Addon Sceneryscenery and launch FS9. That simple. ...

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KLAS, Las Vegas McCarran Airport, Nevada (NV). By Jaxan Prier. Overview of Las Vegas McCarran Airport. Installation: Place the .bgl file into the scenery folder inside the add-on scenery folder in your main FS9 directory. ...

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Alaska AFCAD2 Files V032505Patch

The files contained in this version of Alaska AFCAD files for FS2004 are intended for users that understand how to use AFCAD files and traffic in FS2004. This release is a work in progress. This file contains AFCAD2 files for most of the nearly 850 airports in the state of Alaska. No previous editions required. The revisions in this version are intended to work with the Misty Fjords project by Holger Sandmann. Also included are files for those who do not have Misty Fjords, although there has...

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Buffalo New York

Buffalo, New York (NY) airport (KBUF). Adds all 26 airline gates to the default terminal (including airline assignments), general aviation and cargo parking and adds the runway extension to runway 14-32 including the new ILS for runway 32. By Chris Behnke. Screenshot of Buffalo, New York scenery. This scenery is designed for the default FS2004 scenery and will provide you with all of the 27 terminal gates (for aircraft parking only, NO visual gates) at the Buffalo airport...

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Faro Airport

Faro Airport, Portugal (LPFR) from Aerosoft-Online. By Uwe Muehlschlegel. Instalation: Very simple! First delete the bgl-stat-file and the LTU2004_LPFR.bgl in AerosoftLTU2004_LPFRScenery After this copy my AF2_LPFR.bgl into AddonSceneryScenery Thats it! Make a backup before you deleting the original-files! ...

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EGPH, Edinburgh International, Scotland, UK update scenery by Iain Gallacher (EDIN2004.ZIP). By David Fidler. This file is an alternative to the one supplied by Iain to include gate assignments for the airlines using EGPH (as of March 2005). Works very well with Ultimate Traffic by Flight One Software. IMPORTANT! You MUST remove or back-up Iain's original file AF2_EGPH.bgl from the scenery folder BEFORE installing this file. Iain has used AFCAD2 to generate a lot of the ground...

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EGAC, Belfast City Harbour Airport, Northern Ireland, UK. ...

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