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FS2004 AFCAD Files

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EGAC, Belfast City Harbour Airport, Northern Ireland, UK. ...

File size: 3.91 kB | Download hits: 29


TVSM, the island of Mustique, St Vincent island group in the Caribbean. Adds some parking ramps, tower frequency, VASI lights. By Loue Maclennan. Afcad2 for TVSM, The island of Mustique, St Vincent island group in the Carribean. By default this has a runway only so I have added some parking ramps, in addition I have entered a tower frequency as well as adding VASI 2 lights to each end of the runway. Just drop the bgl file into C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9Addon...

File size: 2.06 kB | Download hits: 32

AFCAD2 Files For Yerevan Armenia V2Patch

Yerevan, Armenia. Includes three airports, Zvartnots Int'l (UDEE), Yegvard (UG0C), Yerebuni (UG0Y). By Vishal Gupta. This is the 2nd file that I have ever uploaded for public use! I hope you love it! The contents of this archive is 3 AfCad2 files for 2 airports in Yerevan, Armenia. It is an update to the previous version released on the 13th of March 2005. The 2 airports in the previous release have not just been improved but another of Yerevan's airports has been...

File size: 8.00 kB | Download hits: 68


KSTL, Lambert-St. Louis Int'l Airport, Missouri (MO). ...

File size: 11.12 kB | Download hits: 45


PHNL, Honolulu Airport, Hawaii (HI) for use with Bill Melichar's scenery (HONOV5.ZIP) and Hickam Field by DWSims (DBWHK04.ZIP). By Karl Hannestad. This AFCAD is not for use with the default scenery. This AFCAD brings together the work of three other developers. It is intended for use with Bill Melichar's excellent PHNL scenery. Best attempts were made top match the gate information and airline parking locations to real world using terminal information published by the State of...

File size: 16.85 kB | Download hits: 58


KNCA, Marine Corps Air Station New River, North Carolina (NC). Allows based aircraft to conduct training missions and VFR approaches. Also includes AI flight plans. By Keith Guillory. Overview of Marine Corps Air Station, New River. AFCAD 2 files for KNCA - Marine Corps Air Station New River, North Carolina, USA. I have had this AFCAD 2 in it's current state of completion for sometime now but lost track of it in my last few uploads. This modification to the default allows...

File size: 101.23 kB | Download hits: 50


EGBB, Birmingham Airport, UK, for use with Gary Summons UK2000 scenery. By James Carr. Logo for Birmingham Airport. This is a remake of the original AFCAD file, which fixes some of the errors with the original file, it also contains allocated parking so you will now see your AI aircraft parked on stands that you normally see them on at egbb, so all the British airways will be parked on T2(eurohub) etc. It also has the stands 50 51 45 added which weren't modeled in the original...

File size: 8.60 kB | Download hits: 33


VABO, Vadodara Airport, India. Corrects runway, adds NDB and parking spaces. This file contains AFCAD for the Vadodara Airport. Corrects some minor things which includes: Increasing the length of the runway to 8100 feet. Adding a NDB(Visible in Map). Addition of an extra parking space so that IA Airbus can park there if you have IA flight plans. Deletion of ILS coz there is no ILS in this airport and nevertheless the default one had you flying straight into the...

File size: 2.41 kB | Download hits: 27


Lambert-St. Louis Int'l Airport, Missouri (MO). Throw out the old KSTL charts, as of 0901 Zulu 3/17/2005 the taxiways have been changed! All new AFCAD2 with correct runway lengths, approach and PAPI lights, high speed taxiway turnoff lights, gates with real airline parking as well as cargo. You can even have 747 heavies park on the Papa (ex Bravo) pad just like in real life. By Jeff Favignano. I work in Air Cargo in St. Louis, so I know how KSTL looks like trust me!  this is Version...

File size: 11.67 kB | Download hits: 42


KLYH, Lynchburg Regional/Preston Glenn Field, Virginia (VA). Here is a small AFCAD file for KLYH - what this does is adds three medium GA parking spots and two helipads to the "exec terminal" - also it slightly increases the size of the parking pad to accommodate the aircraft turnaround to depart. Over at the main terminal... it eliminates one (the middle) parking spot in front of the Terminal building ... changes the other two (the outside ones) to Small Gate parking spots and the...

File size: 4.03 kB | Download hits: 19


EDDT, Tegel Airport, Berlin Germany, only for use with German Airports 3 scenery. Adds all gates. Overview of Tegel Airport. To install simply put the AF2GAP3_EDDT.bgl file into the folder located under the Addon Scenery and then to the Scenery folder. The Changes will take place the next time you start the flight simulator. To uninstall go to the file and delete it. The default airport AFCAD will then be used. ...

File size: 57.61 kB | Download hits: 135


TNCE, St. Eustatius Island, Netherlands Antilles, Caribbean. Adds parking spaces. By Loue Maclennan. Afcad2 for TNCE, St Eustatious Island in the Carribean, part of the Netherland Antilles. By default this has a runway only so I have added some parking to allow AI and flyable aircraft somewhere to park. Just drop the bgl file into C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9Addon Sceneryscenery and launch FS9. That simple. ...

File size: 2.05 kB | Download hits: 45


LFLB, Chambery - Aix Les Bains, France (GMT/LFLB). Chambery are the gate into some famous winter-sport places close to Courchevel LFLJ in south-east France. By Ib Hansen. ...

File size: 3.33 kB | Download hits: 40


KLAX, Los Angeles International Airport, California (CA) for use with Simflyers payware scenery. Logo for Los Angeles World Airports. This AFCAD is made for the Simflyers airport and best used with Ultimate Traffic and/or Project AI. This is version 1 of this AFCAD so their are planned upgrades such as upgraded parking locations and taxiway modifications. I hope you enjoy! ...

File size: 24.48 kB | Download hits: 46


KPAE, Paine Field/Snohomish County Airport, Everett, Washington (WA), for use only with the Pacific Northwest MegaScenery by PCAviator. By Robert Shofner. Overview of Paine Field/Snohomish County Airport. This is a "labor of love" project for me. I took my flight lessons there at Regal Air - Thanks, Ben!!! and this airport will always have a special place in my heart. Where else can you share a runway with a 747 or 767 or Boeing Stratocruiser (well, before it drowned in...

File size: 194.13 kB | Download hits: 77

AFCAD2 German Heli Airports

AFCAD2 helipad files for Frankfurt, Munich and Stuttgart, Germany. By Rolf Peters. ...

File size: 7.09 kB | Download hits: 23


KFNT, Bishop Int'l Airport, Flint, Michigan (MI). Logo for Bishop International Airport Authority. ...

File size: 6.22 kB | Download hits: 26

Halifax V3Patch

An AFCAD2 file for Halifax Airport (CYHZ), Nova Scotia, Canada, v3. This AFCAD2 is the final release for Halifax International Airport. New in this version is the application of the crosswind runway technique, meaning all runways can now be used simultaneously for take-offs and landings. Previous parking and taxiway layouts remain the same. Requires the freeware Halifax Airport scenery by Craig Mosher. This file has not been tested with the default scenery. By Lee Brompton. Overview of...

File size: 31.68 kB | Download hits: 106

St John's Int'l V2Patch

An AFCAD2 file for St John's Int'l Airport (CYYT), Newfoundland, Canada, v2. This AFCAD2 is the final release for St John's Int'l Airport. New in this version is the application of the crosswind runway technique, meaning all runways can now be used simultaneously for take-offs and landings. Previous parking and taxiway layouts remain the same. Requires the freeware St John's Airport scenery by Craig Mosher (CYYT_V10.ZIP). This file has not been tested with the default...

File size: 33.26 kB | Download hits: 112


FKYS, Yaounde Nsimalen Int'l Airport, Cameroon. Includes various roads leading from and to the airport. By Lukas Kaufmann. Overview of Yaounde Nsimalen Int'l Airport. Includes various roads leading from and to the airport. Installation: Unzip the AF2_FKYS.bgl file into the usual Flight SimulatorAddon Sceneryscenery folder. NB: But, in all the cases, you may have to delete or replace the original AF2_FKYS.bgl include in the original scenery! ...

File size: 10.86 kB | Download hits: 57

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