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FS2004 AFCAD Files

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A modified AFCAD for the now closed airport at Nacton/Ipswich in Suffolk UK. It has been designed to work in Just Flight's VFR Photographic Scenery and terrain. ICAO code I believe is IPW. AI parking is based upon actual photographs but may not be exact. Hope you enjoy it, use as you will. Thanks to all those designers of VFR and AFCAD more making flight simming more enjoyable. ...

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FSFS2004 AFCAD2 File For KTKI V2Patch

Version 2 of the AFCAD2 file for McKinney Municipal Airport, Texas (TX). Updates the parking, adds more spaces, generally improves the airport to be even more realistic. By Zachary Smith. Numerous planes on the ground at McKinney Municipal Airport. UPDATES: Added more parking. Coded some spots to realistically be labled. Removed Executive Jet tag for the transient jet parking and added Monarch Airlines (USA), Wings Aviation, and North Flying tags for the respective areas. Some...

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An AFCAD2 file for the freeware Denver Int'l Airport (KDEN), Colorado (CO) scenery by Harald Krause (DIA2K4V1.ZIP). It is built from scratch using the latest FAA charts and information from the Denver airport website. All taxiways and gates are named and numbered as per real life and feature assigned airline parking. Parking areas for United Express, Great Lakes and Frontier Jet Express can also be found in their correct locations. A tower view is now provided for the airport also. Using...

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KRFD, Greater Rockford Airport, Rockford, Illinois (IL). Installation: Simply place the file AF2_KRFD.bgl in the folder: /Microsoft Games/Flight Simulator9/Addon Scenery/Scenery. Start Flight Sim and the new changes will take effect. To uninstall, simply delete the file: AF2_KRFD.bgl and the default AI traffic will be restored. ...

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EGPF, Abbotsinch, Glasgow, Scotland, UK. ...

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AKBT, Polar Bear Island, Alaska (AK), for use with AKBT.ZIP. By Bill Toler. Screenshot of Polar Bear Island scenery. Just overwrite the original AFCAD file in your Polar Bear Island scenery folder and rebuild your FS Nav Database if you are using it. Thank you to Andy Johnston for correcting this file. ...

File size: 2.76 KB | Download hits: 92

UK2000 Manchester V2Patch

A high quality AFCAD2 file for the UK2000 Manchester Airport (EGCC), UK. This is version 2 of the file and corrects a slight problem that some users experienced - AI aircraft jamming up when attempting to take off from 24L. Built from scratch, using the latest CAA charts, this AFCAD2 compliments the add-on scenery perfectly. This file gives you all the current real life taxiway names and gate numbers at this airport. Runway thresholds and lengths are as accurate as can be and align with the...

File size: 22.83 KB | Download hits: 209


RJAA, Tokyo Narita Airport, Japan, only for the scenery by Kazuhiro Miyazaki. By Andrew Angelopoulos. Overview of Tokyo Narita Airport. Note that the parking configuration is arranged in this way. Gate: the Main Jetway Parking positions. Parking: are those parking areas near the Terminal 1,2 but without jetways. NE Parking: I think it's a cargo Parking. N parking: I choose to use those space for aircraft that don't have space and or rights at the Main Gates. S...

File size: 47.92 KB | Download hits: 100


KSLC, Salt Lake City Int'l Airport, Utah (UT) with non parallel runways. For use with KSLC2004.ZIP. By Ray Smith. This file is only for Gary Widup's excellent scenery ( this activates the non-parallel rwy's, this AFCAD is the original authors with extra Delta parking, all rwy's now used for takeoff/landings the helipads moved to the correct positions with night lighting and airport views are from the roof of the control tower (only when in tower view) fully...

File size: 20.39 KB | Download hits: 61


SCPC, Pucon Airport, Chile. By Jose Joaquin Fermandois. Overview of Pucon Airport. Installation: Just copy to your Flight Simulator 9Addon SceneryScenery folder. ...

File size: 10.94 KB | Download hits: 20


EDDF for German Airports Frankfurt, Germany. By Christian H. Alden. Installation: Simply create a folder within your FS Addon Scenery folder: X:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9Addon Scenery named FRA_AFCAD (or whatever suits you) and create a folder called "scenery" inside that folder. Now simply copy the distributed *.bgl file into the scenery folder you just created. Now start FS and register the scenery under settings > addon scenery > add scenery. After...

File size: 445.67 KB | Download hits: 71


HLLB, Benina Airport, Benghazi, Libya. ...

File size: 4.07 KB | Download hits: 24


Places the control tower view at the correct position when used with the IFSD Dublin, Ireland scenery. By Rene Bruun. Over the last year I have constantly moved my tower view in FS at EIDW for positions in and around the airport I normally spot at. This AFCAD2 file now has the tower at the right spot and right height in the IFSD scenery so when you watch the planes taxi to runway 2-8, you will actually get the feeling of looking out of the control tower due to seeing the actual window frames...

File size: 9.99 KB | Download hits: 69


HLGT, Ghat Airport, Libya. ...

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HLKF, Kufra Airport, Libya. ...

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HLLT, Idris Int'l Airport, Tripoli, Libya. ...

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VOMM, Chennai Int'l Airport, Chennai, India, for default scenery. Includes various roads leading from and to the airport. By Lukas Kaufmann. Overview of Chennai Int'l Airport. Installation: Unzip the AF2_VOMM.bgl file into the usual Flight SimulatorAddon Sceneryscenery folder. NB: But, in all the cases, you may have to delete or replace the original AF2_VOMM.bgl include in the original scenery! ...

File size: 24.79 KB | Download hits: 130


LEAL, Alicante/El Altet Airport, Spain. ...

File size: 4.87 KB | Download hits: 40

Centrair (RJGG) FixPatch

This file corrects "RJGG" in AF2JPN_2.ZIP. By Tetsuji Nakata. Overview of Chubu International Airport. Installation: Cautions: Please back up your data first. When the release of my beginning is introduced, please delete "AF_RJNA.bgl" beforehand. Please copy the BGL file extracted to "/Addon Scenery/scenery". This file is correction of Chubu international airport. Although the spot number, the taxiing way number, etc. have fully...

File size: 93.22 KB | Download hits: 135

AFCAD2 Files For Southern Africa

AFCAD2 Files For Southern Africa for the following airports: Johannesburg Int'l (FAJS) and Cape Town Int'l (FACT) for use with the Aeroworx Scenery. By Brian van Hout. These files are for use with Aeroworx Scenery and are a work in progress. I am continually tweeking them to get the best results for AI traffic. ...

File size: 33.12 KB | Download hits: 64