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FS2004 AFCAD Files

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KORD, Chicago O'Hare International Airport, Illinois (IL) for Simflyers scenery only. FS2004 only. This file is for use without the static planes in the scenery folder. Runways 04L/22R, 09L/27R, 14L/32R are used for landing, 04R/22L, 09R/27L, 14R/32L for takeoff. This AFCAD uses crossing runways so all runways are in use. All taxiways and runways are properly aligned. By Adrian Norman. Installation: Copy the AF2_KORD.bgl file into the Flight Simulator 9SimFlyersKORDscenery (default) or...

File size: 29.6 KB | Download hits: 110


SBBH, Pampulha Airpot, Belo Morizonte MG, Brazil, for use with SBBH2002.ZIP scenery. This file updates AFCAD of SBBH (Scenery of Manoel Carvalho) with the information of Taxiways and Gates of the real Airport. By Alessandre L. Niza. Overview of Pampulha Airpot. Installation: Just unzip the file AFS_SBBH.bgl inside of the paste ... Microsoft GamesFlight Simulator 9Addon Sceneryscenery. ...

File size: 39.7 KB | Download hits: 91


LEIB, Ibiza/Es Codola Airport, Balearic Islands, Spain, for use with Spain04 scenery. ...

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LICC, Fontanarossa Airport, Catania, Sicily, Italy, for use with Sicily04 scenery. Logo fo Societa Aeroporto Catania. ...

File size: 3.61 KB | Download hits: 41


EDDH, Hamburg Int'l Airport, Germany, for German Airports 3 scenery. FS2004 only. This file is for use without the static planes in the scenery folder. Runways 5/23 is used for landing, 15/33 for takeoff. This AFCAD uses the stars crossing runway method so both runways are used simultaneously. All taxiways and runways are properly aligned. By Adrian Norman. Overview of Hamburg Int'l Airport. Installation: Copy the AF2_EDDH_GAP-Team file into the Flight Simulator...

File size: 10.98 KB | Download hits: 174

AFCAD2 Files For Venezuela Airports

Included are some new apron areas, taxiways, helipads, military parking positions (FAV and ARV) for combat and transport planes, taxiways designators, gates and parking assigned to the typical Venezuelan operators, GA parking, etc. Well adapted for the sceneries from Jaime Ortega and Rafael Useche. By Daniel Nole. Plane on the ground at Maiquetia Simon Bolivar Int'l. Airports included are: SVMI Maiquetia Simon Bolivar Int'l SVMC Maracaibo La Chinita...

File size: 221.23 KB | Download hits: 390


GMMN, Casablanca Nouasseur, Morocco. By Jeremy T. Spindler. Copy the AF2_GMMN.bgl file to your Addon Scenery folder in the FS9 root folder. Start FS9 so FS9 can regenerate newly installed scenery. ...

File size: 7.46 KB | Download hits: 172

Ultimate GA AFCAD2 Files

Ultimate GA presents its first package of general aviation focused AFCAD files. 162 airports - including 35 new airports in Australia. There are almost 8000 parking spots in these AFCAD files -- over 6000 of them for GA aircraft. Designed to support the Ultimate GA Cessna Citation and C402 repaint and flight plan packages. Also providing parking for future GA packages. By Ultimate GA, Reggie Fields, David Cooper. Cover image for this Ultimate GA package. ...

File size: 846.24 KB | Download hits: 107

Rio Nimitz AFCAD2

An expansion to the Nimitz Rio de Janeiro Nimitz Scenery (NIM_RIO.ZIP) that adds navaids, AI parking, AI traffic and arrestor cables. By Robert A. Baum. This is a simple scenery that adds a Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier on the coast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I'd like to thank Javier Fernandez for letting me use his Nimitz 3D model for this scenery. I hope you enjoy practicing some carrier landing skills near Rio. Watch out for the Sugar Loaf. Screenshot of a Nimitz Class...

File size: 470.99 KB | Download hits: 259


SBSP, Aeroporto de Congonhas, Sao Paulo, Brazil. By Andre Luiz. Installation: Insert this AF2_SBSP.bgl file in the directory of FS2004. E.G. "...Flight Simulator 9 Main folderAddon Sceneryscenery". ...

File size: 16.95 KB | Download hits: 103


LGSD, Salonica Airport, Greece. Replaces the dirt runway of old Salonica Airport with tarmac and adds a taxiway and a small apron with parking. By Makis Zotos. ...

File size: 6.11 KB | Download hits: 23


LIRA, Ciampino Airport, Rome, Italy. Logo for Aeroporti di Roma. ...

File size: 6.21 KB | Download hits: 42


IRQ, Peretola Airport, Florence, Italy. ...

File size: 3.05 KB | Download hits: 74


Adds ILS to Princess Juliana Int'l Airport, Philipsburg, Sint Maartin, Netherlands Antilles. All you have to do is movie the AF2_TNCM.bgl to your ADDON SCENERY/ SCENERY FOLDER and you would be done. For example: C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9Addon Sceneryscenery. ...

File size: 3.46 KB | Download hits: 91

EIDL V1.5Patch

EIDL, Donegal, Ireland. This will add taxiways and parking for small aircraft such as the ATR 42 used by Aer Arann and runway lights. Width and length is also altered to replicate real life and layout is made to be as real as possible. By James O'Grady. Screenshot of Donegal, Ireland scenery. Version 1: Correct runway width. Accurated apron. Compass base at end of rwy 3. Version 1.5: Correct runway width. Accurate apron. Compass base at end of rwy...

File size: 2.87 MB | Download hits: 236

LFPG Paris CDG DefaultPatch

268 gates are available. Features aprons, blue center line lights and stop lines, hold short lights, helicopter area, de-icing bays. Exclude files included. By Xavier Ossedat. Logo for Aeroports de Paris. Changes regarding previous versions are as follows: India/EN/Papa/November/Mike/Sierra aprons redone. Airlines assignment updating (ACA etc...). Takeoff setting changed in Afcad for runway 08R/26L (closed). Some planes parked in the Papa or November were send to the...

File size: 84.13 KB | Download hits: 311


EHRD, Luchthaven Rotterdam Airport, The Netherlands. Logo for Rotterdam Airport. ...

File size: 4.39 KB | Download hits: 35

MAAM American Cemetery Normandy

A simple AFCAD2 file for the MAAM-Sim American Cemetery Normandy scenery, France, so you can easily find it. The start location will put you on the dirt road beside the cemetery and there is an NDB in the middle of the cemetery so you can navigate to it from a distance of 112 miles by tuning your ADF to 379.0. By Robert A. Baum. Screenshot of American Cemetery Normandy scenery. ...

File size: 76.16 KB | Download hits: 40


SBFL, Florianopolis Airport, Santa Catarina, Brazil. Overview of Florianopolis Airport. ...

File size: 34.77 KB | Download hits: 52

Hamburg Finkenwerder

Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport (EDHI) in Germany. By Juan L. Trujillo. Overview of Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport. This FS9 AFCAD2 file is for those of us who like the "EDHI - Hamburg Finkenwerder Version 3.5 (" scenery created by "Frank Zimmermann". I made this file for my own pleasure and fun but decided to share it with all. Smile! It may not be 100% perfect real life but it fixes the problem with the AI traffic not following the proper taxi ways in...

File size: 27.94 KB | Download hits: 111