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FS2004 AFCAD Files

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Portland Int'l Airport, Oregon (OR), for the default scenery. The gate placement is based on the arrangement circa 1999, which is when the terminal had this configuration. However the gate assignments are based on current information. The cargo parking is largely as it was in 1999 (that's why FedEx is not at south cargo) but with spaces assigned for all current carriers. By Mike Hein. Overview of Portland Int'l Airport. Installation: Put the file AF2_KPDX.bgl...

File size: 112.43 KB | Download hits: 86


Portland Int'l Airport, Oregon (OR) for scenery by Rojeet Singh/sunwestdesigns. This AFCAD includes all gates, military, G/A and cargo parking as close to real as it can get .AFCAD by Jeffrey S. Bryner. Overview of Portland Int'l Airport. This AFCAD includes all gates, military, G/A and cargo parking as close to real as it can get. All commercial gates are accurate as well as those for commuter/regional aircraft. You should see all of your Horizon Air Dash-8 and CRJ...

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Torino Caselle Airport, Italy, for the default scenery, with all aprons, parking and taxiways up to date. Add also ground control frequency. By Roberto Siciliano. The AFCAD contains: All commercial and general aviation stands. Exact dimensions of the runway and taxiways. New Kilo apron (situated between taxiways C and B) Taxiways and parkings names. Dedicated stands. Exact rwr and ground control frequencies. Installation: Simply drop the AF2_LIMF.bgl file into your...

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McChord AFB (KTCM)

McChord AFB (KTCM), Washington state (WA). This AFCAD2 file fixes problems with AI C-17s not showing up due to small parking spaces. Only for users who do not have MegaScenery PNW. By Brian Voigt. ...

File size: 8.42 KB | Download hits: 49


Puerto Vallarta Airport, Mexico. Includes most gates and realistic parking. By Jeffrey S. Bryner. This AFCAD includes most gates and parking as close to real life as I could get it. I used some photos on the internet to get the real layout. Once you install this, the airport should come to life (provided you have the AI aircraft/schedules) with aircraft from AeroMexico, Mexicana, Aero California, Magnicharters and Azteca, as well US carriers like Delta, Continental, Alaska and American...

File size: 4 KB | Download hits: 70


Cedar Rapids/Eastern Iowa (IA). Gates are assigned according to the airport's website. By Brian Greenfield. Logo for The Eastern Iowa Airport. ...

File size: 4.85 KB | Download hits: 67


Wangerooge Airport, Germany. A modified AFCAD2 file for use with East Frisian Scenery 3.0 (OSTFR30.ZIP) by Marcel Kuhnt and Horst Weingaertner. By Malte Schmidt. Logo for Wangerooge Airport. Wangerooge is one of seven Eastfrisian islands located in the North sea and very popular in spring and especially in summertime with lot's of flights to this little airfield. Furthermore I've added parking positions for the private pilots which gives you a good impressions what traffic...

File size: 4.76 KB | Download hits: 50


Tokyo Haneda International Airport, Japan. By Kamin Horvath. Overview of Tokyo Haneda International Airport. This AFCAD includes: Lots of Parking for AI aircraft. Realistic Gate assignments. A new runway under construction at the real airport. Installation: You will need AFCAD 2. Unzip and open AF2_RJTT.bgl in AFCAD. You can either save the file to the FS9/Scenery folder of the FS9/Addon Scenery/ folder. If you save the file to addon scenery you must create a...

File size: 96.44 KB | Download hits: 205

Small Canadian Airports - A

Small Canadian Airports, starting with letter "A". Designed for the default scenery. A collection of 32 AFCADs for small Canadian airfields for which I couldn't find existing AFCADs. They are designed for the default scenery, whether the default scenery is correct or not. All AFCADs were drawn from the Canada Flight Supplement, the airfield bible for Canadian Airfields. Some of the default airfields were beyond help such as Airdre, AB (CEF4) which in no way resembles what is in...

File size: 28.43 KB | Download hits: 125


Bob Hope Int'l Airport, Burbank, California (CA). AFCAD2 files for Burbank 'Bob Hope' Intl (KBUR) airport scenery by Shez Ansari for use with FS2004 only. By Xaver Benz. Please unzip to a temporary directory and check create folders. There are two files included in this .zip. One uses the crossing runways technique (with x-rwys) the other don't (without X-rwys). Please choose only ONE file in combination with the KBUR scenery. Please make sure you have put the...

File size: 15.03 KB | Download hits: 60

Agatti Airport

Agatti Airport (VOAT), India. Agatti is a small airport that is situated about 150 nm west of Cochin in the island chain of Lakshdweep. It is a small airport and has a daily flight by Indian Airlines from Cochin and Goa, operated by a Dornier 228. By Shivendra Shukla. ...

File size: 1.82 KB | Download hits: 47


Portland International Airport, Oregon (OR). Logo for the Port of Portland. ...

File size: 13.19 KB | Download hits: 30


EDWB and EDWW, Germany. Two AFCAD files for FS2004 sceneries Bremerhaven (EDWB) and Blexen (EDWW: fictional) for use with those two sceneries. By Frank Lucke. Overview of  Bremerhaven (EDWB). Blexen is part of Nordenham, the city on the west bank of the river Weser Opposite on the east bank you can find the city of Bremerhaven. The Blexen scenery is a preliminary outcome of my work on the Bremerhaven scenery. Since Blexen has no ICAO-ID I gave it the ID "EDWW",...

File size: 66.36 KB | Download hits: 55

KOAK V2Patch

Metropolitan Oakland International Airport, California (CA). The major update is allowing runway 11/29 to be used alongside runways 27L/09R and 27R/09L by updating the airport layout. Runways 27/09L/R have been lengthened and additions and improvements have been made to the taxiways to allow improved traffic flow. All gates are also correctly aligned. Logo for Oakland International. ...

File size: 12.62 KB | Download hits: 136

KSFB V2Patch

Orlando Sanford International Airport, Florida (FL). Updates include changing of the default asphalt runways to concrete, as in real life, expanding the apron area and adding two heavy gates to the east side of the terminal area. Logo for Orlando Sanford. I have made the airport as realistic as possible given the extremely odd shaped terminal building that MS have used for Sanford. ...

File size: 6.96 KB | Download hits: 128


Tampa International Airport, Florida (FL). Aerial view of Tampa International Airport scenery. ...

File size: 13.59 KB | Download hits: 180


LILG (Vergiate) and LILN (Venegono), Italy. By Dario Ruga. Overview of Vergiate. Installation: Copy the included .bgl files into your Flight Simulator 9Addon SceneryScenery folder. ...

File size: 2.96 KB | Download hits: 48


This file replaces the original RAF Wittering, UK, af2_egxt.bgl from the UK2000 scenery. It converts the wrong general aviation parkings into military parkings. Now there are combat and cargo military parkings. Also optimizes the file by deleting the wrongly overlapped taxiway links. This file is compatible with the payware UK2000 scenery and the payware DSB Design Harrier that comes bundled with the same scenery. By Luca Zappala. ...

File size: 5.97 KB | Download hits: 63


Chek Lap Kok Int'l Airport, Hong Kong. Overview of Chek Lap Kok Int'l Airport. Installation: Extract onto your desktop or right into the scenery folder of addon scenery for FS2004. ...

File size: 13.98 KB | Download hits: 121


Johan Adolf Pengel Airport, Zanderij, Paramaribo, Suriname. Extends the apron and adds a more useful gate layout for AI. By Loue Maclennan. Overview of Johan Adolf Pengel Airport. My apologies for not making it look like the real thing but I haven't a clue what the real thing looks like. But it seems to work ok, so enjoy. Just drop the bgl file into C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9Addon Sceneryscenery and launch FS9. That simple. ...

File size: 2.64 KB | Download hits: 109