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FS2004 AFCAD Files

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Gatwick (EGKK). This version is for LLC Simulations Gatwick Scenery UK. All taxiways are correct and takeoffs/landings are from 26L/08R only. By Martin Bickell. Just extract the bgl file to the ADDON SCENERY file of FS2004. Enjoy! ...

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Lelystad Airport, The Netherlands. Lelystad Airport Logo. ...

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Orlando Int'l Airport, Florida (FL). ...

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San Francisco Int'l Airport, California (CA). Overflow parking included. All airlines correctly placed. By Anthony DiMaggio. Installation: Unzip file into your FS2004 add-on scenery folder. Open up AFCAD and it should have a modified version of SFO. ...

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Linate Airport, Milan, Italy. By Cristian Cassina. 'Aeroporti di Milano'. Thanks to the availability of AFCAD 2K4 is now possible to edit airports' facilities data for increasing the number of AI planes (parkings, ramps...) and even modify NAVAIDS, runways and taxiways. This is my first attempt to edit default airports that don't have specific add on counterparts, nor freeware or payware. Installation: Locate yor ADDON SCENERY subfolder in your FS9 main...

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Aerupuerto Caracas, Venezuela. For use with FS2002 scenery Aeropuerto Caracas by Rafael Useche (SVCS.ZIP). By Alexander Rancel. To install simply put the AF2_SVCS.bgl file into the folder located under the ...FS2004Addon Sceneryscenery. The Changes will take place the next time you start the flight simulator. To uninstall go to the file and delete it. The default airport will then be used. ...

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Kai Tak Airport

Kai Tak Airport (VHHX), Hong Kong. ...

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Dallas/Fort Worth

Dallas/Fort Worth Int'l (KDFW), Texas (TX). This will add over 100 gates and parking spots to the default scenery. By Esteban Aldarondo. Overview of Dallas/Fort Worth Int'l (KDFW). This will add over 100 gates and parking spots to Dallas Ft. Worth Intl default scenery. I have let all gates as just gates so you can mark which gates you prefer for your airlines. Departures take place on the west side of the airport while arrivals take place in the east side of the airport....

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Miami Int'l Airport

Miami Int'l Airport, Florida (FL). This AFCAD2 only has the gates for the default scenery. By Esteban Aldarondo. Overview of Miami Int'l Airport, Florida. This AFCAD only has the gates for Miami Intl Default Scenery. I have let them only as gates so you can decide which airlines go where, so you get your Miami Intl the way you want it to be. Installation: Just place AF2_KMIA.bgl in your ADDON SCENRY folder under Scenery and load FS. I will be doing some more...

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Tacoma Narrows Airport

Tacoma Narrows Airport (KTIW), Washington (WA) scenery by Bob Bernstein. By Alex Feldstein. Just unzip to ..FS9Addon SceneryScenery as usual. ...

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Luton Airport

Luton Airport (EGGW), UK. Intended for use with Garry Summons London Airports. By Bob Barrell. To install, place the bgl file into addon scenery/scenery. ...

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Mostly accurate gate placement for San Antonio International Airport (KSAT), Texas (TX). Corrects default gate and parking placements. For use with default scenery. By Michael Johnson. Due to the default scenery for Terminal 1 not being completely accurate, I had to make a few changes to the gate placements. I have attempted to place them as accurately as possible. I have also assigned which airline is to be placed at which gate as long as your AI aircraft are programmed for this feature....

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Athens Airport

Athens Airport (LGAV), Greece. An AFCAD2 fille for Athens Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport. It adds 88 parking gates, ramps, etc. in order to allow more airlines to use more parking space so the airport is crowded with aircraft trying to match reality. Accurate gate numbering. Information used from many friends like which airline parks at which gate ramp etc., has been considered and the gates assigned accordingly. Parking has been checked not to overlap with nearby aircraft, e.g....

File size: 4 MB | Download hits: 106

Namibia AFCAD2

This adds a few more parking spaces to three default airports in Namibia. By Leo Pardon. Windhoek, Hosea Kutako Intl Keetmanshoop Walvis Bay I was only able to fit a couple more at the Intl airport but the other two have quite a lot more GA parking spaces added. This is for use with AFCAD 2.04 by Lee Swordy and is for FS2004 ONLY, it is intended for use with the default scenery and I can not guarantee that it will work properly with addon scenery. This is not intended to be an...

File size: 6.68 KB | Download hits: 47

AFCAD2 Files For Hamamatsu AB

Hamamatsu AB (RJNH), Japan. Hamamatsu AB scenery is required. By Hiroaki Kubota. Overview of Hamamatsu AB (RJNH). Install into FS9/AddScenery/Scenery/AF2_RJNH.bgl. [fltsim.X] title=JASDF MU-2 atc_airline=JASDF atc_parking_types=MIL_CARGO atc_parking_codes=M003 [fltsim.X] title=JASDF E-2C atc_airline=JASDF atc_parking_types=MIL_COMBAT atc_parking_codes=M003 Fighter Parking Area: [fltsim.X] title=JASDF...

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Botswana AFCAD2

A basic AFCAD file that adds more parking areas to several default airports in Botswana. By Leo Pardon. This file adds more parking spaces to all of Botswana's airports that support AI traffic by default. The following airports are included: Francistown Ghanzi Kasane Maun Selebi-Phikwe Gaborone, Sir Seretse Khama Intl The international airport in Gaborone had some huge gaps on the aprons in the default parking layout, so I have added quite a lot more. This is for use...

File size: 10.05 KB | Download hits: 116

Little Rock National Airport AFCAD2

Little Rock National Airport, Arkansas (AR). An AFCAD2 file for the default KLIT. All gates and cargo ramps in place. Also fixes missing taxiway connecting runway 36 to 04L. By Christian Hicks. Aerial view of Little Rock National Airport and the surrounding scenery. This airport has around 120 flights per day with an annual flow of 2.6 million passengers. Little Rock has service to over 13 national and international destinations. It also serves as completion and modification bases...

File size: 503.53 KB | Download hits: 51

AFCAD For Aerosoft LTU2001

An AFCAD2 file only for use with Aerosoft's LTU2001 Dusseldorf (EDDL), Germany, scenery. All terminal gates assigned plus some tarmac gates for overflow traffic. All assignments use real numbers. By Michael Theisen. For use with FS2004 a century of flight only! I made this AFCAD as real as possible however now gate numbering at Dusseldorf has changed but I used those visible on the jetways in the scenery. All gates at the terminals are assigned to the airliners which use them as per...

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Myrtle Beach Int'l Airport Gates

Myrtle Beach Int'l (KMYR), South Carolina (SC) commercial and GA gates. Adds more realistic commercial gates to Myrtle Beach Int'l and some more gates for general aviation. By Jonathan Vida. Overview of Myrtle Beach Int'l (KMYR). 2 US Airways Parking Spots 3 ComAir 3 ASA 1 Any airline Installation: Just place the .BGL file into your FS2004/addon scenery/scenery/ and start up FS2004 and you are good to go. That's it! Enjoy! ...

File size: 24.13 KB | Download hits: 43


Highly accurate and detailed airport and facilities data for Ardmore, NZAR. By Michael Corcoran. Overview of Ardmore scenery. To install my AFCAD2 files just copy the .bgl file(s) to FS9Addon Sceneryscenery and you're done. I may not be held responsible for any damage, imagined or real, caused by the files in this package and/or the package. I cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of this file although I have tried my best to ensure it is 100% correct. ...

File size: 40.94 KB | Download hits: 14