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FS2004 Propeller Aircraft

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Douglas DC-2 G-AGBHRepaint for Payware Model

Based on original textures by Gerard Kranenbarg and Jan Visser, this texture set requires the base DC-2 package. Spinprop textures by Bob Rivera. By Tim Scharnhop. Screenshot of Douglas DC-2 G-AGBH on the ground. Unzip to a temporary folder, ensuring that you retain folder names. Within the download, move the texture folder 'texture.g-agbh' to the folder 'Douglas DC2' within your 'Flight Simulator 9/AIRCRAFT/' (or 'Microsoft Flight...

File size: 4.74 MB | Download hits: 34

Douglas DC-2 5N-ADCRepaint for Payware Model

This repaint depicts a fictional heavily-weathered livery with an African registration. Based on original textures by Gerard Kranenbarg and Jan Visser, this texture set requires the base DC-2 package. Spinprop textures by Bob Rivera. Repaint by Tim Scharnhop. Screenshot of Douglas DC-2 5N-ADC on the ground. Unzip to a temporary folder, ensuring that you retain folder names. Within the download, move the texture folder '' to the folder...

File size: 4.84 MB | Download hits: 18

DC-3 Airways Douglas DC-2 NC1771Repaint for Payware Model

DC-3 Airways Douglas DC-2 bare metal livery. A repaint for the virtual airline 'DC-3 Airways' intended primarily for use by DC-3 Airways pilots. It was made after a request from Mark Beaumont, Vice President Fleet at DC-3 Airways. Based on original textures by Gerard Kranenbarg and Jan Visser, this texture set requires the base DC-2 package. Spinprop textures by Bob Rivera. By Tim Scharnhop. DC-3 Airways Douglas DC-2 on the ground. Unzip to a temporary...

File size: 8.67 MB | Download hits: 26

Korean Air Lines Douglas DC-4 HL4003Repaint

From the 1960's. Textures only for Jens Kristensen's DC4 (DC4_V21.ZIP). This color scheme was first introduced in 1962, when Korea Korean National Airlines(former National Airline of Korea) merged with government owned Korean Air Lines. This paint scheme was used until all the Douglas fleet (DC-3 and DC-4's) were phased out in mid 1970's. This aircraft (HL4003) was on lease from Japan, and returned at 1963. After return. It was sold to Ansett-ANA, and finally converted to...

File size: 3.02 MB | Download hits: 36

Linee Aeree Italiane Lockheed L-1649ARepaint

Linee Aeree Italiane, at the end of 1956, placed an order for four Lockeed L-1649 Starliners for the Rome-New York route. All of the four planes had already been built and painted in LAI colours at the factory in Burbank, the first one, which had been registered I-ZAMA, and the second one had already begun the pre-delivery flight tests when, on September 1st 1957, LAI was merged into Alitalia. The new Alitalia-Linee Aeree Italiane cancelled the order and the aircraft also went to TWA. Texture...

File size: 1.34 MB | Download hits: 66

Classic Aeroservices VA DC-3Complete with Base Model

Original by Microsoft. Repainted, panel and reworked by Daniel Nole. Screenshot of Classic Aeroservices VA DC-3 in flight. Place the folder "DC-3 CLI" inside of your FS2004(FS9)Aircraft folder. At choice you can select and aliase the DC-3 CLI folder with your prefered DC-3 panel and sound. I recommended specially the Trev Morson DC-3 sound. Unzip the Gauges folder and placed the supplied gauges in your FS2004(FS9) gauges folder. ...

File size: 42.77 MB | Download hits: 365

DDA Douglas DC-4-1009 ZS-NUR/PH-DDSRepaint

This aircraft originally flew with South African Airways from 1946 till 1966, and a short interlude from 1968 till 1970, as ZS-AUA 'Tafelberg'. From 1966 till 1995 the DC-4 flew as a transport and later an electronics warfare aircraft with the South African Air Force, called 'Spook'. Its registration was 6901. In 1995 the aircraft was sold to Aero Air (Pty) Ltd as ZS-NUR. In 1995 the Dutch Dakota Association (DDA) purchased the ZS-NUR, christened 'Skymaster'. The DC-4...

File size: 4.40 MB | Download hits: 34

KLM Douglas DC-4-1009 PH-DBTRepaint

Registration PH-DBT (c/n 42908). Powered by four 1450 hp Pratt and Whitney Twin Wasp 2SD13G or Pratt and Whitney R-2000-11M2 engines. This was the first 'real' DC-4 delivered to KLM on 16 March 1946, following the delivery of 18 ex-USAAF C-54 Skymasters. The aircraft was registered PH-TAT, named 'Twenthe'. On 29 March 1954 PH-TAT was re-registered PH-DBT and sprayed in an attractive modern version of the 'Flying Dutchman' livery. It was sold to Air France on 3 June 1958....

File size: 2.37 MB | Download hits: 36

Boeing 377 TexturesRepaint

Includes replacement texture bitmaps for the CalClassic B377 without radar. They are designed to provide night lighting effects in the VC, and have a revised fabric covering on the cockpit walls and ceiling. Modified textures by Bruce Smythe. Go to C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9Aircraft and open the aircraft folder for your Stratocruiser. Open the texture folder and you'll see files called vc_1_t through vc_4_t. You can either replace them with these new files, or...

File size: 1.24 MB | Download hits: 14

KLM Douglas C-54B-DC PH-DBZRepaint

Built a C-54B-1-DC Skymaster for the USAAF (c/n 10480). Powered by four 1350 hp Pratt and Whitney R-2000-7 engines. After WW2 struck off and converted by Douglas (DC-4 conversion No. 67, powered by four 1450 hp Pratt and Whitney Twin Wasp 2SD13G engines). Sold on 15 January 1947 to Santa Fe Skyways as N90862 'Sky Chief Apache'. Sold on 24 May 1948 to KLM as PH-TEZ 'Zeeland'. Used as a freighter only. Re-registered PH-DBZ on 29 March 1954. Broken up in 1958. Remains sold on 20...

File size: 2.21 MB | Download hits: 27

Pan Am Douglas DC-3 FixPatch

For use with PAADC3LI.ZIP; VC texture fix. Replaces the old worn VC texture with a new clean texture. By Kenny Fox. Screenshot of a clean Pan Am Douglas DC-3 cockpit. I don't know about you all, but The rusted out look of the DC-3 is just plane fowl. So I've reworked the VC texture. I hope you all will like the clean look in the VC, I know I do. This is rather simple. just copy the two textures to the texture.PAA folder and overwrite. That's it. If you like the new...

File size: 853.16 kB | Download hits: 33

Pan Am Douglas DC-3 RepaintRepaint

Pan American World Airways Virtual repaint of the default DC3. Also includes a new panel and reworked VC textures. By Kenny Fox. Screenshot of Pan Am Douglas DC-3 on the ground. ...

File size: 7.79 MB | Download hits: 114

Luftwaffe - Lufthansa DC-2Repaint for Payware Model

'Luftwaffe NA+LA' and 'Lufthansa D-AAIG' liveries for the Uiver/Aviodrome Douglas DC2 package. Texture sets only. Repaint by Manuele Villa. Screenshot of Luftwaffe NA+LA in flight. Unzip to a temporary folder of your choice the contents of this zip file. Within the download, move the texture folders 'texture.LW/texture.D-AAIG' to the folder 'Douglas DC2' within your 'Flight Simulator 9/AIRCRAFT/' (or 'Microsoft Flight Simulator...

File size: 2.42 MB | Download hits: 70

KLM Douglas DC-4-1009 PH-TARRepaint

This DC-4 originally flew with KLM as PH-TAR, named 'Rotterdam'. These repaints feature both the livery just after delivery before the DC4 received her name, and the livery after she received her name. On 21 May 1946 this was the first KLM aircraft ever to fly the route Amsterdam-New York. From 10 April 1947 till 25 November 1948 the DC-4 flew with KLM West Indies Division as PJ-TAR. Already on 13 December 1948 PH-TAR was sold to Iberia. The aircraft was scrapped at Santo Domingo,...

File size: 4.81 MB | Download hits: 62

KLM Douglas DC-4-1009 PH-TATRepaint

This was the first 'real' DC-4 delivered to KLM, on 16 March 1946, following the delivery of 18 ex-USAAF C-54 Skymasters. The aircraft was registered PH-TAT, named 'Twenthe'. This DC4 and the sistership PH-TAP were the only DC-4/C-54's that wore this short-lived livery. From PH-TAR on KLM's DC-4's (and Skymasters) featured the famous 'The Flying Dutchman' livery. As PH-TAT, PJ-TAT and PH-DBT this aircraft served KLM in Europe and the Dutch West Indies until...

File size: 2.32 MB | Download hits: 44

Freight Dog Douglas DC-4Repaint

A Freight Dog repaint (textures only) of Jens B. Kristensen's v2.0 and up of his C54/DC4 (DC4_V21.ZIP). By Peter Mercy. Screenshot of Freight Dog Douglas DC-4 in flight. Use a decompression program like Winzip to unzip the downloaded file to a temporary directory. Copy the folder to inside the aircraft folder make sure and place it in the aircraft folder called JBK Douglas DC-4-1009 V2. Add the following lines to the Aircraft config file of the original...

File size: 1.97 MB | Download hits: 21

NGAT Douglas C-54A SkymasterRepaint

Immediately after WWII had ended in Europe, KLM director Dr. Albert Plesman travelled to the USA. He visited President Harry Truman and succeeded to persuade the President to have a batch of 18 Douglas C-54A Skymasters delivered from the Surplus Property Board, in order to (re-)establish several medium- and long-haul routes and - from February 1946 on - the KLM Indies route from Amsterdam to Jakarta, then named Batavia. For several reasons, a.o. the sensitive political situation with regard to...

File size: 2.32 MB | Download hits: 94

Avro Tudor AirlinerComplete with Base Model

A less well known British built airliner from the post-war period. By Dundee Prototypical Simulations. Screenshot of Avro Tudor Airliner in flight. Unzip "Avro Tudor" into a temporary file and move the "Avro Tudor" folder into the FS2004 Aircraft directory,which you should find here: C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9 When you launch the game, click the Selected Aircraft tab and scroll to 'Avro' in the Manufacturer menu. Tudor should...

File size: 1.91 MB | Download hits: 179

California Hawaiian L-049Repaint

California Hawaiian Airlines textures for FSDZign Lockheed L-049 Constellation. CHA purchased a single L049 Constellation in the early 1950's. This aircraft had been written off following a accident while in service with B.O.A.C. It was rebuilt and flew holiday charters to Hawaii with CHA before being sold. Requires FDZigns L-049 Constellation. Textures by Gary Harper. Copy folder "texture.CHA" into L-049 Constellation folder. Copy the text below and paste in your aircraft...

File size: 5.67 MB | Download hits: 16

TWA Douglas DC-4 N34577Repaint

This aircraft, N34577, was built as a C-54B, and converted post-war to a DC-4 airliner for Trans World Airlines, TWA. In its later years it was used as a freighter. Textures only; requires DC4_V21.ZIP. By Jens B. Kristensen. Screenshot of TWA Douglas DC-4 in flight. First, make sure that the base model ( is installed on your system. Find the JBK Douglas DC-4-1009 V2 folder on your system, and place the texture.twa folder there. (In FSX its located in...

File size: 2.47 MB | Download hits: 29


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