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FS2004 Propeller Aircraft

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Breda Zappata 308Complete with Base Model

Called the Italian Constellation, the B.Z. 308 was a large low-wing monoplane of all-metal construction. The fuselage had an oval cross-section. It had a large tailplane with endplate fins and rudders, retractable landing gear. Powered by four Bristol Centaurus radial engines driving five-bladded propellers, it was designed for a flight crew of five, and 55 passengers in two cabins, a high-density model was planned with seats for 80. Screenshot of Breda Zappata 308 on...

File size: 3.93 MB | Download hits: 306

Lockheed L-1049 Super ConstellationComplete with Base Model

Pre-Release Paint Kit (Flying). This paintkit contains Photoshop (.psd) master templates for creating L-1049/C-121 liveries suitable for the FS2004 L1049 project at CalClassic. By Manfred Jahn. Screenshot of Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation on runway. To test your textures install the folder Lockheed_L1049_Paintkit as an aircraft folder in Flight Simulator 9aircraft. The model included is a radar-nosed 1049G. In the aircraft selection menu it will show up under Lockheed >...

File size: 11.41 MB | Download hits: 372

World Wide Lockheed L-1049GRepaint

Super Constellation. Textures only. Model by Manfred Jahn. Repaint by Gary Harper. Screenshot of World Wide Lockheed L-1049G in flight. Copy the text below and paste in your aircraft config. file substituting your next consecutive [flightsim.__] number for "xx". [fltsim.xx] title=L1049 World Wide sim=L1049G_FS9 model=novc panel= sound= texture=WW kb_checklists= kb_reference= atc_id=CF-RNR ui_manufacturer=Lockheed ui_type="Generic 1049...

File size: 2.85 MB | Download hits: 16

GVA 441 Conquest IIRepaint for Payware Model

This Greenbrier Virtual Aviation repaint is intended for licensed users of Flight One Software Cessna 441 Conquest II aircraft. The screen shot shows the author's registration number, but this aircraft has Dan's personal GVA registration number, "N544DG". Dan George is the president and CEO of Greenbrier Virtual Aviation. By Johnny Rosario. UnZip this template file to the folder at the end of this path: Flight Simulator 9Flight One SoftwareText-o-MaticTemplates **Note...

File size: 5.31 MB | Download hits: 58

Lufthansa Lockheed L-1649A Starliner D-ALUBRepaint

Delivered in 1957 as an interim solution while waiting for jetliners, it was converted to a freighter in 1960 and served as such until 1965. Textures only; requires STARLI22.ZIP. Model by Manfred Jahn. Repaint by Markus Hellwig. Screenshot of Lufthansa Lockheed L-1649A Starliner on the ground. Locate and open your L.1649A Starliner (version 2.1 or 2.2; whichever you prefer...) folder. Copy and paste the 'texture.d_alub' texture folder into your L.1649A aircraft...

File size: 4.38 MB | Download hits: 81

Cathay Pacific Douglas DC-4 VR-HEURepaint

Textures only; requires DC4_V21.ZIP. Model by Jens B. Kristensen. Screenshot of Cathay Pacific Douglas DC-4 on runway. Unzip VR_HEU.ZIP to your main "JBK Douglas DC-4 V2"folder. For example: X:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9AircraftJBK Douglas DC-4 V2 Then paste this section into your Aircraft.cfg, which in your "JBK Douglas DC-4 V2" folder: [fltsim.XX] title=JBK Douglas_DC4 Cathay Pacific Airways...

File size: 5.64 MB | Download hits: 23

Skyways of London L-749 ConstellationRepaint

Textures for the Alphasim Lockheed L-049 Constellation. G-ALAK was built for TWA but served with B.O.A.C. and was sold to Skyways of London, ACES, and Trans Bolivian. Later it was broken up at Miami in 1974. Textures by Gary Harper. Screenshot of Skyways of London L-749 Constellation in flight. Copy the text below and paste in your aircraft config. file substituting your next consecutive [flightsim.__] number for "xx". [fltsim.xx] title=L-749 Skyways of...

File size: 3.81 MB | Download hits: 24

Isles Of Scilly Skybus Baron 58Repaint

Textures only for the default Beech Baron. Repaint by Thierry Pujol. Screenshot of Isles Of Scilly Skybus Baron 58 in flight. Extract this zip file into a temporary folder of your choice, Copy the texture.skybus folder into the beech_baron_58 folder of your FS 9 aircraft directory, Copy and paste the following lines into your aircraft.cfg file directly under the last [fltsim] section (replace the X with the next available number) : [fltsim.X] title=Beech Baron 58...

File size: 940.22 KB | Download hits: 152

Korean National Airlines Douglas DC-4 HL-106Repaint

Douglas DC-4 (KNA), registration HL-106, in a livery from the late 1950's. Textures only; requires DC4_V21.ZIP. Model by Jens B. Kristensen. Repaint by Dennis Kim. Screenshot of Korean National Airlines Douglas DC-4 in flight. This colour scheme was used by Korean National Airlines(former National Airline of Korea and Mother company of Korean Air). This scheme was also used in KNA's Douglas DC-3 and L-749. KNA's DC-4 was first used in International flight to Japan and...

File size: 3.51 MB | Download hits: 45

Kenaire Corp. Convair CV-240 N240KComplete with Base Model

Built in 1948 for American Airlines with Msn 89. In 1959 purchased by Welsch Aviation, fitted with an executive interior and sold to Joseph Kennedy for use in the 1960 presidential campaign of his son, Senator John F. Kennedy. The aircraft was operated by Kenaire Corporation until 1967 when it was donated to the National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution, where it is still in storage in dismantled condition. The "Caroline" was the first private aircraft ever used by a...

File size: 2.59 MB | Download hits: 333

SATENA Colombia DC-4/C-54Repaint

These textures depict FAC 695 (cn 10465) in the colours of 1985. She was one of many DC-4/C-54 used in the 1970's and 80's by SATENA, the airline branch of the Colombian Air Force. Textures for the Douglas DC-4 Model by Jens B. Kristensen; requires DC4_V21.ZIP. Textures by Manfred Meyer. SATENA Colombia DC-4 on runway. [fltsim.xx] title=JBK Douglas_C-54 V2...

File size: 2.38 MB | Download hits: 82

Interandina Colombia DC-6Repaint

These textures depict HK-1700 (cn 44419) in the colours Interandina Colombia 1993. Interandina was One of fife Colombian airlines that had used this aircraft over the years. Textures for the Douglas DC-6B model by Tom Gibson; requires DC-6 original files with sound and panel from Cal Classic. Textures by Manfred Meyer. Screenshot of Interandina Colombia DC-6 on the ground. [fltsim.7] title=Douglas DC-6B/F...

File size: 2.56 MB | Download hits: 17

Aeronorte Colombia DC-6 HK-1700Repaint

These textures depict HK-1700 (cn 44419) in the colors Aeronorte Colombia 1983. Aeronorte was One of fife Colombian airlines that had used this aircraft over the years. Textures for the Douglas DC-6B Model by Tom Gibson; requires DC-6 original files with sound and panel from Cal Classic. Textures by Manfred Meyer. Aeronorte Colombia DC-6 HK-1700 taking off. [fltsim.7] title=Douglas DC-6B/F...

File size: 2.48 MB | Download hits: 24

Lockheed L-1649A Starliner V2.2Complete with Base Model

Includes a "no VC" model for use with slow PCs. Model, texture and VC by Manfred Jahn, panels and gauges by Hansjoerg Naegele, 2D main panel by Diego S. Barreto, effects and flight dynamics by Roland Berger, documentation by Howard Sodja. Screenshot of Lockheed L-1649A Starliner in flight. This version supersedes version 2.1. Designed to fly Los Angeles-London and Paris-Tokyo in 20-plus hours non-stop, the Starliner flew with TWA, Air France, and Lufthansa. New in v....

File size: 14.6 MB | Download hits: 543

TAO Vickers Viscount 700 HK-1057Repaint

These textures depict HK-1057 (cn 118) in the colours of TAO Colombia, circa 1974. This Viscount 785D came in 1968 from Alitalia to the Colombian airline Taxi Aereo Opita, TAO. Requires the original FSDS Viscount 700 model by Rick Piper. Textures by Manfred Meyer. Screenshot of TAO Vickers Viscount 700 in flight. [fltsim.xx] title=Vickers Viscount 785D TAO Colombia sim=FSDS Vickers Viscount 700 model=700D panel= sound= texture=tao checklists= description=HK-1057 (cn 118)...

File size: 835.58 KB | Download hits: 20

Riddle/Airlift InternationalRepaint

Riddle/Airlift International Douglas DC-7CF. textures for Tom Gibson / Greg Pepper's DC-7C model. N310G depicted here was purchased by Swissair in 1958 and bought by Riddle in 1960 where it was converted to a freighter. It was stored in Miami in 1968 and scrapped a short time later. These textures depict Airlift about 1964. By Gary Harper. Screenshot of Riddle/Airlift International on the ground. Copy the text below and paste in your aircraft config. file substituting your...

File size: 1.81 MB | Download hits: 14

Aerotaxi Antonov An-2 CU-T-1031Repaint

Textures only; requires RWAIAN2.ZIP. Model by Rysiek Winawer. Repaint by M. Ankudinov. Side view of Aerotaxi Antonov An-2 CU-T-1031. Please replace "RWAI_An2_T.bmp" from "texture.aerotaxi"folder with the same named texture from "32bit"folder in case you like better quality. [fltsim.x] title=RWAI An-2 Aerotaxi sim=RWAI_An-2v1.5_AI_ONLY model=Wheel sound= texture=Aerotaxi ui_manufacturer=RWAI ui_type=Antonov...

File size: 963.86 KB | Download hits: 43

ASAS Lockheed Constellation PP-PDHRepaint

Textures for FSDZign L-049 Constellation (FSDZL049.ZIP). These textures depict PP-PDH which was originally operated by Panair Do Brazil. This aircraft was painted in the colors of ASAS but never operated by them. It was broken up in 1974. By Gary Harper. Side view of ASAS Lockheed Constellation in the air. Copy folder "texture.ASAS" into L-049 Constellation folder. Copy the text below and paste in your aircraft config. file substituting your next consecutive...

File size: 2.06 MB | Download hits: 41

Lockheed L-1649A Starliner AIComplete with Base Model

AI version of the Lockheed Starliner v2.1 by Manfred Jahn, Hansjoerg Naegele, and others. To optimise frame rates, the model uses MIP texture graphics and three levels of detail - LOD_400 (full screen to about half- screen), LOD_100 (half-screen down to about 1.5 cm), and LOD_040 (1.5 cm and less). Liveries include Air France (by Alex Carry), Lufthansa (by Tim Scharnhop), and TWA Cargo (by Frank Gonzales). Aircraft configuration adapted from Tom Gibson's and Mike Steven's Calclassic...

File size: 5.62 MB | Download hits: 134

Robinson DC-3 N407DRepaint for Payware Model

This texture is for a Robinson DC3 "Air Chief Seneca". Robinson was the mother of Mohawk Airlines. This Aircraft carries the N407D designation and is photoreal. Textures only for the MAAM-Sim DC3. Repaint by Duane Tarbox (D. L. Textures). Screenshot of Robinson DC-3 preparing for take-off. Unzip place texture.rob folder in your MAAM passenger section of the MAAM DC3. Change your aircraft.cfg with the following lines: [fltsim.x] title=Douglas DC-3A...

File size: 10.16 MB | Download hits: 22