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FS2004 Propeller Aircraft

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Britten-Norman BN2A Mk lll-2 TrislanderComplete with Base Model

The Trislander is a rugged three engine, eighteen seater, STOL commuter/island hopper/utility aircraft built originally in the 1970's and 1980's. The demand for refurbished Trislanders is such that B-N are now considering re-opening the production line for new aircraft. This model features full moving parts, custom panel and VC, pleasant and accurate flight dynamics, panel documentation, and FS kneeboard check and ref lists. Three liveries included in the package, Aurigny (UK), LyddAir...

File size: 6.58 MB | Download hits: 916

Beechcraft C45F Expediter Caribbean PackageComplete with Base Model

This package contains the Beech C45 in the liveries of two small airlines serving the Caribbean: Island Hopper, and Corsair Airways "Princess Alice", a restored aircraft flown on the airshow circuit by current CEO Nate Bryson II. Also included are blank textures for your own repaints. Model, panel, animations, VC cockpit engines by F. Giuli. Gauges by L. Clark and other different authors, repaint and texture blanks by Don Brynelsen, sound by Chuck Dome and other...

File size: 15.91 MB | Download hits: 343

Air Flamenco BN-2 IslanderComplete with Base Model

Air Flamenco is a regional airline based in Puerto Rico that transports passengers as well as cargo in the Caribbean with their Britten Norman BN2 Islanders fleet. Here are some of their Islander passenger fleet with their respective names. Models have 2D panel and virtual cockpit as well. Model by Marcel Kuhnt, files by Roberto Ayala and repaints by Rafael Ortiz. Air Flamenco BN-2 Islander against a white background. [fltsim.0] title=BN-2 Islander Spitit of...

File size: 7.78 MB | Download hits: 237

Air Sunshine Cessna 414Complete with Base Model

Air Sunshine is a regional airline in Florida that operates also in the Caribbean using C402 but since there's no flyable C402 for the simulator the PAD Cessna 414 Chancellor was used. This repaint is in their new colors. Model by Premier Aircraft Design (PAD). Repaint by Rafael Ortiz. Screenshot of Air Sunshine Cessna 414. [fltsim.0] title=Cessna 414A_Air...

File size: 8.13 MB | Download hits: 1057

Flight Dynamics 1.1 For Lockheed L-749Complete with Base Model

Improved flight dynamics and panel upgrade v1.1 for the FS2004/FSX Lockheed L749 Constellation by Manfred Jahn and Team 749 (LOCKHEED749.ZIP). Includes improved panel, electrical and hydraulic system. Optional new fuel dump system for FS2004. By Volker Bohme, Luis Pallas, Bill Tyne and Stefan Werner. Screenshot of Lockheed L-749 dumping fuel. Description of changes: Elimination of spark advance switch. Replacement VC texture with 'autofeather' placard...

File size: 3.82 MB | Download hits: 234

Transocean Air Lines CV-240Complete with Base Model

The original aircraft was bought from Mohawk Airlines and used by Transocean to ferry passengers from other points of California to Oakland for departures from there to Honolulu or beyond. Requires the latest Convair CV240 at CalClassics. By Dave McQueen. Screenshot of Transocean Air Lines CV-240 in flight. [fltsim.XX] title=CV-240...

File size: 2.00 MB | Download hits: 164

Vieques Air Link IslanderComplete with Base Model

This is Henry Tomkiewicz's AI Britten-Norman Islander in VAL new colors by Roberto Ayala. Screenshot of Vieques Air Link Islander on the ground. [fltsim.0] title=AI Britten-Norman BN-2 Vieques Air Link OLD sim=Britten-Norman BN-2 model=Longnose panel= sound= texture=VAL OLD kb_checklists= ui_manufacturer=AI Britten-Norman ui_type=BN-2 ui_variation="Vieques Air Link OLD" atc_heavy=0 atc_id= atc_airline=Vieques Air...

File size: 679.66 kB | Download hits: 176

Alitalia Savoia Marchetti SM95Complete with Base Model

The SM95 with Fiat G12 was one of the first airliners of Alitalia, the new Italian company after the War. This type of aircraft entered in service in July 1947 on the route Roma-Oslo. The last flight in September 1954, due to the entry in service of more modern aircraft with pressurised cabins and modern avionics. Model, aircraft, texture and panel by F. Giuli. Side view of Alitalia Savoia Marchetti SM95 in the air. Installation: Unzip the file in a temporary...

File size: 7.51 MB | Download hits: 395

Global AI DHC-4/C-7 Caribou Base PackComplete with Base Model

A 2400 polygon multi-LOD DeHavilland Caribou for AI. Includes two models and white textures. Models and textures by Andrew Hall, FDE by Steve Holland. Screenshot of DHC-4 Caribou on the ground. This is an old project. Very old. Ancient. I first started it long before my AN-124 was (finally) released. As such, it doesn't quite have the finish of my newer projects. The flaps in particular are horrible, but fixing them would have delayed the release even more. Plus I'm just...

File size: 810.40 kB | Download hits: 590

Air France Breguet 763Complete with Base Model

"Deux Ponts" Provence. Flight model and 2D panel by Christian Daboudet. 3D model and textures by Barney Bigard. Screenshot of Air France Breguet 763 on runway. For a long time already I wanted to create a model of this plane I flew in while I was a kid, but I had been facing the lack of documentation. It's very often the case when you try your hand at that kind of old type of plane, even more when you're talking about the Breguet 763 Provence (also called...

File size: 6.92 MB | Download hits: 517

VAL Britten-Norman IslandersComplete with Base Model

Vieques Air Link's Islanders in the new and old liveries, plus the turbine version. By Roberto Ayala. Screenshot of VAL Britten-Norman Islanders on the ground. [fltsim.0] title=BN-2 Islander Vieques Air Link sim=BN2 model=MKA panel= sound= texture=Vieques Air Link description=BN-2A Islander Britten Normen atc_airline=VIEQUES AIR LINK atc_id=N663VL atc_flight_number=801 ui_manufacturer=Britten Norman ui_type=Islander ui_variation=Vieques Air...

File size: 5.07 MB | Download hits: 337

VAL Britten Norman TrislanderComplete with Base Model

A Britten Norman Trislander, original by Marcel Khunt, in the new and old colors of Vieques Air Link. By Roberto Ayala. Screenshot of VAL Britten Norman Trislander on the ground. [fltsim.0] title=BN-3 Trislander Vieques Air Link sim=BN2 model= panel= sound= texture=Vieques Air Link description=BN-2A MkIII-2 Trislander atc_airline=Vieques Air Link atc_id=N901VL atc_flight_number=807 ui_manufacturer=Britten Norman ui_type=Trislander ui_variation=Vieques Air...

File size: 3.28 MB | Download hits: 189

VAL DeHavilland Twin OtterComplete with Base Model

A Vieques Air Link Virtual Twin Otter in the new livery. VAL does not operate this aircraft...yet! By Roberto Ayala. Screenshot of VAL DeHavilland Twin Otter on the ground. [fltsim.0] title=DHC6-300 Twin Otter VAL New sim=DHC6-300 model= panel= sound= texture=VAL New atc_id_enable=1 atc_id=N603VL ui_manufacturer=De Havilland ui_type=DHC6 Twin Otter ui_variation=VAL New atc_heavy=0 atc_airline=Vieques Air ink atc_flight_number= description=DeHavilland DHC6-300 Twin...

File size: 1.20 MB | Download hits: 537

Lockheed L-749 Constellation Base KitComplete with Base Model

Included in this sim package are seven models and five textures. Panel textures by Diego S. Barreto, model and VC by Manfred Jahn, panels, gauges, and animations by Hansjoerg Naegele, flight dynamics by Luis Pallas, wing view angles and exhaust effects by Bill Tyne and Roland Berger, documentation by Volker Boehme, handling research by Stefan Werner, textures by Jaap der Baare and Hans Herrmann. Screenshot of Lockheed L-749 Constellation on the ground. Extract the zip to a...

File size: 36.17 MB | Download hits: 1219

Britten-Norman Islander BN-2 CC-CYRComplete with Base Model

Britten-Norman Islander BN-2, registration CC-CYR. Repaint by Kenneth Brown. [fltsim.0] title=Britten Norman BN-2 Islander CC-PCT sim=BN2 model= panel= sound= texture=PCT checklists= kb_checklists= atc_heavy=0 atc_id=CC-PCT atc_airline=Air island atc_flight_number=8888 ui_manufacturer=Britten Norman ui_type=BN-2 Islander ui_variation=Islander chile description=Britten Norman BN-2 Islander - Repaint By Kenneth...

File size: 16.31 MB | Download hits: 85

Ilyushin IL-12Complete with Base Model

This package includes the original IL12 and the later IL-14B in the colors of Aeroflot (two versions), CSA and LOT. By Jens B. Kristensen. Screenshot of Ilyushin IL-12 in flight. Sounds: Based on a DC-6 soundset by Mike Hambly, modified for two engines and converted to FS2004 format, using FS Sound Studio, by myself. Gauges: The gauges are to some extent based on default gauges of Flight Simulator FSX or FS2004, most of them modified by me. Other gauges are by myself, but...

File size: 21.49 MB | Download hits: 269

Ilyushin IL-14Complete with Base Model

This package includes the original IL-14P and the longer IL-14M in the colors of Aeroflot (four versions), CSA, Deutsche Lufthansa, Interflug, LOT and Air Guinee. By Jens B. Kristensen. Screenshot of Ilyushin IL-14 in flight. Sounds: Based on a DC-6 soundset by Mike Hambly, modified for two engines and converted to FS2004 format, using FS Sound Studio, by myself. Gauges: The gauges are to some extent based on default gauges of Flight Simulator FSX or FS2004, most of them...

File size: 34.19 MB | Download hits: 497

SAAB-90 ScandiaComplete with Base Model

The SAAB Scandia was a twin-engined airliner intended as a 'DC-3 replacement'. It first flew in 1947, and served with SAS until 1957. The only other user was VASP in Brazil. By Jens B. Kristensen. Screenshot of SAAB-90 Scandia in flight. Sounds: Based on a DC-6 soundset by Mike Hambly, modified for two engines and converted to FS2004 format, using FS Sound Studio, by myself. Gauges: The gauges are to some extent based on default gauges of Flight Simulator FSX or...

File size: 20.01 MB | Download hits: 355

Fiat G.12Complete with Base Model

This is an FS2004 release, but it will also work with only minor display errors in FSX. The Fiat G.12 was an Italian trimotor military/civil transport plane of the 1940s and early 1950s designed by the prolific engineer Giuseppe Gabrielli. Screenshot of Fiat G.12 in flight. This archive installs different MDLs for five different types of Fiat G12. They each have custom animations, sounds, engines, cockpit layouts, gauges, flight dynamics and on screen handling notes. All...

File size: 29.16 MB | Download hits: 484

Fly My Sky Britten-Norman BN-2Complete with Base Model

This repaint requires the Britten-Norman BN-2 model from HTAI. Repaint by Dipl.Ing Udo Klatt. Profile view of Fly My Sky Britten-Norman BN-2. Just drop the "texture.FMS" folder into your folder with the Model from HTAI. Copy the [fltsim.x] entry supplied into the aircraft.cfg file supplied in the base package mentioned above. Be sure to number them correctly, starting sequentially with [fltsim.0] and working your way up with each additional livery you add...e.g....

File size: 145.02 kB | Download hits: 101


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