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FS2004 Propeller Aircraft

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Project Globe Twotter DHC6-300. Scilly Skybus G-CBML and G-BIHOComplete with Base Model

Includes all the latest Mods and will automatically update the Original d6skybus file by Premier Aircraft Design.The two aircraft included, are a DHC6-300 Twin Otter made completely in Gmax with wing views, Exit doors, dynamic shine, full suspension, etc. This file supersedes all other skybus files. FSUIPC 3.X required for the TCAS to operate. Project by Udo Lemmob, Barry Blaisdell, Samy Fay and Bob May....

File size: 17.13 MB | Download hits: 4333

ATR42-500 Air DolomitiComplete with Base Model

Aircraft created by Francisco Sánchez-Castañer. Repaint in Air Dolomiti colours by Maximos Sevastopoulo....

File size: 11.87 MB | Download hits: 5451

FS2002/ 2004 HummelbirdComplete with Base Model

This is an all-aluminium homebuilt aircraft powered by a half VW engine. It is a marvelous aeroplane that flies like magic. It was designed by Morrey Hummel. I bought one and I have flown about 80 hours on it. It is stable, fast, inexpensive, easy to maintain, almost too good to be true. This model was built by Newton Drumond with a little help from Fern Marques (me), and I can tell you that it flies just like the real one! It features all moving parts, and the panel texture is a photo of my...

File size: 1.02 MB | Download hits: 1518

Beechcraft KingAir 350 Textures: 3 VariationsComplete with Base Model

of the KingAir 350 w/ CFG to have all 3 in 1 folder Repaints By Robert "Hawk"....

File size: 4.54 MB | Download hits: 1497

DeHavilland Dash 8 100 Ai Flyable Repaint PackageComplete with Base Model

Variants of the Default Dash 8 100 Repaints By Robert "Hawk"....

File size: 1.07 MB | Download hits: 1490

Project GlobeTwotter DeHavilland DHC-6 Twin Otter in Blue LiveryComplete with Base Model

Done in White w/ Blue Texture, Simple repaint By Robert "Hawk" (R_Hawk_ zone Name ) Approved Aircraft for Prop Hops....

File size: 1.49 MB | Download hits: 1209

AT6D Trainer Package: 3 VariationsComplete with Base Model

of the T-6 Trainer - Canadian Wasp, US Naval SNJ-5 & German Airforce Harvard All new Texture Files redone by the Digital Aircraft team ( Will Guillermo & Robert "Hawk" re-did the whole Aircraft & gave it an all new Look & flight Characteristic. Airfile & CFG © by Robert Hawk. Rivets & Details realistically & Beautifully done By Will. Paint Design By Robert "Hawk" Original Aircraft by J R Lucariny, Panel Designed by Abacus & J R Lucariny New Garmin GNS 530 Programmed by...

File size: 4.35 MB | Download hits: 3820

AT-6 TrainerComplete with Base Model

Custom panel & textures by Claudio Sanchez Model: Dennis/Daniel Da Silva....

File size: 4.26 MB | Download hits: 1194

FS 2002/2004 O-1E Bird Dog in the livery of 1st Fighter Wing, ROC (Taiwan) Air ForceComplete with Base Model

The aircraft was used for forward observation and liaison duties. Complete package included. US Army O-1 textures by Alf Werner. Repaint by Mike Huang. Original model by Massimo Taccoli and panel by Brahim Rhoul...

File size: 4.75 MB | Download hits: 2352

Beech Queen Air B80 VENEZUELAN AIR FORCEComplete with Base Model

(early 60's livery) In service since 1960 for the used as transport unit between venezuelan military bases, VIP transport, Medical Transport and any other. very few still in service - Model:mike stone - R-paint: claudio Sanchez...

File size: 747.97 kB | Download hits: 1966

FS2002/2004 Piaggio P-166MComplete with Base Model

The first of the coming P-166 aircraft series. I'm going to built the whole family of these graceful twins. The Piaggio P-166M is a light small twin. An Exotic two-engined prop that sold all over the world including America, UK, and Australia. Its origin is traced Back to the Piaggio P-136, a light anphibian, wich the P-166 keeps the wings, the engines and the tailplanes. Features Clickable Dynamic VC with non-planar throttle quadrant. Detailed internals. Fully compatible with FS 2002 (pro...

File size: 5.80 MB | Download hits: 1327

FS2004/FS2002 Aero Boero AB-115Complete with Base Model

Designed in FSDS2 by J R Lucariny...

File size: 1.61 MB | Download hits: 1498

FS2004/FS2002 ATR42-420MP (Marine Patrol) codeComplete with Base Model

(converted in MP version by Alenia aerospace). It's used to patrol Italian seas, S.A.R. mission, and fishing boat surveillance. Model Includes ATR 42 engine sound, realistic panel, AtR manual, technical data file and real photos of book's checklist. Original model by Alberto la Greca, Repaint by Skycolors team's Roberto Piazza. ...

File size: 6.12 MB | Download hits: 998

T-6 Texan Reno Package v.2Complete with Base Model

After many comments & wishes for faster Reno Style T-6's I experimented with this greatly done aircraft designed by "Da Silva" and took it to the limits, creating a new airfile & new aircraft configurations and produced a a much more powerful & faster T-6 to meet the requirements of flying fast,low & left (Also keeps up with most default props in Hops) Repaints,Airfiles & Aircraft CFG By Robert "Hawk" (R_Hawk_ zone name) Airfile & Air CFG © By Robert Hawk. Original Aircraft Designed by Denis da...

File size: 8.74 MB | Download hits: 1418

FS2004 T-6 SNJ Trainer Pack 7 Variants of the Popular T-6 TrainerComplete with Base Model

done in Chrome,Standard Harvard textures White, And a new one I wanted to add..... The Canadian Version Packaged with an all new flight characteristic these T-6's won't be left behind in Prop Hop Rooms. Repaints,Airfile & Aircraft Configurations by Robert "Hawk" (R_Hawk_ zone name) Paints & Air Files © By Robert Hawk. OriginalAircraft Designed by Denis da Silva and Daniel da Silva. ...

File size: 8.43 MB | Download hits: 2693

Cessna 182RGComplete with Base Model

This contains all the files needed to install FS2002's 182RG to FS2004. Also includes 6 new repaints. Repaints by James Joblon....

File size: 3.66 MB | Download hits: 6438

Project Globe Twotter DHC6-300 Malaysia AirlinesComplete with Base Model

DHC6 Twin Otter, Reg_ID: 9M-MDM. Includes authentic panel layout, views and livery by Premier Aircraft Design. The D6SKYBUS.ZIP {available here) Must be installed before using this aircraft. FSUIPC 3.X (free ver OK) required for the panel. Model made completly in Gmax with wing views, dynamic shine, full suspension, etc. Project by Udo Lemmob, Barry Blaisdell, Samy Fay and Bob May....

File size: 13.03 MB | Download hits: 1805

T-6 Texan Reno Race Package: Set of 7 T-6 TexansComplete with Base Model

Files Include Reno Racing Paint Schemes by Robert "Hawk" ( R_Hawk_) 4SD ( Reno/Stead) Scenery Put together for the FS Community to enjoy Racing at it's finest All Repaints Rober Hawk. Aircraft Designed by Denis da Silva and Daniel da Silva. Panel -Rick Brown JHB Aerospace....

File size: 8.97 MB | Download hits: 1330

T-6 Texan Racer PiperKittenComplete with Base Model

This Racer is done for someone very nice I met in FS2004 PiperKitten's Very Own T-6 Reno Racer one of My better Lookin repaints Repaint-Robert "Hawk" For FS2004 Aircraft Designed by Denis da Silva and Daniel da Silva. ...

File size: 6.13 MB | Download hits: 929

AT-6 Harvard Mk 4 TrainerComplete with Base Model

Piloted By Doug Jackson, of Hollister, California: On Oct. 4th, 2003 Doug took me up for about an hour around Marina, & Ft. Ord California (KOAR) for an awesome Ride!! The Experience of flying in a T-6 is incredible, although not very fast, it is highly manueverable & Great at low level flights. Flight arranged at the Marina Air Faire & Warbird Fly-in Aircraft by Denis da Silva. Repaint By Robert "Hawk". ...

File size: 4.06 MB | Download hits: 1211

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