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FS2004 Utilities/Misc

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AutoStartup v1.45

This is utility that allows you to set up alongside start with MS Flight Simulator any number of applications and assign to them various options. Requirements: - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 - Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 or higher - Peter's Dowson FSUIPC. By Konrad Koch....

File size: 354.35 KB | Download hits: 406

FS2002/FS2004 Aircraft Consistency Check - FSACC v3.2

Ever wondered why an installed aircraft does not show up in the Select Aircraft dialog, or the sound is missing, or ATC does not call the aircraft correctly? FSACC lists all aircraft folders and checks for each selected folder the aircraft's configuration. Help briefly explains how these things link up. ...

File size: 2.22 MB | Download hits: 969


This printable WORD document simulate a NAV LOG Sheet used by all Airline Company in the world. You can write all important information from your flight, like: Aircraft Type, Loading, Passager number, Flight Crew, Météo, Clearance und much more !! Very interasant for pilot who want to do realistic commercial flight... By Hauger Fredo....

File size: 119.13 KB | Download hits: 422

Fixed Local to UTC Tool

The basis of this software was for those of us that manually add AI traffic using Traffic Tools (req'd - above). It can sometimes be difficult entering the correct time can sometimes become confusing, especially when daylight savings time is involved. Requires .NET Framework (available free at By Sean Shugar....

File size: 129.26 KB | Download hits: 138

Flight Assistant 2.1

Flight Assistant is a program that provides a virtual co-pilot for flight simulation enthusiasts. You can give commands using a microphone which the co-pilot executes then. The program works in combination with every flight simulation. Requires MS Speech SDK 5.1 (SAPI). By Timm Linder....

File size: 1.08 MB | Download hits: 1781

EZ-Landclass Version 2.00

EZ-Landclass is a program that allows you to change the placement of landclass and waterclass textures in Microsoft Flight Simulator™ 2002 & 2004. You can use it to add small towns that MS left out, for instance, or to correct the type of vegetation or ground cover in a certain area. EZ-Landclass is written as an Excel application. By Russel Dirks....

File size: 737.66 KB | Download hits: 564

AFCAD 2.21 for FS2004

This is a CAD-style editor for FS2004 airports. Airports consist of visible scenery and invisible facility data used to control airport operations. AFCAD 2 can add or modify almost all facility elements and several visible elements. This includes runways, taxiways, aprons, parking, communications and navaids. More visible elements will be added in future upgrades. Note that this version is strictly for FS2004. Look for version 1.4 to work with FS2002. Lee Swordy...

File size: 703.84 KB | Download hits: 6698

Traffic Tools v2.02

( Ttools ) Utilities to program the AI traffic in FS2004 and FS2002. By Lee Swordy....

File size: 167.9 KB | Download hits: 8948

Nick’s Space Shuttle Landing Challenge, Final Release

Includes all previous updates. Featuring the Space Shuttle Discovery and celebrating NASA's return to space! This package contains the most up to date version of my Space Shuttle Landing Challenge (v1.2). I am providing it as a FINAL single installation package to eliminate the need for multiple update files. This package includes the Space Shuttle Discovery redesigned using actual NASA-Boeing mechanical/aeronautical engineering data, a panel, sounds and shuttle landing FX. The space shuttle in...

File size: 27.05 MB | Download hits: 3181

FS200x T-65AC4 X-Wing and Panel PackageComplete with Base Model

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... The Star Wars T-65AC4 X-Wing. Undoubtedly the most popular ship in the Star Wars saga, the X-Wing played a vital role in the defeat of the Empire. This package contains the X-Wing "Red 5" model adjusted to the T-65AC4 specs and a (somewhat) photo-realistic panel (T-65 X-Wing Panel v.2.0), along with all required guages. model/orginal aircraft copyright (c) 2001 Thomas B. Beard. ...

File size: 2.45 MB | Download hits: 3267

Enzo Ferrari Full PackageComplete with Base Model

Finally, after god-knows-how-long, the 2002 Enzo Ferrari Package is now released. This package offers a good set of textures [red, silver blue, yellow, and others] along with the source files of each texture set [for all you repainters out there]. Improvements include [but not limited to]: sounds, panel, textures, and driver. This addon is perfect for exploring popular scenery and enjoying it on the ground - some recommendations included!. Dynamics have also been adjusted for greater speed for...

File size: 27.09 MB | Download hits: 1834

SatelliteComplete with Base Model

Fly a satellite in FS9 at breakneck speed..The default effects and zoom of FS9 actually make space scenery possible..I set this object to move fast and with practicly no you can fly it up high in FS9.. A flight is included-up in space (where it looks slow) but you can take it off from your favorite airport also.. but hang on..on the ground ain't the same speed as it is up in space. Ron Jeffers....

File size: 700.2 KB | Download hits: 1038

Animal SimulationComplete with Base Model

Fly a flock of geese,a bald eagle or sail a killer whale on the sea.. All files are as if you were to fly a plane in flight simulator..included are a few save flights to put you on the scene..see SETUP. Ron Jeffers....

File size: 9.71 MB | Download hits: 1880

FS2004/FS2002 1951 VW BeetleComplete with Base Model

Model works properly in FS2004 and FS2002. This is a Volkswagen from 1951, called splitwindow because of the splitted rearwindow. It comes up with two versions: The European version, painted in light green with numberplates from Germany (ABG = Altenburger Land). The American version in friendly light blue with numberplates from Washington State. Other numberplates can be found in texture.alaska, texture.california, texture.florida, texture.NY, texture.texas. Rainer Girbig ...

File size: 5.37 MB | Download hits: 890

Cruise ship AsukaComplete with Base Model

Now you may sail the seven seas in FS2004 with your own passenger cruise ship. Complete with new smoke, raise and lower anchors, and wake effects files, sound and panel. Mitsuya Hamaguchi....

File size: 1.54 MB | Download hits: 1455

ISA Whitestar Sci Fi modelComplete with Base Model

of the Whitestar warship from the hit TV show Babylon 5. This vessel is the principle warship of the Interstellar Alliance This model is for FS2004, but should work in FS2002. by Matthew T. Stapleton....

File size: 481.94 KB | Download hits: 796

Container ShipsComplete with Base Model

This File includes Five (5) Liveries of my Container Ship as well as a set of Master Textures for Repainters. Includes Detailed 3D VC (By Bill Holker) Detailed Textures (By Garry J.Smith, Bill Holker & Ian Thatcher), Animations, Smoke Effects, Wave Effects and Much More. Also includes a Full "AI Version" with Low Poly Count and Textures.Ian Thatcher ...

File size: 5.68 MB | Download hits: 952

On-board Song Player

BETA by Dominic Sore this new version now allows you to listen to up to 8 songs instead of six it is not finished yet so you cannot watch the instructions sorry. made in flash you will have to have flash player 7 br Dominic Sore....

File size: 6.37 MB | Download hits: 234

IJN KageroComplete with Base Model

This is a Complete Update of "Jacob Waltz" CFS2 Version of his "IJN Kagero" that I have converted for FS2004. Includes, new textures, sound files,detailed effects and updated Cockpit. Jacob Waltz for his Original CFS2 Version. Garry.J.Smith for updating the textures. Frank J. Petriccione for the Sound Files. Phil Crowther for Gauges. Rob Barendregt for Smokegauge By Ian Thatcher...

File size: 849.83 KB | Download hits: 311

USS MahanComplete with Base Model

This is a Complete Update of "Jacob Waltz" CFS2 Version of his "USS Mahan" that I have converted for FS2004. Includes, new textures, sound files,detailed effects and updated Cockpit. Jacob Waltz for his Original CFS2 Version. Garry.J.Smith for updating the textures.Frank J. Petriccione for the Sound Files. Phil Crowther for Gauges. Rob Barendregt for Smokegauge. By Ian Thatcher. ...

File size: 1.05 MB | Download hits: 466

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