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FS2004 Utilities/Misc

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Splash & Run

This program will let you select a new splash screen for fs2004, Registration is free register and the watermark will go away...

File size: 172.23 KB | Download hits: 309

Ai Flightplan Calculator

This allows the creation of AI flightplans, for use with TTools, or a similar compiler. By GW_Simulations....

File size: 407.19 KB | Download hits: 493

FSTSTuner Version 1.2

Intro: FSTSTuner stands for “Flight Simulator TeamSpeak Tuner”. It allows you to tune your COM2 frequency and have TeamSpeak switch to the configured IP Address and Channel in the background. It consists of a gauge (InnerGears.GAU), a configuration program (FSTSTuner.EXE, and the .rtf format help file which your reading (FSTSTuner.RTF). This version has been tested and is compatible with TeamSpeak versions up to TeamSpeak 2. Works with FS2004 & FS2002...

File size: 656.64 KB | Download hits: 161

Virtual Keyboard FreeKeys

will allow you to operate FS9 without your bulky HW Keyboard. This Freeware version is issued as a Concept program to see how you might use its later Shareware release called FltKeys. An installation program is included. Tim Mandeville (Visual Reference)...

File size: 676.65 KB | Download hits: 415

FS2004/2002 Aircraft Installer: Version 3.8

This utility works only for fs2002 and fs2004 and was tested on win2k. It will install and uninstall airplanes without overwriting fs2002-4 files. If there are others files such as gauges, sounds, effects, flights or modules files, that can also be handledVersion 3.6 New option of research. Some improvements. At the time of the launching of FS it happens sometimes that fs informs us that certain file are not compatible with the simulator, Such as for example gaugesound.dll It is consequently...

File size: 1.13 MB | Download hits: 2363

World Wide ICAO Code Search-Addon Database fix

Find airports by name or ICAO just opening a window in fs Only copy the File "WAICAO.TXT" and the waicao.dll into the MODULES-Directory of fs2004. In Modules you have a new menu "Get ICAO...", where you can search ICAO or airports. By Widmann Andreas. Updated for fs2004 by Alejandro Villa....

File size: 645.34 KB | Download hits: 450

Airport's Chart Viewer v5.0

This is a FS2004 module that will generate and display a map of all the taxiways (with their ids), gates, parkings, ILS, and runways of any airport of the FS2004 world. Doesnt need of FSUIPC. Requires the Manuel's Service Pack 3. By: Manuel Ambulo....

File size: 290.88 KB | Download hits: 1648

Aircraft & Gauges Uninstaller v6.0

This program will allow you to remove and delete any aircraft (including the gauges files used by it) installed in your Microsoft Flight Simulator's folder. Doesnt requires any earlier version. Requires the Manuel's Service Pack 3. By: Manuel Ambulo....

File size: 151.37 KB | Download hits: 504

FS2004/2002 ATC Radar Screen v5.0

This program will allow you to control a towered-airport or an entire ARTCC/FIR's sector, in a multiplayer session. Features: view jet airways, victor airways, new SID/STARs window, edit ATIS message, view additional airspaces (ONLY FS2004 users), etc. Doesnt requires any earlier version. Requires the Manuel's Service Pack 3 (below) . By: Manuel Ambulo...

File size: 3.25 MB | Download hits: 1516

Splash Screen Changer

Simple program that changes your FS splash screen each time you run FS. Includes 3 splash screens plus the original FS2004 splash screen By Christopher Trew....

File size: 1.71 MB | Download hits: 225


Is one freeware software to register your flight using the aircraft data and to compute the fuel needed and the descent point. One good tool to plan your flight. Developed by: Helcio Ramos de Lima....

File size: 21.45 MB | Download hits: 403

Simple AI v. 1.06

AI Air Traffic Creation Program. I created this program for my own personal use because it was tedious to enter and edit flight plans by hand. This simple and easy to use utility will create departure and return flights from any default FS2004 airports and use any of the planes you have installed(correctly). The programs works very well, as simple as it is but I plan on future enhancements. by: Garrett Hardesty....

File size: 1.55 MB | Download hits: 1266

MP-Lite Client Ver 3.0

for FS2004. Freeware. Connects to MP-Lite Multiplayer server system Ideal for Online Flying groups who want to locate a permanent server for their online sessions. Features aliasing for assigning players aircraft to aircraft in your hangar when you don't have theirs installed. Smooth fluid aircraft movement. Easier NAT/Router Config than MS multiplayer. Requires dotNET Framework ver 1.1. By Nick Dyer....

File size: 542.15 KB | Download hits: 123

MP-Lite Server Ver 2.1

Freeware. Works together with MP-Lite Client module to provide a Multiplayer System to host FS2000/ 2002 and 2004 simulators concurrently. Ideal for VAs and Online Flying groups who want to locate a permanent server for their online sessions. Easier config of routers/NAT/Fire- wall than normal Multiplayer. Smooth fluid plane movement. THIS SERVER SUPPORTS ALL VER OF MP-LITE CLIENT 2.1 and above. Nick Dyer....

File size: 3.6 MB | Download hits: 119


AutoSave: Automatic flight saving for FS98, FS2000, FS2002 & FS2004 Place AutoSave.dll in your FS98 Modules folder. It will save flights ("STN" files) at regular intervals, so you can retry that crashed landing or quickly recover from other problems. File size 10K. Pete Dowson...

File size: 8.87 KB | Download hits: 798

FS2004/2002 Easy Installer Utility

FS 2002 And FS2004 Easy Installer Utility - Version 1.0 This program enables users of Microsoft© Flight Simulator 2002 And 2004 to add scenery, textures, effects, aircraft, gauges. This is achieved by the in just a few easy steps without any hassel or previous file extension knowledge. Supports all windows versions. Includes: 1. Texture Installer 2. Scenery Installer 3. Aircraft Installer 4. Gauge Installer 5. Effects Installer 6. Option to change the way FS loads By Stuart Baker....

File size: 2.49 MB | Download hits: 2199

Voicepak for US Airways & US Air Express

Thanks to the great makers of EditVoicepak. Must have Edit Voicepak 3.0 or higher (above). Adds to the life of real ATC with your and your AI aircraft. By Dale Wingard. Enjoy. ...

File size: 2.42 KB | Download hits: 390

Visual Index for FS2004 Scenery Objects

This list of objects is designed to supply the FS2004 scenery developer with an easy reference to view some of the objects in the Microsoft FS2004 SDK, and particularly Roger Mole's excellent scenery design package.(above) Covers 197 basic objects. Simply click on an object to view. Microsoft Excel required. Kevin Ryan....

File size: 8.38 MB | Download hits: 577

User Friendly Scenery Design Package

04ScenPk.Zip A fully self-contained package for placing FS2004 default library objects in the sim scenery using the Scenery SDK released by Microsoft in December 2003. The package is aimed at those with little or no scenery design know-how or experience and contains a detailed tutorial and instructions. Roger Mole...

File size: 5.21 MB | Download hits: 454

EditVoicepack 3.0

EditVoicepack allows easily adding missing callsigns, aircrafts, and airports to FS2004 ATC. "Out of the box" it provides 800 new callsigns and corrects several mistakes. The centralized upload system ensures new callsigns are easily avialble to all users. Requires the Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1. This version does not support FS 2002. By Lars Moellebjerg. ...

File size: 733.3 KB | Download hits: 1006

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