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FS2004 Utilities/Misc

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3wire Aircraft Carrier Simulator

3wire Aircraft Carrier Simulator v2. 3wire is an aircraft carrier simulation add-on for FS2004. It allows you to launch and recover any aircraft aboard an aircarft carrier. Requires FSUIPC (reg not required) and .NET Framework v1.1. By Rhys Eddy. ...

File size: 526.16 KB | Download hits: 1339

FSAutoStart v1.1

FSAutoStart allows the user the ability to automatically shutdown services and programs to provide as much resources to running todayís most demanding applications. It also provides the ability to launch selected programs before the application is launched. Lastly, it can automatically restart those programs and services previously shutdown, thus bringing the computer back to its original state. It also adds some performance enhancing options like Defragment Memory.I am happy to provide this...

File size: 246.74 KB | Download hits: 1031

Water Dump/Drop Effect

FS2004 Water Dump Effect. An effect and instructions that allows you to add a firefighting water dumping effect to your aircraft. Installation:Copy and paste the fx_water_dump.fx file into your C>programs>microsoft games>fs9>effects folderThen open the aircraft.cfg file of the plane/heli(preferably a water landable) you want it in, by right-clicking on it and chossing Open with>editor.Once in the file,copy and paste the following into it: [SMOKESYSTEM]smoke.0=0, 12, 0,...

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F-136 Orbital Interceptor

This is the FS2004 F-136B Orbital Defense Interceptor concept jet fighter, capable of Hyper Mach speeds and space flight capabilities, circa 2014. This concept is based on hybrid engines that convert to rocket propulsion via a closing 'iris' system that creates a rocket engine 'bell'. This model features functioning spoilerons, vectored thrust elevator structures, opening hatch, opening ordinance bombays, retracting slow flight wings, custom panel, VC illuminated instrumentation, appearing...

File size: 10.54 MB | Download hits: 2269

Airport Lighting Version 2

FS2004 Modified Airport Lights v2. Includes runway end strobes/lead-in lights that now appear blue. All lights have been sharpened to make them a bit clearer. By Mark Poole. ...

File size: 177.66 KB | Download hits: 4397

Flight Simulator Scenery Creator

Flight Simulator Scenery Creator 1.5.11 Flight Simulator Scenery Creator is a simple, yet powerful, graphical editor that enables you to add additional scenery of your own design to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Features include support for FS2002 sceneries, an intuitive click-and-drag interface, and an extensive help system. ...

File size: 4.73 MB | Download hits: 3871

FS2004/FS2002 Easy Object Designer

FS2004 Easy Object Designer (EOD) 2.2.79 EOD is for designing and producing 3D objects for use in scenery creation. Produces API files for scenery design programs such as Airport, GroundMaker, FS Scenery Creator, or SCM files for ASD. Easily create trees or photorealisic buildings with night lighting. Full installation package. Freeware. By Matthias Brueckner. ...

File size: 1.28 MB | Download hits: 1624

How To Program the FMC Tutorial

If you are a begginner and have just purchased a commercial add-on that contains a working FMC (Flight Management Computer) then this is a pictorial guide, over 80 color shots, that will help you program the system. The tutorial is done using the PMDG 737NG 800 series plane and although you do not need to have this product, the guide is still helpful as it explains some basic concepts that apply to all flight management systems. ...

File size: 6.63 MB | Download hits: 3284

FS9EZInstaller [Windows XP Only]

An easier way to install your aircraft. It is made out of 3 batch files, one for installing aircraft, one for effects, and one for gauges. Note: Follow the readme closely for positive results. This program is for Windows XP only....

File size: 2.86 KB | Download hits: 447

How to interpret approach plates Tutorial

Want to make your simulator flights even more realistic with approach plates? This tutorial features lots of pictures and explanations, making it easy even for a novice to understand....

File size: 662.84 KB | Download hits: 884

FS2002/FS2004 FS Aircraft Shutdown

FS Aircraft Shutdown Version 1.3 For Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004/2002 FS Aircraft Shutdown systematically shuts down aircraft systems if they are in use. This is useful if you've created and started a flight with the aircraft "running" but prefer to start with a "cold and dark" cockpit. Its also useful if you don't want to manually execute shutdown procedures after a flight for whatever reason. By Mark Schilberg ...

File size: 1.38 MB | Download hits: 655

Dark Cockpit

FS2004 Dark Cockpit. A replacemenet fltsim.flt file that will result in your starting up with a cold, dark cockpit with everything switched off. The virtual cockpit view has also been defaulted to 0.64 zoom. By Ben Chuchra....

File size: 3.62 KB | Download hits: 1865

Lufthansa Airport BusComplete with Base Model

This is a real Airport Bus from Lufthansa which you can find in EDDF (Frankfurt)! Also seen in my video! It has lights and a panel! Hope you will enjoy!...

File size: 396.59 KB | Download hits: 863

PMDG B737NG Advanced Operations Tutorial v2

PMDG B737NG Advanced Operations Tutorial v2 by Timothy Metzinger....

File size: 31.57 MB | Download hits: 2595

Guide to Installing Lee Hetherington's TCAS II 7.0 to Any Aircraft Panel

This is a guide on how to install Lee Hetherington's great TCAS II 7.0 gauge to any aircraft panel of your choosing. It requires editing the panel.cfg file of the aircraft you wish to install it to. I tried to make the guide as easy to follow as I could for people that have never edited a panel.cfg file before. According to Lee's documentation the TCAS II 7.0 gauge mimics the real world counterpart in a full-fledged implementation as is possible. Making this gauge 'As Real As It Gets' beyond...

File size: 4.47 KB | Download hits: 770

Flight Dynamics Tutorial

FS2004/FSX Flight Dynamics Tutorial. This PDF file is the final edition for the tutorial on how to tweak the flight dynamics of FS2004, and now FSX aircraft. In this version the author has added a few things and tried to make the rest of it a little more clear. By Bob Chicilo....

File size: 866.52 KB | Download hits: 937

Realistic Snow/Ice Runways

This file allows more realistic looking runways in any area in the world that has snow on the ground in the world. These runways will replace a default winter asphalt and concrete runways and add more of a icy/snow mix to it. You will still be able to see rwy numbers etc, but the rest of both runways look realistic. ...

File size: 983.02 KB | Download hits: 4012

Inflight Music

Inflight Music. Tested in FS2004 only. A simple addition to virtually any panel which allows the user to play their favorite music during those long and tedious flights. The display has eight programmable switches which will play MP3/WMA/WAV/MID files that are located anywhere on your computer - they do not have to be in your Sound directory. A windows explorer style interface allows you to select the proper music file which can be set to play once or loop and it allows you to set the...

File size: 788.82 KB | Download hits: 2130

Mouse-As-Yoke Gauge Fly with Mouse

Mouse-as-Yoke gauge for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. Great thing for flying on notebooks. Controls ailerons, elevator, rudder, throttle of any aircraft. Can be set transparent and invisible. For Windows 2000 & XP only. Version 1.0.23 (Sep 8, 2004) By Yury Kuchura. ...

File size: 44.46 KB | Download hits: 8589


The default FS9 trees are over-sized and too sparse. As a result, they never create a believable tree-line, or give you the sense of mass and density. I've reduced the size of the trees down by 40%, and increased their numbers. There is no performance hit at all. In fact, you should get better performance because these files are at half the size compared to the original. I've reduced the quality down slightly, but you shouldn't notice any difference once airborn at 200 feet and above. All...

File size: 2.65 MB | Download hits: 4490

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