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FS2004 Utilities/Misc

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Route Editor V2

This is an updated version of my Route Editor program, following requests from other users. This program enables you to edit a FS2004 GPS Route file ('.PLN'). You can edit existing PLN files or create your own from new. The previous version only edited 'VFR Direct GPS' routes. This program now saves Routes as either VFR or IFR and you are able to select Routing as Direct GPS Low Altitude Airways High Altitude Airways VOR to VOR. Created by Jim Cooper (Simshed)...

File size: 111.21 KB | Download hits: 931

Traffic Changer V610

Traffic changer is a tool to simplify AI for FS9. The user can make flight plans, compile BGL files (using included TTools) and place the final plans into FS9 using a "group" concept. This is ideal for managing fleets of AI aircraft or for users wanting to easily change AI traffic at a single airport. It installs with the 59 default AI aircraft available that are already in FS9, 5,500 of the most common airports and a sample flight plan. A tour makes it very easy to get started. Take control of...

File size: 2.05 MB | Download hits: 1146

Flight1 View Module

(F1_view.dll) The F1_View module is a very basic freeware tool that implements mouse-based zooming, panning, and eyepoint adjustments, including the ability to move your eyepoint beyond the limits imposed by Flight Simulator (this feature is good to stroll about virtual cabins of larger aircraft). This module requires a wheel-mouse (a center wheel that also acts as a center mouse button). By Flight One Software. ...

File size: 725.87 KB | Download hits: 5380

ChartMap V3

ChartMap Version3.0 is a ‘stand-alone’ Windows utility for Flight Simulators allowing a number of airport charts to be stored and available on screen whilst still flying. The use of the program is very simple and intuitive. You insert only the airport name and the program will show all the data stored. The program can create new airport charts and it is possible to print all procedure charts. The official language is Italian and English. Carlo Chiappisi....

File size: 2.92 MB | Download hits: 2502

Radio Range System

A bona fide Radio Range System simulating a robust navigation technique of the 1940s which lasted until the advent of the VOR. Uses Morse Code A and N audio signals to determine course. Nearly a year in development, this package includes a standalone DC-3 (based on the default) with three panels, new gauges and greatly improved flight dynamics; scenery for 118 Radio Range stations of Eastern US and SE Canada (from 1944 sectional charts) with approach plates for each; and a comprehensive...

File size: 18.87 MB | Download hits: 270

Splasher 2006 v 6.01

Allows you to change splash screens on 3 of Microsofts Flight Simulator versions. FS2004, FS2002, and FS2000. Designed for Windows XP with Microsofts DOT NET 2.0 runtimes installed. Created with Visual Studio .Net 2005 by: Christenson Software....

File size: 4.48 MB | Download hits: 489

FS Weather Engine 1.0

With this program it is possible to generate additional weather themes for the FS2004. These can be selected in the corresponding menu of the FS2004. Gunnar Daehling....

File size: 2.22 MB | Download hits: 2273

MyFsGoogleEarth 1.0 - Link Google Earth with Flight Simulator 2004

MyFsGoogleEarth is a small webserver that links Flight Simulator with Google Earth. It adds placemarks at aircraft's current position, at estimated position one minute ahead and for surrounding AI traffic. It can also provide a continuous "follow aircraft" view. Requirements MyFsGoogleEarth requires FSUIPC by Peter Dowson. You can also use it on a separate PC with a registered WideFS. Juergen Haible....

File size: 638.13 KB | Download hits: 2034

FS98 - FS2K4 FS Real Time v1.77

is made to keep Flight Simulator's UTC (Zulu/GMT) time and date in sync with the Real World. It can maintain either the current Real Time, or an offset (+/-) so you can fly at any variation from Real Time. This package also includes Dennis Thompson's World Time Zones v3.0 which eliminate many of the time zone errors that shipped with recent versions of Flight Simulator. FS Real Time by Joshua Robertson....

File size: 4.8 MB | Download hits: 755

Fuel Planner V1.0

This programm will calculate fuel for differents aircrafts. Uses Microsoft Excel....

File size: 194.92 KB | Download hits: 2133

Flips version 1.1

Flips is a small utility to view FS9 flightplans in Google Earth. View your entire flightplan in 3D and make sure your chosen waypoints don't let you miss exiting landmarks along your flight. Version 1.1 now is capable of reading those 3 variations and I hope it will solve the trouble that you may have had with reading your flightplans. Especially those flightplans were difficult to load that had been directly edited in FS9. Michael Rook....

File size: 1 MB | Download hits: 614

FS2000/FS2002/FS2004 Super Flight Planner 3.0.3

This is a very advanced Flight Planner featuring a state of the art Moving Map (drawn using either vector layers or a bitmapped texture, zoom-in, zoom-out, zoom-window, pan, rotation and globe projections), DP-STAR and Airways support plus a lot of import/export options (can import and export from a lot of 3rd party tools such as Radar Contact, MS-GPS and supports data formats such as XML and CSV). May create simple Flight Plans using a Wizard or more advanced manual Plans with or without...

File size: 3.91 MB | Download hits: 1829

RapidShot v1.7

is an easy to use screenshot utility that helps you take, organize and view screenshots. Whenever you press the Print Screen key (or optional user defined hotkey) while you're using other applications and games, RapidShot takes the resulting screenshot and converts it to JPG (jpeg) or BMP (bitmap) format and then puts it into the predefined category of your creation and choosing. This enables you to take a set of screenshots in rapid succession simply by repeatedly pressing the Print Screen...

File size: 3.06 MB | Download hits: 610

Fly By v2.0

This utility enables fly by view when FS is in tower view mode. New: AI aircraft fly by view is now available. AI aircraft can be selected from the list and shown in fly by or spot plane view. Next/previous AI aircraft can also be selected with the key commands. Cycle AI aircraft fly by / spot plane view is available too. Random options for horizontal (left-right) and vertical (up-down) viewpoint positions are added. There are two types of random: with constant and variable distance to the...

File size: 369.19 KB | Download hits: 623

FS2004/FSCOF/FS2002/FS2000 Courseplanner 3.C.8, stand alone Flight Planner

Complete flight management on a realistic world map. Over +30000 SID/STAR as well as +60000 points. Use YOUR own scenery, (airports, Navaids, etc), and all the planes in your hangar. Monitor your progress, all the AI traffics, (and multiplayer), real time on the internet and intranet, this includes altitude, speed and more. Great to use when flying with VATSIM or IVAO. Use Courseplanner over the network, (CP on one machine and FS on another), or both on the same machine. Runs independently to...

File size: 26.27 MB | Download hits: 1841

FS200* Fuel Calculator v1

This is a small program that calculates the fuel you need to complete a flight. It has all the Microsoft Flight Simulator aircraft but can be used for any sim and add-on aircraft can be added too. Bracken Dawson....

File size: 343.46 KB | Download hits: 1094

Mobile Control Tower Version 2004 Part 1

Control the incoming and outgoing traffic on your RADAR screen (MARCIANO’s great Radar gauge) or with the excellent Ground and Traffic Radar included in the FSUIPC addon as AI planes fly around you.Rotating engine rotates the tower for a cockpit full 360ª View on 5 different levels or with the virtual view. Completely re-designing of the Main panel for a more professional look and new 7 panels for other views. Now listed as Mobile Tower in the FS2004 planes list with 1 to 5 levels...

File size: 12.7 MB | Download hits: 1692

Flight Plan Database

MS Access database to keep track of your flights. database designed by Barrie Hiern....

File size: 113.73 KB | Download hits: 313

The VA Administrator version 5.2

Plus the Operations Centre v5.2 (Pilot Based Pirep System) The VA Administrator v5.2 is out now and ready to make your job at running the VA a little easier. The software is like a smaller version of Myob for Virtual Airlines. Its all software based very easy to use. No need for website with ASP or PHP, this baby does it all on your local machine, after you have finished you just upload the pages to your site. So free hosting sites are great for this software, it will look like a database...

File size: 6.29 MB | Download hits: 381

FS Camera 1.4 - Aircraft Views Utility

Many users of the Microsoft Flight simulator surely know the additional program "Active Camera". It was freeware till now, what has changed with the version 2004. I have enjoyed using it also very much, it otherwise changes this one anyway for almost useless control tower view in magnificent camera prospects. Since I deal with smaller program projects now and then in my leisure time, I simply have tried out once to move the control tower view with a Visual-BASIC . Since the first attempts were...

File size: 458.86 KB | Download hits: 1806

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