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FS2004 Utilities/Misc

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World Environment Upgrade version 2.0

This package will greatly enhance the world environment in Flight Simulator by adding more realistic sky textures and lighting for all phases of the day and seasons. This update corrects some of the issues from the previous version. The blue tinge that the previous package created on some of the textures has been fixed as well as the yellow fog effect. Also, new and more realistic sky textures for dawn and dusk have been included....

File size: 597.65 KB | Download hits: 1544

Night Environment Upgrade

This package will greatly enhance all of the default airports night lighting throughout the world. However, this package will not affect some of the major default airports. The reason is because they contain their own night and day textures for some or all of their buildings. Having said that, this package will still enhance the night lighting in the majority of cities and airports. So what exactly has improved, you ask? This is what has been improved:-Improved night lighting for all default...

File size: 14.81 MB | Download hits: 3260

Ultimate Night Environment

FS2004 Ultimate Night Environment. This package will greatly enhance night lighting for all buildings, bridges, landmarks, vehicles and all major airports throughout the world. By Maurice Roenick. ...

File size: 34.18 MB | Download hits: 5316

Weather 3

FS2004 Weather3 - 39 weather themes for FS2004. A complete revision of the previous releases; 15 new themes have been added. File sizes have been greatly reduced. By Adrian Shortall.39 WEATHER THEMES FOR FS2004This pack contains a complete revision of the 2 earlier theme releases ( &, plus 11 new winter themes, and 3 new miscellaneous themes. This revision has greatly reduced the individual and total file sizes.OVERVIEW:The weather themes in this pack are suitable...

File size: 1.82 MB | Download hits: 4935

VPN Virtual Pilot Network

S2004 VPN - Virtual Pilot Network 1.4us. Access weather radar, forecasts, METAR, NOTAMS and more directly from the cockpit and through the Flight Simulator kneeboard which is in fact a full blown web browser! Also you can access websites, enter URLs and link to any web document you like, even .pdf files (provided Acrobat Reader is installed). Virtual airlines can create their own specialized content and pilots can log in per username/password to access data without having to leave the cockpit....

File size: 158.89 KB | Download hits: 1161

Free METAR Weather Program

FS2004 Free METAR Weather Program; updated version. FS2k4METAR reads worldwide METAR data for the last two hours and the worldwide radiosound (winds aloft and temperature) of the last 12 hours. These data are interpreted and transferredd via the New Weather Interface of FSUIPC to FS2004. By Markus Brunner.FS2004 Free METAR weather program UPDATED versionmade by Markus Brunner ( read this text you shoud switch to full window view and turn Wordwarp on!Installation:1. Extract this...

File size: 294.55 KB | Download hits: 5016

Aviation Weather Information System

FS2004 Aviation Weather Information System (AWIS) v1.0. A collection of HTML pages that can be viewed in the kneeboard giving the sim pilot fingertip access to up-to-date real-world weather information in quick to digest graphic formats. By Nick Ruisi.Aviation Weather Information System (AWIS) v 1.0 This is a collection of HTML pages that can be viewed in the kneeboard giving the sim pilot fingertip access to up-to-date real-wold weather information in qick-to-digest graphic formats. All...

File size: 200.36 KB | Download hits: 945

Soft Horizons

FS2004 Soft Horizons. A texture package which smooths the transition between sky and ground. It consists of 110 bitmaps which are used by FS2004 to provide a varied and spectacular skyscape. This package may not work with other sky environment add-ons. By John Cillis. ...

File size: 195.33 KB | Download hits: 2688


FS2004 Rainbow. Includes rainbow effect and a sample flight to view it. By Ilya Prokhorenko. ...

File size: 343.56 KB | Download hits: 931

Modified Sun V2

A modified, brighter, texture to make the sun look better. Does not include lens flare. By Eitan Daniel and Vincent van Veen.The fact that you're reading this means you have downloaded the new and improved Sunmod V2. The biggest change from Sunmod to Sunmod V2 is the fact that I have decided to drop the version with a lensflare. The main reason for this is that the primary objective of this new version was to create a brighter more realistic sun for FS, and FS didn't display this very well and...

File size: 198.39 KB | Download hits: 1048

SpeedUp 0.7 Beta

FS2004 SpeedUp 0.7 beta is a little utility that helps you increasing the performance of FS9. It will automatically shut down unneeded programs prior to starting FS9. Additionally, it will set FS9 to high process priority to increase program speed. Depending on your configuration performance improvements of up to 33% may be experienced. Installer and uninstaller included. By Henning Schaefer...

File size: 1.03 MB | Download hits: 1446

Ground Detail

Ground Detail Version 1.0 This add on upgrades the defualt Ms "bump map" detail ground textures to a more hi res look. Unlike the default ground detail, now you will be able to actual individual blades of grass. ...

File size: 784.42 KB | Download hits: 2362

Grass And Trees

FS2004 Grass And Trees. Replacement seasonal grass/meadow textures for all scenery and alternative autogen trees (resized version with more palms). These textures replace the default grass/meadow textures and give an alternative look. The new textures have more structure and details. By Joerg Geipel. ...

File size: 944.46 KB | Download hits: 2734

FlightSim Manager 2.8.5

Compatible with both FS2002 and FS2004. FlightSim Manager is a great tool for managing add-ons to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Using easy to Wizard - FSM can install various addins from distribution ZIP files that you may have downloaded, with easy uninstaller. FSM has lots of feature to offer, from an easy to use Aircraft editor to add/edit aircraft variants, to an comprehensive Hangar management that allows you to manage and configure your add-ons off your live FS installation. You can create...

File size: 5.48 MB | Download hits: 2272

Carrier Operation Package

FS2004 Gauges: Carrier Operation Package V2.0 This freeware archive contains a set of gauges, effects and sounds which you can add to existing military aircraft in FS2004, and enables you to perform takeoff and approach/landing on aircraft carriers. It features: (1): A catapult gauge, enabling a catapult-launch takeoff. (2): An arrester gauge, enabling a cable trap landing. (3): A "meatball" HUD gauge, enabling accurate approaches and landings. (4): A SonicBoom effect (visual and...

File size: 1.45 MB | Download hits: 1992

Fuel Planner PMDG 747 v2.0.0.0

Fuel Planner for 747-400 PMDG...

File size: 603.16 KB | Download hits: 1883

CarrierOps Full PackComplete with Base Model

Test your pilot skills shooting traps using top aircraft of today on the HMSNZ Waikato carrier by S. Reweti. Compiled with carrier ops ready: F14B Tomcat by Dino Cattaneo, F16C Viper/F16C Tiger Viper by Kirk Olsson, F18E Super Hornet / F-18G Growler by Daisuke Yamamoto & TEAM FS KBT. Two extra paint schemas for F-18E by Ty Hill / Lione Mouler. F16 panel and gauges by Eric Marciano: F16 HUD & radar & key code for registering gauge in FSUIPC dll, rev 3.51. Authorizd by Pete Dowson. RCBco carrier...

File size: 26.46 MB | Download hits: 10947

VTOLJR - Single Engine Powered-Lift Personal Air Vehicle (PAV) Border Police PatrolComplete with Base Model

The Springtail EFV-4B is a fourth generation single engine powered-lift (VTOL) personal air vehicle (PAV), which uses the core technology developed on earlier models. This model is the first "non-pure research" vehicle in this configuration. EFV-4B has significant enhancements over the "A" model, including redesigned fans and variable pitch blades. This aircraft will be employed for flight envelope expansion and capabilities testing. J R Lucariny....

File size: 671.77 KB | Download hits: 1924

Nasa Space Challenge PackageComplete with Base Model

The Nasa Space Challenge is an extremly enjoyable experience for simulating NASA missions in the Multiplayer environment. This Packadge Comes With 2 flyable aircraft. The Space Shuttle "Discovery" (flyable) witch has been modified from every shuttle packadge available to be as realistic as possible with three loadouts (clean, SRB's, and External Tank), VC, and a realistic panel. This packadge also comes with a flyable International Space Station (flyable). Originally intented for multiplayer...

File size: 36.03 MB | Download hits: 12668

American Muscle Package: the 1978 Chevy CorvetteComplete with Base Model

Included texture sets are the Indy 500 Pace Car Edition, Silver Edition, SimViation Edition, #42 Race car, Red, Blue, and Vanilla-Brown. This addon is in response to all the new sceneries that now incorporate high-detail objects that can best be viewed on the ground. I know several sceneries that can fit well with this car. Guam, Acapulca International, Free Flow Ultimate Florida, Princes Int'l, etc. Since this car is made for drag racing, try competing against your friends online. Note: Don't...

File size: 12 MB | Download hits: 1776

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