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FS2004 Utilities/Misc

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Real Environment Professional

Welcome to Real Environment Professional, an extensive environment upgrade package for Microsoft's Flight Simulator 9. This package includes: 1. New sun, sun6, corona1, sunglow and suneffect.cfg 2. New aircraft spotlight 3. New airport lights that simulate a glow onto the surface 4. New Envmap (affects reflections) 5. Revised AquaPro 2006 Bright & Dark versions (base water color, wave animation and environment effects that also simulate cloud reflections in the water) 6. Trees courtesy of...

File size: 26.03 MB | Download hits: 8304

Screen Shoter v6.0

Simple Program that allows you to take screen shots in almost any format i.e. .bmp, .gif, .png, and more....

File size: 167.21 KB | Download hits: 392


FsPassengers 2004 is an add-on for Flight Simulator 2004 that will completely revolutionize the way you fly in Fs2004. Here are just some of the features of FsPassengers 2004: Add passengers to your flights! Finally, you're not alone in the sky. Passengers react to how you fly your plane. Hear them scream if you make drastic mistakes, and get their opinion of your flight in real time. Provide in-flight passenger services such as movies, music, and drinks. Make money for successful flights; be...

File size: 26.19 MB | Download hits: 5770


FS2004 AUTOLAND GAUGE Version 2.1. Provides full hands-off autoland capability for all airliners. Simple installation. By Martyn Becker, adapted and amended from original XML programming by Nick Pike. File size - 198kB ...

File size: 198.28 KB | Download hits: 4174

EasySatPix Europe

EasySatPix Europe is a very small and simple piece of software.Its job is to retrieve Sattelite Maps, Weather Charts, Analysis Maps, Precipiation and Snow Maps, Sfc Winds (Gust, Sustained), icing and thunderstoms Maps, Turbulence Maps, European, African and Atlantic Wind charts (from Surface to 53000FT), Pressure and GND Wind Maps. All the data is beeing retrieved from the US Aur Forces in Europe (OWS) and is all in all very up to date. This is a very early version of EasySatPix. Those where...

File size: 39.43 KB | Download hits: 253

Traffic View BoardComplete with Base Model

FS2004 Traffic View Board version 2.1 Traffic View Board is a new AI view gauge file that works like a traffic board at any airport. The board shows every AI flight in FS. You can follow each AI aircraft simply by clicking at the flight in the list and activating a follow function. Traffic View Board allow you to see the AI aircraft from any view in FS. You do not need to hit ctrl+w anymore. Requires FSUIPC. Made by Arnt Helge Haland - MRAI. ...

File size: 491.3 KB | Download hits: 4969

Aircraft Parking Codes Manager

FS2004 Aircraft Parking Codes Manager v1.6. Allows you to modify the AI aircraft.cfg and model to match the FS2004 AI parking system using the same data set that uses AFCAD 2004. Also you can modify the radius setting of your .mdl files to match the ProjectAI parking standards released with this version. By Armando Di Francesco. ...

File size: 838.28 KB | Download hits: 833

Flight Simulator AI Traffic Separation

FS2004 Flight Simulator AI Traffic Separation. With this tool you will be able to separate the traffic inbound to an airport defining a set of paremeters like minimun separation, desired separation, reduced separation zone, reducing the annoying go arounds that the AI engine of FS2004 can cause. By Armando Di Francesco. ...

File size: 497.72 KB | Download hits: 5455

EditVoicepack 3.1 ATC Editor

EditVoicepack 3.1 for Flight Simulator 2004 Allows editing the ATC communication in FS2004. It is possible to change the phraseology as well as add airline callsigns, airports, and aircraft types. It already contains thousands of ready made entries; and is able to download new entries from a central server. It also allows you to accelerate the existing voices for a more realistic experience and better handling of traffic dense environments. By Lars Moellebjerg ...

File size: 1.78 MB | Download hits: 5745

FS9 Configurator Version 1.6

FS9 Configurator is a tool for users of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. This tool gives the user access to many of the configuration files located within Flight Simulator. These include system, scenery, aircraft, saved flights, and graphics. The user can search, add, delete, or edit settings, plus maintain comments about each setting. FS9 Configurator also provides tools for changing aspects about Flight Simulator. The tools include Setting Contrail lengths, removing the Brake message, and...

File size: 202.21 KB | Download hits: 3257

Reality XP FS2004 tweaker

This guide is designed to help explain which parameters in FS2004 are related to which computer component in terms of performance. By adjusting the relevant parameters to each one's specific computer components, it should help get the most out of the flying experience....

File size: 961.26 KB | Download hits: 826

World Of Fireworks

Add firework display scenes easily in flight simulator 2004 to anywhere around the world using your own FS2004 effects files with Microsoft's freeware bglcomp.exe program.Just fly to where you want it to appear and write down the lat. and lon. cordinates and run it through the program then add your scenery into FS9,restart and view your show. You can also use this with many other effects such as steam,volcanos,forest fires ect by reading the manual. My own fireworks tutorial included with 2...

File size: 527.81 KB | Download hits: 1014

Doherty's Difficult & Dangerous Approaches Volume 1-63

FS9 Difficult & Dangerous Approaches v1-63. Mr. Michael Dohetry has given our community one of the most awesome answers to breaking up the boring $100 hamburger runs. Mr.Dohetry has kindly allowed me to compile all of his Difficult & Dangerous Approaches into one file. Designed by: Michael Dohetry Compiled by: Philip Wilson. ...

File size: 9.19 MB | Download hits: 2023

Real Rain Effect

FS2004 Real VC rain effect. The texture files within this zip will greatly enhance your vc rain experience. Speedy drops of different size have been added together with flowing water and wind effect. By Bluesphere, Gerrit Kranenbarg. ...

File size: 2.66 MB | Download hits: 6875

Engine Exhaust System Plus

FS2004/FS2002 ENGINE EXHAUST SYSTEM PLUS Version 3.2. Bug fix. Also adds APU effect and can be used with AI. Updated, improved, simplified. Heat and shimmer turbofan and turbojet engine exhaust effects, auto-operated at idle and at full throttle. Full installation instructions for most common freeware passenger airliners - listing included. By Martyn Becker. ...

File size: 239.87 KB | Download hits: 3275

Land Dust Effects

This effect will produce clouds of dust behind aircraft moving on dirt surfaces. A choice of colours is provided in order to give you a few options which will hopefully suit the areas in which you fly. This effect was originally produced as Waterland by Bob Tremblay and has been modified to produce dust effects. ...

File size: 92.96 KB | Download hits: 1453

Nick's Jet Smoke

This update is the FINAL VERSION of my smoke effect project. It is the result of weeks in tweaking and testing. Coupled with the enormous amount of feedback provided by the community the effects have developed into this awesome upgrade which I personally endorse and use. This update contains and entire list (see Readme) of visual quality fixes which include resolving issues coupled with using the simulator dynamic weather feature while running the effects and frame rate issues from the first...

File size: 761.66 KB | Download hits: 1858

Catering Truck Replacement Textures

This is a texture replacement for the default Landmark trucks, that you will find at most of the Airports all over the world in FS 2004. It features 4 BMP's , night and day textures for a cateringtruck in Lufthansa Sky service Livery and Gategourmet. I hope you enjoy it, its just there for a little bit more of realism!If you downloaded my first pack also, just overwrite it. Filesize: 2MB...

File size: 1.87 MB | Download hits: 697

Taxiway Markings 2

This file provides new taxiway marks, as you can see in the thumbnail. It enhances the visibility in FS, but also is more realistic for many airports. File size is the same, so don't worry about framerates. By Kars Veling. ...

File size: 41.78 KB | Download hits: 2433

Tree X Tree enhancement

FS2004 TreeX, v3.0. Photorealistic trees, including all four seasons as well as vigorous winter. Textures are 1024x1024 and are frame rate friendly. By Aime Leclercq. ...

File size: 1.32 MB | Download hits: 1636

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