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Project AI v2.5

Project AI, the number one free addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator that adds realistic AI traffic to make your flying experience the best ever.Project AI installer is a standalone MS-Windows application wich will install PAI package on your computer. More than just an installer it also has the capability to maintain your configuration files up-to-date. It is able to make some check and try to repair corrupted configuration files as well. PAI Installer install packages on both FS2002 and...

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LaunchControl v1.3

(English & German) Now with XP support! LaunchControl allows you to launch FS9 or FS2002 with random splash screens (not included) amd optionally launch your Teamspeak client and connect you with a server of your choice. Connecting to muliplayer has never been easier. Shareware by P.T. Waugh....

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High-altitude contrail 50 miles longComplete with Base Model

Use w/ default AI aircraft. High- altitude contrails are now enabled by MS for use on each aircraft, jet or prop, single or multi-engine, by using the FS9 version of the aircraft.cfg "EFFECTS" section to specify them. The temperature below which the contrails occur can also be defined in aircraft.cfg by the user. Included in d/l are new AI contrail, and revised aircraft.cfg w/folder structure to make a extra "AI" copy of default AC. This allows default(or other)contrail to be used for "hand"...

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FS2002/2004 FS Flight Tracker V7.1.0

More than a log, automatically record: a/c type, a/c reg number, airline + flight number , out, off, on, in times + fuel, aircraft weights. block time + fuel, flight time + fuel, origin and destination ICAO airport codes + names, weather. Report time in local or Zulu (GMT). Report fuel in lbs, gal or kg. Shareware with ten use evaluation period ($14.00 US registration). By K. D. Lovell....

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Cool Effects Pack

This file is a multi effects pack for aircraft on FS2004/FS2002. By Thomas Moger....

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SelectFx 4. Crash Effects Generator

SelectFx features: 1. SelectFx lets you choose from up to 44 different Ground and Water crash effects to use in Fs2002/Fs2004. 2. Quickly Save/Load your favorite crash effect setups. 3. To provide the highest realism, these effects are categorized by effect type: Blast Objects, Craters, Dirt/Dust, Fires, Concussion Flashes, Shockwaves, and Smoke. 4. For even greater control and to provide support for slower CPU's, a Min/Max "Emitter Density" toggle switch is provided for each effect type. 5....

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No-CD patch for Flight Simulator 2004

No-CD patch or 'crack' for FS2004. When applied, there is no need to insert your CD4 when attempting to play the software. Simply replace the FS2004.exe file in the root folder with this one and play away! ...

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