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FS2004 Utilities/Misc

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Replacement Grass Texture

FS2004 Replacement Grass Texture, 512x512, DXT3. By Julien Robert. ...

File size: 874.18 KB | Download hits: 3050

AI Geese

FS2004 AI Geese. Some tools and technical information to popular the sky with Canadian geese. Requires knowledge of AI traffic. By Joe Binka. ...

File size: 584.36 KB | Download hits: 731

Birds For FS2004Complete with Base Model

BIRDS FOR FS2004 VERSION 1.0 Full package to create bird formations in FS2004. 5000 flightplans of geese in V- formation at various altitudes, worldwide coverage. Easy install and remove. Works as AI from invisible airports. Does not disturb your airport operations or AI traffic. Only small performance penalty. By Eric van der Veen. Geese model by Joe Binka. ...

File size: 10.67 MB | Download hits: 2792

Modified Obslight Effect File

Replacement files designed to make blinking lights on towers, etc. visible at a greater distance....

File size: 2.6 KB | Download hits: 916

Water Environment Textures

FS2004 Water Environment Textures.  The Golden Eagles Squadron presents alternative sparkling water with sun and moon reflection textures. They add a more dynamic quality to the fs2004 water with sun glints and vigorous wave action as would be seen on a sunny windy day. Caution, these textures are only for DX9 compliant cards and will not work unless you can move the "Water Effects" to High in your display options! We hope you enjoy them and visit us often at the Golden Eagles Squadron,...

File size: 1.11 MB | Download hits: 6380

New Water Effects

FS2004 New Water Effects. A new set of water textures that really enhance the water world. After considerable mixing and matching, this mix was created. It greatly enhances the FS water. Original credit goes to Chrisitan H. Halden and Kevin Rangel. Compiled by Ashar Khan. ...

File size: 12.6 MB | Download hits: 2082

Realistic Waves

Surf's up! Gentle tropical wash, white breakers and wide surf belts. Breaking waves, wash and proper speed create a realistic surf effect along most coast lines. No frame rate impact.Installation:Backup your original files:fx_wavesfx_swooshfx_swoosh2and paste the included effect filefx_wavesinto your effects directoryand the two texture filesinto your effects exture directory.Happy landings and don't get your feet wet!Sascha Rieger ...

File size: 2.19 MB | Download hits: 1996

Active Camera 2004

FS2004 Active Camera 2004 v2.1.  This package includes both the install files, one that supports FS2004 9.0 and FS2004 9.1 (update to 9.1 here). Shareware, non time limited and fully functional - limited to the Seattle area). With this module you can enable additional views in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 - A Century of Flight. Several new camera views are selectable from the FS2004 - Options menu. When activated this module replaces the original tower and virtual cockpit...

File size: 8.62 MB | Download hits: 11391


FS2004 FSCamera 1.4. Allows you to move the tower view at will, offering more interesting views of your aircraft in flight. By Gunnar Daehling. (Previous version had 4109 downloads.)1. Preliminary noteMany users of the Microsoft Flight simulator surely know the additional program "Active Camera". It was freeware till now, what has changed with the version 2004. I have enjoyed using it also very much, it otherwise changes this one anyway for almost useless control tower view in magnificent...

File size: 458.86 KB | Download hits: 2118

Airline Callsigns

FS2004 Airline Callsigns. Includes over 800 airline call signs. Some ATC callsigns may not work in FS2004 because it wasn't included by Microsoft. Use EditVoicePack for FS2004 when it becomes available to hear ATC speak ommitted callsigns. By David Dossiere and Mylene Felix....

File size: 51.41 KB | Download hits: 3128

NAV Light Package

FS2004 Alternative Nav Lights. An additional alternative set of aircraft navigation lights. These are lower intensity than the first set and do not require editing aircraft.cfg files. By Mark Poole....

File size: 46.27 KB | Download hits: 1177

Modified Airport Lights

FS2004 Modified Airport Lights. A modified version of the halo.bmp light texture that produces sparkly lighting. By Mark Poole. ...

File size: 44.35 KB | Download hits: 2654

Asynchronous Aircraft Strobes Effect

FS2004 Async Strobes. By default, all strobe lights on all FS2004 aircraft flash in unison. By modifying several default effects it was possible to make them flash randomly, producing a more realistic effect. By Scott Gridley....

File size: 3.97 KB | Download hits: 2652

Realistic Touchdown Effect

I improved the default touchdown effect to make it look much more better. You can use it in FS9 and in FS2002 as well....

File size: 17.95 KB | Download hits: 3986

Shoot Config File Voice Control

"Shoot 1.6.3" voice control file for use with FS2004. You will need to download the main "freeware" program from which will allow you to make use of this control file for FS2004. The program is brilliant and allows you to control FS2004 by voice and it's totally free! All I have done is made a config file that works very well with FS2004. It will allow you to; speak to ATC and instead of fighting with the keyboard or yoke/stick so you can...

File size: 22.81 KB | Download hits: 1126

Plotting Tutorial

FS2004 Plotting Tutorial with fully-functional, free software. Tired of Flight Planner's limitations? Now you can plot waypoints, courses, and bearings to any point you desire using the charts inside MSFS. This illustrated, 14-page tutorial shows how to easily measure distances (nautical miles), magnetic/true headings, or bearing from navigation aids. Also detailed; how to use the software to obtain accurate panel.cfg coordinates for gauge installations on any aircraft panel. By Glenn...

File size: 2.73 MB | Download hits: 949

EUroute Module

The EUroute Module is a free add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator that delivers high quality flight planning information for your virtual flight. When installed, new menu item in Flight Simulator will start a pop-up flight planning computer in your cockpit. There are over 7000 european routes ready to be flown. Our routes are regularly checked to make sure you get the best possible service. Please note that this service is for flights within Europe - no routes for USA or other continents are...

File size: 340.16 KB | Download hits: 561

The Most Realistic Envmap

Do you want the most realistic Envmap for your flightsim experience ever? Well here it is for FS9. Its in DXT3 format and loads very quick.  Please feel free to contact (email) me for any suggestions....

File size: 799.88 KB | Download hits: 1240

Aircraft Shine

FS2004 Aircraft Shine. A new reflective environment mapping texture that is ment to give aircraft a new shine and reflective look. This ENVMAP is the closest you get to real polished aluminum, with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. Highly recommended particularly for models made with alpha chanels. Created by Tom Knudsen. ...

File size: 606.86 KB | Download hits: 1750

Night Time Fixes

If FS2004 at night looks like (and I quote Douglas K on "a really bad 'B' movie with a nighttime scene that was obviously shot during the day using a filter over the camera lens" then FS2004 Night Time is just what you've been looking for.Installation:Run the FS2004NT.exe to Setup the program.Start the program from the FS2004 Night Time Fixes folder in the Start Menu.There are 3 sets of options:1.  Darken the default night lighting for clouds, aircraft VC, airport grounds, and...

File size: 5.83 MB | Download hits: 1091

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