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FS2004 Utilities/Misc

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'Thunderbirds' Fireflash v2Complete with Base Model

The giant atomic powered airliner from the 1960s TV series 'Thunderbirds'. Fireflash flies in FS at Mach 3.2 at FL700 with global range. Animated undercarriage, with taxi, landing and splash lighting and automatic exhaust and reheat effects. GMAX model by Brian Douglas, flight dynamics, texture, lighting and exhaust effects by Martyn Becker....

File size: 1.48 MB | Download hits: 1454

/ FS2004 Crash Damage Enabler

A small FREE utility to enable / disable crash damage for any aircraft in FS02/04, which Microsoft disables by default. *VERSION 2005* 01/28/2005: 1.Hi speed configuration. 2.Larger sized format. 3.More error correction. 4.Entirely Free 5.Flight Sim 2002 and 2004 compatible. *VERSION 3* 03/31/2003: 1.Added title information about each selected aircraft to confirmation dialogs. 2.Added ? About button. 3.Choice for let "Crash Damage" SEARCH OR let the user BROWSE for the FS2002 Folder. 4.Error...

File size: 9.46 MB | Download hits: 2247

Abrams M-1A1 TankComplete with Base Model

Enclosed you will find a NEWLY updated version 3 of the M-1A1 Abrams tank. Have updated textures for vehicle, cut down the sound files to only essiential files, and added a panel. The panel has to bitmaps, the main panel and a "gunner's" panel. There are gauges at the top of the main panel featuring 10 lighted sound buttons that will play tank gun sounds. Each sound will play once. Then you must turn off then press to hear sound again. The buttons are color coded and lighted. There are 10...

File size: 3.79 MB | Download hits: 916

Oscar Class SubmarineComplete with Base Model

This is a detailed version of the "Oscar Class Submarine" and comes with a very detail Cockpit, Textures, Animated Flag and Props. I have included 2 Versions and both have their own "Sound Files".This version also has a basic working "Autopilot". Also included are the FSDS Source Files for those that might like to learn more about Designing or for those that might like to upgrade what work I have already done. Copyright: Kotaro Akikawa & Ian Thatcher. ...

File size: 3.05 MB | Download hits: 1181

FS2004/2002 Unreal Aviation Skywalker Strap-On HelicopterComplete with Base Model

Tiny backpack helicopter with two counterbalanced, contra-rotating single-blade rotors each driven by a tiny 125cc ten horsepower engine. Based upon the 1940's work of Paul Baumgartl, this is a modernised version with a couple of minor, subtle changes for safety. By Kevin Bryan...

File size: 3.39 MB | Download hits: 1404

1998 Porsche 911 GT2 RComplete with Base Model

This addon is a test version of its full counterpart and it is for FS9. Complex textures have been implimented onto the model for a more realistic look and allows for a fully customizable texture set [now included]. And just like the Mercedes SL600, this addon was inspired by the previous car addons that started the new car revolution for the virtual world of Flight Simulator. Test it out and see how you can improve it. Made by Jessy Corrales ***Warning: Recommended for experienced Beta Testers...

File size: 862.21 KB | Download hits: 1245

Sailable Nimitz Class Aircraft CarrierComplete with Base Model

that you can now sail/fly anywhere you like, comes with basic 2D Panel. Made from the Original Static FSDS Files by Javier Fernández, Panel,Sounds & Guages by Phil Crowther. Come with two Models and Panels. Based on files from the "FLETCHER CLASS DESTROYER" By Phil Crowther. Made from the Original Static FSDS Files by Javier Fernández. Ian Thatcher....

File size: 3.37 MB | Download hits: 1837

Eagle - Fictional CraftComplete with Base Model

This ship was my First Model in fsds2. Designed by Hubert Steinbacher...

File size: 641.84 KB | Download hits: 595

TCAS 2 radar screen

TCAS 2 radar screen for your MS Flight Simulator application. The TCAS 2 knowledge is based upon TCAS 2, version 7, as outlined by FAA Guidelines. (Also known as ACAS in Europe) This display will detect and warn against airborne A.I. intruder traffic via visual and verbal feedback. It requires FSUIPC (here), Visual Basic 6 runtime, and Directx 7 or higher. Danny Ho. ...

File size: 598.11 KB | Download hits: 1658

Stunt Demo FS2004 Video File

Can be played with any plane you like, even the boeing 747-400, Definitly works with all default planes and it also worked with all the downloaded planes tested it on. Eddy Dever....

File size: 593.8 KB | Download hits: 171

FS2004Macross VF-1S ValkyrieComplete with Base Model

Science Fiction Animation Plastic Model Series No.19 This Airplane is based on Japanese TV and Movie animation "Super Dimension Fortress MACROSS". This model is Roy Fokker Special of U.N.SPACY. This can transform into three kind of form (Gerwalk Valkyrie).(There is a limitation.) by Kazunori Ito...

File size: 1.44 MB | Download hits: 720

Root Beer Can PlaneComplete with Base Model

This is one of those models you can make out of soda cans. this one is a root beer can. Made in fsds Levi Betz...

File size: 1.25 MB | Download hits: 177

FS2004/FS2002 Unreal Aviation SWing SSTComplete with Base Model

Slew-Wing supersonic transport prototype. Inspired by the work of NASA-Dryden (who pinched the idea from Dr Voght of Blohm und Voss) this concept gives you both a STOL performance and Mach 2. I was having a 'Can I make a model in a day' moment so it's a bit simple but still turned out well. By Kevin Bryan...

File size: 1.82 MB | Download hits: 635

Wintery Haze FX

This program will add a wintery haze on the ground much like a blowing snow haze much like you would see while driving down the highway during a snow storm...

File size: 176.66 KB | Download hits: 560

Military Airshow Manoeuvres

For all you Fighter Pilots out there, who have been inspired by the recently held Farnborough airshow in the UK, here is a "Do your own air show" in a state of the art F/A-18F Super Hornet [TEAM FSKBT's F/A-18F (here].Just follow the simple aircraft manuevers given in the word doc in which the description of the manuevers is given in the end. Try to complete the airshow in under 10 mins,[real pilots do it under 6 mins].We like to thank the FSKBT Team for the brilliant job on the Flight Dynamics...

File size: 49.94 KB | Download hits: 860

Airport Ramp Tractor TG5000Complete with Base Model

This tractor is used at Euroairport (LFSB) to tow and pushback regionnal aircrafts (like CIMBER's Crj-200).Very detailled model. The vehicle has two tow bar avalaible with landing light and panel light keys. See read-me file for technical features. Virtual Cockpit is include and sound package. The airport map is personalizable for each user. Really usefull to discover your new airport. Don't hesitate to send me screenshoots from your ride !! If you have suggestions for further evolution,...

File size: 4.55 MB | Download hits: 1585

FS2004/2002 Unreal Aviation Tandem Aerofoil BoatComplete with Base Model

Wing-in-Ground-Effect vehicle for recreational use in sheltered waters. Not a problem in FS as even the oceans are calm. ;-) Although it is true that WIG craft perform better the larger they get and need to be somewhere in the region of 400 tons plus to be capable of crossing oceans, there is something to be said for this much smaller class. Faster than any speedboat or hovercraft yet needing no more skill to pilot than either. The only limitation being its inability to climb more than a few...

File size: 2.14 MB | Download hits: 477

Vtol Solotrek XFV Police Airport CraftComplete with Base Model

The craft which was designed to perform like a helicopter, provide the operator with a birds-eye view, be economical to operate, and be easy to maintain and store. Created by J R Lucariny....

File size: 840.74 KB | Download hits: 1044

Satellite Assisted Landing System Version 9

FS2004 Gauge: Satellite Assisted Landing System, v9 (SALS). Using satellite data, this gauge provides glidepath/glideslope guidance into all runways inside the FS world. Approach heading and glideslope indicators are displayed during the landing phase in a fashion similar to those used with ILS and requires the same piloting techniques to keep the needles centered. Because SALS has the ability to guide an aircraft to both ends of a runway, every airport including grass strips and seaplane bases...

File size: 222.95 KB | Download hits: 2422

new sunset textures

Alternative sunset textures. Works only with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004! Hope, you like it. ...

File size: 280.73 KB | Download hits: 3772

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