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FSX Civil Aircraft

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Korean Air Boeing 737-800Repaint

FSX Korean Air Boeing 737-800, registration HL5768. Textures only for the default B737-800. Repaint by Tim Van Damme. ...

File size: 8.58 MB | Download hits: 2312

Czech Airlines Airbus A321Repaint

FSX Czech Airlines Airbus A321, registration OK-CEC. Textures only for the default A321. Repaint by Miroslav Hajek. ...

File size: 2.75 MB | Download hits: 1224

Qantas Boeing 747-400 Wunala Dreaming LiveryRepaint

FSX Qantas Boeing 747-400, registration VH-OEJ, "Wunala Dreaming". Textures only for the default B747-400. Repaint by Jon Murchison. ...

File size: 1.56 MB | Download hits: 1685

Boeing House Colors Boeing 797Complete with Base Model

FSX Boeing House Colors Boeing 797. A future plane that should become, with a design based on the Boeing 787, the Boeing 737 replacement. This CamSim aircraft also has new Animated Ground Servicing (AGS) for this type. Model design by Camil Valiquette and paint by Camil Valiquette / Fabian Engeser. ...

File size: 1.79 MB | Download hits: 1685

Fly Niki Airbus A321Repaint

FSX Fly Niki Airbus A321. A repaint for the default Airbus A321 in Fly Niki paint. All textures are edited in 32 bit DDS format as RGB image with fully opaque alpha channel (reflections). By Dirk Kurze. ...

File size: 3.47 MB | Download hits: 1657

Bluegrass Cargo C-17Repaint

FSX Bluegrass Cargo C-17. Textures only for Mike Stone's Boeing C17 utilizing Mark Rook's FSX update in Bluegrass colors using bare metal. Requires C17X.ZIP. By L. Friese. ...

File size: 16.76 MB | Download hits: 6487

Qantas Boeing 747-438Repaint

FSX Qantas Boeing 747-438 Textures only for the default B747-400 model. Repaint by Raul Abella. ...

File size: 1.81 MB | Download hits: 2027

AirOne Airbus A320-214Complete with Base Model

FSX AirOne Airbus A320-214. Aircraft has been updated to match new FSX functions like jetways, ground vehicles, etc. Model by iFDG. Repaint and updates by Franco Baratti. ...

File size: 5.99 MB | Download hits: 2382

Singapore Airlines Airbus A350-900 XWBComplete with Base Model

FSX Singapore Airlines Airbus A350-900 XWB (Extra Wide Body) with Animated Ground Servicing (AGS). Model design and paint by Camil Valiquette. ...

File size: 1.64 MB | Download hits: 1645

Brussels Airlines Boeing 747-400Repaint

FSX Brussels Airlines Boeing 747-400. Textures only for the default B747-400. Repaint by Anthony Duray. ...

File size: 6.6 MB | Download hits: 1420

Bluegrass Boeing 737-800Repaint

FSX Bluegrass Boeing 737-800. Textures only for the default B737-800 in Bluegrass Virtual Airlines livery. By L. Friese. ...

File size: 3.68 MB | Download hits: 386

Brussels Airlines Boeing 737-800Repaint

FSX Brussels Airlines Boeing 737-800. Textures only for the default B737-800. Repaint by Anthony Duray. ...

File size: 2.93 MB | Download hits: 2574

Boeing 797Complete with Base Model

FSX Boeing 797. Original by Rob Ezratti. Adapted for FSX by Eric Buchmann. ...

File size: 14.99 MB | Download hits: 2752

Air New Zealand Boeing 737-300Complete with Base Model

FSX Air New Zealand Boeing 737-300. Model by Erick Cantu. Repaint by Michael Corcoran. ...

File size: 16.04 MB | Download hits: 4191

Travel Service Boeing 737-800Repaint

FSX Travel Service Boeing 737-800. A repaint for default B737-800 in Travel Service (TVL) colors. Repaint by Laszlo Bona. ...

File size: 3.12 MB | Download hits: 3270

Malev Bombardier CRJ-700Repaint

FSX Malev Bombardier CRJ-700. Textures only for the default Canadair CRJ700. Repaint by Tibor Kokai. ...

File size: 6.09 MB | Download hits: 1649

Delta Airlines Boeing 767-300Repaint

FSX Delta Airlines Boeing 767-300 GE in "Habitat For Humanity" livery, registration N171DZ. Photoreal textures for the AI Aardvark B767-3009 model. Repaint by Claudio A. Dobre. ...

File size: 1.56 MB | Download hits: 3417

Qantas Boeing 737-838Repaint

FSX Qantas Boeing 737-838, registration VH-VXH, "Warrnambol". Textures only for the default B737-800. Repaint by Raul Abella. ...

File size: 2.61 MB | Download hits: 1675

Swissair Douglas DC-10-30/ER PackComplete with Base Model

FSX Swissair Douglas DC-10-30/ER Triple Pack. Includes HB-IHB (1973), HB-IHF (1980) and HB-IHN (1982). The full animated model includes all the usual things such as taxi and landing lights, smoke system, dynamic flexing wings, moving gear, opening door, flaps, spoilers, thrust reverse and many camera views. This pack was created in cooperation with Jonathan Stewart, Remo Eugster and Robby Pauletto of HOUSE-RP. ...

File size: 9.31 MB | Download hits: 7828

Air Bagan Fokker F-100Complete with Base Model

FSX Air Bagan Fokker F-100, registration XY-AGC (ex G-BXWE). Download and FPS friendly low poly model. You can use it to fly by your self and/or for AI traffic. Models features eight LOD's, dynamic shine, moving gear, flaps, spoilers and thrust reverse. With reflective texture. Air Bagan is Myanmar's (Burma) newest and biggest airline. By HOUSE-RP, Robby Pauletto, Fernando Martinez. ...

File size: 434.72 KB | Download hits: 1831