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Teamspeak 3 Theme - Thorp T-18

A theme for Teamspeak 3 for FSX users; the plane in the background is the Thorp T-18 By "N2056 (Robert)". By Michael Mannschreck. Background image for TS3, of the Thorp T-18. ...

File size: 709.33 KB | Download hits: 32

Teamspeak 3 Theme - Carenado V35

A theme for Teamspeak 3 for FSX users; the plane in the background is the Carenado V35. By Michale Mannschreck. Background image for TS3, of the Carenado V35. ...

File size: 450.65 KB | Download hits: 36

UI Music The Right Stuff

Do you have the right stuff? Wave file for FSX user interface music. Enjoy an arrangement of the Oscar-winning score by William Conti: performed by the Prauge Philharmonic, for one of the greatest flying films of all time. 4:35 seconds, lots of time to load up the sim. "Hey Riddley; you got a stick of Beemans? I'll pay 'ya back latter...." By Mike Barnes. Black and white photo of Chuck Yeager and Jack Ridley. ...

File size: 15.25 MB | Download hits: 199

Airports Merged With ICAO Data Bases - Update 2

Here's a complete list of all airports in the FSX airports file with the added data from ICAO data bases. (airport names, cities, states, countries, etc). By Gary McDonald. ...

File size: 2.73 MB | Download hits: 337

Freeware Addon VC Installation

These instructions will teach you almost everything you need to know about installing a default FSX VC into an add-on without one. Instructions are for the PA A318 but also work for almost every other aircraft. By Cooper Honeyman. Screenshot of this freeware virtual cockpit. ...

File size: 10.33 KB | Download hits: 762

Spoken Names For NA Blue NRM US Region

This package names all un-named public airfields within ORBX's FTX NA Blue Northern Rocky Mountains (NRM) US region. 67 airfields in total. Requires EditVoicePack 4 (EVPX40.ZIP). By Mike Gibson. ...

File size: 191.42 KB | Download hits: 23

Gmax Tutorial Spanish English Italian

This tutorial is for beginners. How to animate an omni directional beacon on tower's top. Very easy, just 15 minutes. The omni directional beacon rotates 360 degrees. Included you can find the final model format .MDL ready to use with your Aiport Design Software. Screenshot of Gmax software. ...

File size: 14.83 MB | Download hits: 138

Video - History Of RAF Linton-on-Ouse

A Royal Air Force station history - RAF Linton-on-Ouse. Based on the RAF and RCAF 426 Thunderbird Squadron Association website this video tells the story of the WW2 Bomber Command Station using FSX and 23 aircraft. Station payware scenery by Team SDB. The author flew the following aircraft live in the film: Bell 230 Helicopter (default FSX), Mk II Lancaster OW-O (Plane-Design), BMW-760 motorcar (Hamaguchi), Junkers JU-88 (Kazunori Ito) with a panel updated for FSX by RMcL, Mk I Spitfire (A. F....

File size: 51.78 KB | Download hits: 57

Checklist For Airbus A320-200

This is an optimized checklist file for the Airbus A320-200 by Project Open Sky to use with the FSX default kneeboard. A full checklist containing pre-start, start-up, before taxi, taxi, before take-off, take-off, climb-out, cruise, descent, approach, landing, taxi to ramp, shut-down and securing aircraft. Also basic radiotelephony communication examples based on the rules of IVAO Network. By Philipp Herrmann. ...

File size: 8.94 KB | Download hits: 4111

Aerosoft Airbus X - FDC Profile

FDC performance and checklist for Aerosoft Airbus X 320 and 321. FDC Logo. ...

File size: 2.52 MB | Download hits: 198

Brindabella Airlines Callsign BRINDABELLA

EditVoicepack X call sign for Brindabella Airlines Pty Ltd BRI / FQ. By Hinrich Kaestner. Brindabella Airlines logo. ...

File size: 2.01 KB | Download hits: 21

Black Smoke Texture

A new bmp that will help black smoke effects. By Stephen Ballard. Down load file unzip, then rename file to FX_1.bmp then copy to C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator XEffectstexture. ...

File size: 44.3 KB | Download hits: 2920

Plug-In For Airtrack

This is the Microsoft Flight Simulator X plug-in for the AirTrack iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch app. AirTrack is an app that allows tracking of FSX flights on your iPhone or iPad in real time using a local wireless network with built-in parameter reporting, an EFIS MFD, an FMC and Airport information. You can also command the plane from the application. By Jofre Palau. Plug-In for Airtrack. ...

File size: 543.56 KB | Download hits: 191

Tables Of Availability Of Added Views Packs

A ASCII file and a PDF file that presents three tables (civil, military and FSX default aircraft) showing the availability of "added views" (outside and inside) packages on four different websites dedicated to Fligth Simulator. By Marc Renaud. ...

File size: 47.15 KB | Download hits: 27

Mods For Carenado Cessna C340Complete with Base Model

A couple of minor tweaks to the two aircraft files to make the plane feel heavier and less floaty during approach and landing. By John Dow. The ground effect has been lessened and the flaps drag increased, as well as other tweaks to allow a power on approach that can be flown down to the runway touchdown. Recommend you back up the two files in your Carenado C340A folder before unzipping these two files in there and over-writing. If you forget and want to go back to the Carenado defaults,...

File size: 9.71 KB | Download hits: 172

PMDG 747X/8i FS2Crew Voice Edition Pre-Flight

A .doc file in Word format, primarily for use with the FS2Crew Voice Commander Edition of the PMDG747X/8i for FSX. It describes the captain/pilot flying's tasks to perform, before and during running the preflight events of FS2Crew Voice Commander, preparing the 747 for flight from the cold and dark situation. The pictures will make everything simple. By Henk Altena. ...

File size: 194.7 KB | Download hits: 304

HD Moon Texture V2.0

This update will replace all previous textures from version 1. 0. Complete new rendering with new bump map applied and converted to DXT5. Earth's planetshine has been darkened so that it's no more visible, except from the moon's very early and late quarter. Additionally it's now possible to use 1024x1024 instead of 512x512 resolved textures. This means a plus of 1600% in terms of resolution compared with 64x64. By Marco Fischbach. Image showing a full lunar...

File size: 6.07 MB | Download hits: 466

HD Moon Texture V1.0

This is a replacement for the default moon textures. While the default texture resolution is 64x64, this replacement comes with 512x512 DXT5. To make it as realistic as possible, all images were rendered, using a large scaled map (8192x4096). By Marco Fischbach. Screenshot of the moon with HD textures. Make a backup copy of your default moon textures. Therefor go to your FSX 'Texture' folder and copy file moon1.bmp up to moon15.bmp to a folder of your choice (for...

File size: 2.49 MB | Download hits: 772

Billund To Copenhagen

Billund to Copenhagen is made specifically for the Billund Airport FSX. It has not been tested with the default Billund scenery. Payware version of Billund is available from the Pilot Shop store under AeroFiles. By AeroFiles. ...

File size: 8.02 MB | Download hits: 39

Juneyao Airlines Callsign

Juneyao Airlines Callsign (Air Juneyao). Requires Editvoicepack X (EVPX40.ZIP). By Yvan Greenaway. Juneyao Airlines Logo. ...

File size: 1.8 KB | Download hits: 31