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FSX09 Background Music

Homemade air traffic control as your background music in FSX. Programs used: Real player, Sony Vegas 8.0 Pro, Windows Moviemaker. Air traffic control from JFK airport tower, New York. By Tim Rigter. Cover image for ATC Background Music. This is a freeware ATC audio file wich can be used as background music in FSX. Go to X:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator XSound (X is the hard drive you installed FSX on). In this Sound map, there is a submap called...

File size: 20.78 MB | Download hits: 353

Camera Views For RealAir Scout 2007

Adds external camera views to the payware Scout 2007 package. By Ryan Butterworth. Image showing four different camera views. Important: Backup all aircraft.cfg files located in the various RealAir Scout/Decathlon/Citabria/ folders. An easy way I use is to rename the original file to aircraft.cfg.bak That way, you can just delete the bak when you want to restore the file. Installation: Once everything is backed up, you'll need to copy the definition files from the...

File size: 117.67 KB | Download hits: 39

Traffic_Sounds_FSX Video Update

Updated Traffic_Sound s_FSX video. The shortcut on the first video have been changed. This updated video gives you a chance to evaluate Traffic_Sounds_FSX and demonstrates the new technology in AI sounds by giving realistic take off sounds, reverse thrusts, fly by, and fully directional and interactive sounds. All aircraft featured are AI aircraft and are not flown by anyone other than FSX itself! A vast improvement on the original default AI sounds. Traffic_Sounds_FSX now brings a new concept...

File size: 16.39 KB | Download hits: 85

Flag Animation Tutorial

At the start it looked almost impossible. This tutorial will help you to understand the principals and the procedure of creating and importing groups of animated flags into FSX. By Serdar Nuzhet. Screenshot of a flag being animated in 3D software. Having spent considerable amount of time in the process of learning, creating and importing animations for the Flight Simulator X, I decided to compile this tutorial. I hope that this document will be a useful reference for the beginners...

File size: 1.17 MB | Download hits: 347

Sun Tweak For Light-Bloom Disabled

A tweak for those unable to use light bloom due to its considerable performance hit. By Dave Bolger. Comparison image showing the sun at 3pm. (Left: with tweak. Right: default.) The sun appears more radiant and its glow lasts longer after sunset. Simply install the "suneffect.cfg" file into your main "Flight Simulator X" directory. A backup of the original is included. To uninstall just delete and reinstate the original. ...

File size: 341.53 KB | Download hits: 782

Nick's SunFix

This package will enhance the sun effects in FSX and add simulated volumetric light rays extending from the corona. It's designed to work with and without light bloom and be dynamic with the time of day, altitude, clouds and the level of atmospheric humidity content. The elements which light bloom enhance have been reworked so bloom is not overpowering and should display in proper scale. By Nick Needham. Screenshot of the enhanced light effects. ...

File size: 1.23 MB | Download hits: 3114

Repair Aircraft Transparency Issues

This can be used to repair transparency problems for the Giles-202, Starlite, Skyboy, Su-31, Sierra, Sierra Amphibian, or P2004 Bravo. Aircraft window glass will be shiny and present if you use this stuff. Other stuff will also look better. By Don Halcom. Screenshot of a plane demonstrating transparency. This is my preferred way of installing files but you use any method that you like. I use Windows Explorer. For FSX users: THE PLANE(S) THAT YOU WANT TO FIX MUST HAVE ALREADY...

File size: 5.44 MB | Download hits: 130

Airline Inventory Package 39

A spreadsheet showing the author's AI system with all the airlines and additional pieces such as vehicles and ships. This has been a very large and time-consuming project as the AI system has more than 7000 texture sets, more than 2200 airline folders, and other assorted AI components. Inside you'll find an Excel spreadsheet with all the author's airlines (more than 2200) listed, birds, blimp, corporate aircraft, defunct airlines, Douglas DC-3, float planes, government aircraft,...

File size: 296.31 KB | Download hits: 67

Using The Autogen Annotator

The Autogen Annotator is a powerful tool for modifying the autogen of default ground textures or adding autogen to custom (photoreal) ground. This document illustrates the use of the tool, and includes a pictorial guide to all autogen object types. By Luis Feliz-Tirado. Screenshot of the Autogen Annotator. ...

File size: 8 MB | Download hits: 554

Glider Pilot's Checklist V1.0

The checklist explains in details how the plane is prepared for takeoff, the interrupted start procedure and the takeoff procedure. By Kasper Behrentzs. The checklist was made from my memory, but is as real as possible as this is what my glider instructor has taught me. NOTE that procedures might vary from airfield to airfield! The checklist is made for gliders without retractable undercarriage, water tanks and flaps. ...

File size: 6.44 KB | Download hits: 84

Clouds For Thermals

Cumulus clouds will replace the birds as the "natural" thermal visualization. Four Gmax generated scenery files for cumulus clouds and the required AirObjectVisuals.xml file are included. By Ed Dumas Sr. Screenshot of cumulus clouds against a blue sky. These gmax generated clouds will mark thermals in FSX. There are four clouds that are quite distinctive and should be easy to recognize as not the usual FSX clouds. The photo, CloudsForThermals.jpg, shows their distinctive...

File size: 53.11 KB | Download hits: 274

One-Shot Select Aircraft Makeover Icon

A quick fix for simmers who've imported FS2004 aircraft to FSX that don't yet have thumbnails, and want to replace the Big Blue Question Mark/grey aircraft icon in the SELECT AIRCRAFT box with a less distracting placeholder. By Grant MacLean. Screenshot of the new icon. Go to the UIRES folder in your main FSX directory, back up the AIRPLANE JPEG file (in case you find you prefer it after all). Copy and paste the AIRPLANE.JPEG file from the downloaded folder to the...

File size: 13.34 KB | Download hits: 30

RAF, RCAF, SAAF P-51D Mustangs

Thumbnails for five British Commonwealth repaints of Shockwave's WWII Fighters P-51D. By Grant MacLean. Thumbnail of 442 Sqdn, P-51 Y2-A in flight. ...

File size: 98.31 KB | Download hits: 45

Manual/Checklist Howard 500

In PDF format as a booklet. From "cold", pre start, startup, before taxi, taxi, before takeoff, takeoff, climb out, cruise, descent, approach, landing, taxi to ramp, shutdown, securing aircraft, to "cold". Based on the Howard 500 aircraft and panel by Milton Shupe, Joao Paz and Scott Thomas. FS2004 version had more than 4000 downloads. By Werner Schott. Screenshot of Howard 500 panel. How to use it: The Manual/Checklist is intended to start with a "dark...

File size: 528.39 KB | Download hits: 150

Thumbnails For FS2004 Aircraft

This file contains thumbnails for the "forgotten" FS2004 aircraft for use in FSX. Also includes directions for how to install the aircraft in FSX. By Thomas Perry. Thumbnail of the Wright brothers' Model B in flight. ...

File size: 433.95 KB | Download hits: 89

Environmental Reflection X 2007

An all in environmental replacement texture for environment mapping within FSX. This texture is to enhance and performance boost your flight simulator in a natural realistic and great way. By Tom Knudsen. Image demonstrating realistic reflections. All designed to fit to Service Pack 1 and  all designed to fit to bloom effect within FSX. ...

File size: 665.85 KB | Download hits: 274

Porting Overland Planes To FSX V3

A .doc file that explains how to port Overland airliners to FSX, with working panels, sound, pushback truck, etc. This version explains how to port all the models. By Dave Nunez. Thumbnail for 'Overland FSX'. ...

File size: 307.4 KB | Download hits: 87

116 Thumbnails

Includes 116 thumbnails of aircraft that work or are flyable on the author's system. Some may need a little fixing here and there. By Mike Basford. Thumbnail of Aloha Air Beech-18 in flight. ...

File size: 1.84 MB | Download hits: 23

107 Thumbnails

Includes 107 thumbnails for FSX of aircraft that work or are flyable on the author's system. By Mike Basford. Thumbnail of Connie PAA in flight. ...

File size: 1.8 MB | Download hits: 28

90 Thumbnails

Includes 90 thumbnails for FSX of Aircraft that work or are flyable on the author's system. Some may need a little fixing here and there. By Mike Basford. Thumbnail of a red Cessna AW. ...

File size: 1.64 MB | Download hits: 23