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PreviewChristen Eagle II Thumbnails. If you have ported the Long Island Classics Christen Eagle II (LICEAGII.ZIP) to FSX you've no doubt noticed the preview images are missing. Included here are 47 thumbnails of Eagles to correct that. By Chris Brisland.

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Christen Eagle II Thumbnails. If you have ported the Long Island Classics Christen Eagle II (LICEAGII.ZIP) to FSX you've no doubt noticed the preview images are missing. Included here are 47 thumbnails of Eagles to correct that. By Chris Brisland.

Christen Eagle II in flight.

Christen Eagle II in flight.

Generic readme for Eagleskinner repaints

Repaint name: FSX aircraft - Long Island Classics Christen Eagle II

Painter's notes and Installation instructions.

These images have been prepared by Chris Brisland

This zipfile contains ONLY a selection of thumbnail images for the LIC Eagle This is NOT a repaint but is intended as an extra for those who have ported the Eagle from FS9 over into FSX

If you have "ported" the Eagle from FS9 to FSX you will be noticing that the little preview images are missing. Here are forty-seven thumbnails of all the Eagles I have currently installed in FSX

I hope you find some of these useful


Make a new folder somewhere on one of your hard drives

Unzip this file to that new folder

You will find a series of new sub-folders

Each is named according to the repaint version of the Eagle

Copy the "thumbnail.jpg" from there to the appropriate folder in FSX

Christen Eagle II in flight.

Christen Eagle II in flight.

Images & Screenshots

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The archive liceiith.zip has 107 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0711.39 kB
Texture.XEC01.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0711.44 kB
Texture.XHN01.22.070 B
Texture.995ia10.21.060 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0711.26 kB
Texture.ace01.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.079.97 kB
Texture.bader01.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0711.22 kB
Texture.carolls01.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0710.35 kB
Texture.chrome01.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0711.05 kB
Texture.corvus01.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0710.17 kB
texture.cpeagle01.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0710.26 kB
Texture.dragon01.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0711.78 kB
Texture.dreamtime01.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0710.30 kB
Texture.eagletwo01.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0710.90 kB
Texture.effc01.22.070 B
Texture.EFFC210.21.060 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0711.35 kB
texture.effcgold01.22.070 B
texture.fireeagle10.21.060 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0711.21 kB
Texture.FUN01.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0710.31 kB
Texture.galland01.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0712.16 kB
Texture.GBDOG01.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.079.25 kB
Texture.gblue01.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0711.09 kB
Texture.GCOLD01.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0710.90 kB
Texture.gdogs01.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0711.83 kB
Texture.GEAGL01.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0711.37 kB
texture.gold-201.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0711.74 kB
Texture.gold-301.22.070 B
Texture.goldwing10.21.060 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0710.63 kB
Texture.grafitti01.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0711.82 kB
Texture.GRENO01.22.070 B
Texture.grid10.21.060 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0712.05 kB
Texture.jack01.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0711.42 kB
Texture.jacta01.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0711.32 kB
Texture.jonnash_601.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.079.87 kB
Texture.jonnash_701.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0710.45 kB
Texture.jonnash_801.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0711.97 kB
Texture.king01.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0711.96 kB
texture.lew01.22.070 B
texture.metalic10.21.060 B
Texture.metallics10.21.060 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0710.63 kB
Texture.n11us01.26.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0710.93 kB
Texture.N38SD01.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0711.11 kB
Texture.N75CE01.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0710.66 kB
Texture.N294CB01.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0710.72 kB
Texture.N400PO01.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0712.31 kB
Texture.N451SS01.22.070 B
Texture.N598GE10.21.060 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0710.10 kB
Texture.n993sa01.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0711.21 kB
Texture.NTA6601.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.079.54 kB
Texture.NUMA01.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0710.69 kB
Texture.parana01.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0712.12 kB
Texture.queen01.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0711.75 kB
texture.rou01.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0711.06 kB
Texture.snoopy01.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0711.99 kB
Texture.ten01.22.070 B
Texture.test10.21.060 B
Texture.tester10.21.060 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0710.81 kB
Texture.VHPUP01.22.070 B
thumbnail.jpg01.22.0711.98 kB
Texture.XEA01.22.070 B
readme_Eagle_thumbnails.txt01.28.071.12 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

Installation of Add-on Aircraft/Scenery

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


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