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FS2004 AFCAD Files

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NZWN, Wellington Int'l Airport, New Zealand. By Alan Chan. Some changes made to the airport: 24 gates and 14 GA parking spaces Accurate gates numbering and position Accurate taxiways marking. Runway 14/34's displace threshold and overrun are adjusted. Tower view is available. Installation: Just copy the AF2_NZWN_BBQ.bgl file to Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9Addon SceneryScenery. This file will only work in FS2004. Feel free to modify this...

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OPKC, Quaid-E-Azam Int'l Airport, Karachi, Pakistan. A340 taking off from Quaid-E-Azam Int'l. ...

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EGCC, Manchester Int'l Airport, UK. By Gareth Shaw. This is my first attempt at an afcad2. It took about six or seven long hours with the missus nagging the whole time, hope you appreciate this! To install put the AF2_EGCC.bgl file into the folder Addon Sceneryscenery. The Changes will take place the next time you start the flight simulator. To uninstall go to the file and delete it. The default airport will then be used. The airline placings at gates are approximate, I have...

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KPIT, Pittsburgh Int'l Airport, Pennsylvania (PA). Adds very accurate gates assignments to the Pittsburgh International Airport (KPIT). Most of the gates are as they are in real life. By Jonathan Vida. Overview of Pittsburgh Int'l Airport. Adds very accurate gate assignments to The Pittsburgh International Airport including US Airways Express. Installation: Just place the .BGL file into your FS2004/Addon Scenery/Scenery and start up FS2004 and you are good to go....

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KDFW, for use with Simflyers scenery of Dallas/Fort Worth Int'l Airport, Texas (TX). By John Kramer. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Logo. This is KDFW for Simflyers scenery non-static aircraft. Using airline names and aircraft radius. Unzip into addon sceneryscenery. If you have lots of airlines, you will take a frame rate hit. ...

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Oakland International Airport, California (CA). By John Kramer. This is KOAK. Using airline parking and aircraft radius. Has lots of FDX parking and some cargo parking. There are also a few overflow parking spots. Unzip into addon sceneryscenery. ...

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LIRF, Leonardo da Vinco/Fiumicino Airport, Rome, Italy. ...

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AFCAD2 files for Blackpool, UK that are part of the FYLDEV2.ZIP distribution. Fixes the taxi route to runway 28 . Not compatible with the default Blackpool airfield. By Ian Broadbent. Just copy it to your "addon scenery/scenery" subdirectory in your flightsim main directory thats all there is to it. Replace the old one if you have it installed. Enjoy. ...

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KCGX, Merrill C. Meigs Airport, Chicago, Illinois (IL). By Joshua Robertson. Simply copy and paste the file into your Addon Scenery/Scenery Ffolder. Enjoy! ...

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Long Island Mac Arthur Airport, Islip, New York (NY). An AFCAD2 scenery file to update the proper number and location of the 16 or so gates and parking spaces at the main terminal. This file has the gate assignments of current and historical airlines to the best extent available. By Phil Perlman. Overview of Long Island Mac Arthur Airport. Flight Simulator 2004 AFCAD scenery file to update the proper number and location of the 16 or so gates and parking spaces at the main...

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KMSP, Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, Minnesota (MN). By Steve Lewis. Screenshot of St. Paul International scenery. This AFCAD2 file shows TWA at gates E3 & E5 as they were prior to the American takeover (At least as I remember them. Gates E3 & E5 are currently unassigned per the data I can locate.) All other airline gates are coded properly as taken from the Minneapolis-St Paul International web page. A large amount of cargo spots are shown at the cargo ramps...

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LEMG, Pablo Ruiz Picasso Airport, Malaga, Spain. ...

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Sabiha Gokcen

Sabiha Gokcen (LTFJ), Turkey. Corrects taxiways and moves the runways to the correct positions. For use with LTFJ2002.ZIP scenery. By Salim Unuver. Overview of Sabiha Gokcen. This AFCAD file is For to use LTBJ SABIHA GOKCEN scenery in FS2004. Corrected taxi ways and remove the runways to the correct positions for the scenery. Need Baris Unal's ( Install: At first download the scenery Baris Unal's ( and install it. After that put the file...

File size: 5.25 KB | Download hits: 42


MKJS, Montego Bay, Jamaica, for Bill Mellichar's scenery. By John Hinson. This AFCAD2 file increases the capacity for AI aircraft at MKJS. It is designed to work with the freeware add-on scenery by Bill Mellichar and is not suitable for the default FS2004 airport. Features include a new GA parking area away from the terminal, and locations inside the Air Jamaica hangers - suitable only for DHC-8 anhd smaller aircraft. Installation: Place the AF2_MKJS.bgl file into the same...

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EPKK, John Paul II/Balice Int'l Airport, Krakow, Poland. Corrects and adds gate locations and adds night lighting to apron and taxiways. By R. Bardel. This is a corrected version of my AFCAD file for Balice JP II International, Krakow, Poland, or FS 2004 only. Some minor displacements and missing taxiway light sections have been corrected. Enhancements to the original FS layout: Gates 4, 5, 6, 7 have been added. Gates 1, 2, 3 have been moved to their actual...

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AFCAD2 Files For Central America

Files for Central America and the Caribbean. Includes all the major airports of Central America. Included airports: Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands (MWCR--but see also MWCRFIX.ZIP); Port-au-Prince, Haiti (MTPP); Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands (MBPV); Belize City, Belize (MZBZ); Guatemala City, Guatemala (MGGT); Cancun, Mexico (MMUN); San Pedro Sula, Honduras (MHLM); Tegulcigalpa, Honduras (MHTG); San Salvador, El Salvador (MSLP); Managua, Nicaragua (MNMG); Liberia, Costa Rica (MRLB); San...

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EFTU, Turku, Finland. Corrects taxiways and parking. By Aleksi Pennanen. Screenshot of EFTU, Turku scenery. Installation: Copy AF2_EFTU.bgl file to: ...Flight Simulator 9Addon SceneryScenery. Launch FS2004 and select EFTU. ...

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Default FS2004 Schiphol AFCAD file for AFCAD v.2.04 , file by Victor Nauta. AFCAD by Lee Swordy. Aerial view of Schipol scenery. Installation: Simply drop the AF2_EHAM.bgl file into your Flight Simulator 9Addon SceneryScenery folder. FS will automatically recognize the file, and install it. Un-installation: Delete the AF2_EHAM.bgl file, and FS will revert to the default settings. What Parks Where? I made the parking assignment's as realistic as possible. If You...

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Scott AFB/Mid America Airport, Illinois (IL). Scott AFB is home to the 375th Airlift Wing and the 126th Air Refueling Wing associated with the Illinois ANG. Screenshot of Scott AFB/Mid America scenery. The 375th Airlift Wing operates the C-9 Nightingale aircraft providing medical support throughout the continental US. The 126th ARW operates the KC-135 aircraft providing refueling operations for the reserves and active duty forces. The civilian side of the airport, Mid America,...

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KBUF, Buffalo Niagara Int'l Airport, New York (NY). By Daniel Wojdylo. Screenshot of Buffalo Niagara Int'l scenery. Installation: Place file in your Flight Simulator 9/Addon scenery/Scenery Folder. Restart your FS. ...

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