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FS2004 AFCAD Files

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LBSF, Vrajdebna Airport, Sofia, Bulgaria. Just put to FS9 Addon Scenery/Scenery then go to AFCAD.2 open airport the from specific file then FS9 Addon Scenery/Scenery/AF2_LBSF. Happy flying! ...

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LCLK, Larnaca Int'l Airport, Cyprus. ...

File size: 3.69 KB | Download hits: 28

AFCAD2 Austria

AFCAD2 files for LOWW, LOWG, LOWK, LOWL, LOWS. By Erwin Eichberger. ...

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AFCAD2 Files For Iwojima Aero

Iwojima Aero (RJAW), a military airport in Japan. By Hiroaki Kubota. Overview of Iwojima Aero Military Airport. Install into FS9/AddonScenery/Scenery/AF2_RJAW.bgl The airplane of the Self-Defense Forces which may come flying. [fltsim.X] title=JMSDF YS-11 atc_airline=NAVY atc_parking_types=MIL_CARGO atc_parking_codes=M003 [fltsim.X] title=JMSDF P-3C US-1A atc_airline=NAVY atc_parking_types=MIL_COMBAT atc_parking_codes=M003 [fltsim.X] title=AI Lockheed...

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Hendersonville Airport Parking

Hendersonville Airport (0A7), North Carolina (NC). By David Bishop. Overview of Hendersonville Airport. FS2004 did not make any parking for this airport. Created with AFCAD V2.04 for FS2004 by Lee Swordy. ...

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Grand Strand Airport, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (SC). This is a busy GA airport for the Grand Strand area. By David Bishop. Overview of Grand Strand Airport. FS2004 did not make any parking for this airport. Created with AFCAD V2.04 for FS2004 by Lee Swordy. ...

File size: 9.77 KB | Download hits: 20

Gran Canaria Airport

Gran Canaria Airport (GCLP). ...

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Lanzarote Airport

Lanzarote Airport (GCRR), Canary Islands. ...

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Will Rogers Int'l Airport, Oklahoma City, OK. I added more gates and assigned them to airlines. By Ryan Renke. AFCAD World takes no responsibility for any damages that may occur to your computer when loading, or using any of our addon files for FS2004 ACOF. To Install a AFCAD file for FS2004: ACOF, all you need to do is cut and paste your new AFCAD file into your Addon SceneryScenery Folder. (C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9Addon SceneryScenery) ...

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Tulsa Int'l Airport, Oklahoma (OK). All airlines correctly placed. By Anthony DiMaggio. To install, unzip file into your FS2004 add-on scenery folder. Open up AFCAD and it should have a modified version of TUL. ...

File size: 8.64 KB | Download hits: 16


Bordeaux-Merignac Airport (LFBD), southwest France. ...

File size: 7.28 KB | Download hits: 52

Marseille Airport

Marseille Airport (LFML), France. Overview of Marseille Airport. ...

File size: 644.36 KB | Download hits: 83

Galilei (San Giusto)

Galilei (San Giusto), Pisa, Italy (LIRP). ...

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LPPT, Lisboa Airport, Portugal. Based on real Lisboa Airport charts. By Carlos Cardoso. To install simply extract the .bgl file to your FS9/addonscenery/scenery folder. ...

File size: 5.2 KB | Download hits: 52

Hong Kong Int'l

Hong Kong Int'l Airport (VHHH), for the scenery created by Thomas Kwong. Includes every gate and 95% of parking stands. By Howard Hall. Overview of Hong Kong Int'l Airport. This file adds gates to every gate and 95% of the stand parking areas in Thomas Kwong's Hong Kong Int'l ( I have only added gate designations to a few gates in the South areas for Cathay Pacific. All other gates and parking are unassigned. They're also correctly placed and...

File size: 284.33 KB | Download hits: 91


WIII (CGK) Jakarta, Soekarno Hatta Int'l, Indonesia. Added up to 94 gates, ramps and docking cargos, gate numbers placement based on real life, changed taxiway names as in real life Actually there are more gates in real life, also in real life the gates heavy/small at Terminal A,B,C can be changed based on requirements. but due to limitations in FS2004 this cannot be implemented. By Edward Budianto. Soekarno Hatta Int'l Logo. Unzip into fs2004 add-on scenery folder. ...

File size: 11.55 KB | Download hits: 289

Military Base AFCAD2 Files

AFCAD2 parking for Andrews, Langley and Holloman AFB. By Dave O'Brien. Overview of Holloman AFB. Add these 3 Lines to the Airport text: KADW,N38* 48.66'W76* 51.81'280 KHMN,N32* 51.01'W106* 06.21'4093 KVPS,N30* 28.83'W86* 32.13'87 Place the BGL files into your FS9/addonscenery/scenery folder. ...

File size: 151.54 KB | Download hits: 64

Caribbean AFCAD2 Airports Part 1

Includes Grand Cayman Owen Roberts Int'l, Cayman Islands (MWCR); Providenciales Int'l, Turks and Caicos Islands (MBPV); Belize City Phillip Goldson Int'l, Belize (MZBZ); Port-Au-Prince Int'l, Haiti (MTPP). By Jason Diaz. Overview of Grand Cayman Owen Roberts Int'l. I'll be honest, FS2004 is an amazing program with some amazing new features but one of the areas where MS really lacked was in making these airport ramp areas accurate. Granted with having to do...

File size: 149.05 KB | Download hits: 73

KCVG Gates

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Int'l (KCVG) gates. Adds accurate gates to the airport for almost all carriers that serve KCVG. Also adds accurate taxiways and DHL parking. By Jonathan Vida. Overview of Northern Kentucky Int'l. Installation: Just place the .BGL file into your FS2004/addon scenery/scenery/ and start up FS2004 and you are good to go. That's it! Enjoy. Use this at your own risk. Author will not be responsible if something happens to your computer after...

File size: 31.9 KB | Download hits: 27

Vancouver International V3.1

Vancouver International Airport v3.1, Canada (FS2002 scenery used in FS2004). A simple AFCAD2 file with no frills - lines up with correctly numbered gates, taxiways and runways. By P. Nigel Grant. This is a simple AFCAD file with no frills - it lines up with the gates, taxiways and runways for use with my Vancouver International Airport v3.1 (scenery for FS2002 but it seems to work okay in FS2004 with a few minor glitches- one day I may update). My scenery is called ''...

File size: 18.24 KB | Download hits: 27