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FSX Scenery

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Ants Aussie Airports Vol 8 Patch

Ants Aussie Airports Vol 8. Patch 1.1, Bundaberg (YBUD) and Lady Elliot Island (YLTT), QLD, Australia. Fixes a couple of problems with Vol 8. These are the runway lights at Bundy and some users sinking at Lady Elliot Island. Requires AAA8YBD2.ZIP. By Anthony Lynch. Ants Aussie Airports Vol 8 Patch Scenery. This download will fix a couple of issues with Ants Aussie Airports Vol 8 ( - Bundaberg runway lights: Bundaberg uses custom runway lights. Due to a...

File size: 146.62 kB | Download hits: 185


Irish Scenery 1.00. Features: Weston Executive Airport (EIWT), Sligo Airport (EISG), Birr Airport (EIBR), Galway Airport (EICM), Connamarra Airport (EICA), Inis Mean (EIMN), Iniseer (EIIR), Waterford (EIWF). Ireland scenery by Ronan Kyne. Features: Weston Executive Airport (EIWT) Sligo Airport: (EISG) Birr Airport: (EIBR) Galway Airport: (EICM) Connamarra Airport: (EICA) Inis Mean: (EIMN) Iniseer: (EIIR) Waterford: (EIWF) How to install? 1. Copy file Irish Scenery...

File size: 77.24 kB | Download hits: 301

Aspen-Pitkin County

Aspen-Pitkin County / Sardy Field (KASE), Colorado (CO). Includes corrected runway and taxiway, new aprons and buildings, repositioned parking spots, fire station. By Chriss McConnell. Aspen-Pitkin County Scenery. Extract to desktop. Move KASE.BLG out of the unziped/extracted Folder to ...Microsoft Flight Simulator XAddon Sceneryscenery. Inculded in folder is a visual image of airport, an FAA aiport diagram, and the modified airport...

File size: 455.35 kB | Download hits: 438


LLFK Scenery. Scenery for Pik Airstrip. The airstrip is located in the Golan Heights at the north of Israel and is used for general and military aviation. By Adam Waiser. LLFK Scenery. The Pik Airstrip is located in the southern side of the Golan Heights, 0.5 mile east of Kibbutz Affik, And 5 miles east of the Sea of Galilee, along the road 98 between Katzrin and Kibbutz Mavo- Hama. The airfield is used for both Military and Civil Aircraft, and is used also by...

File size: 878.09 kB | Download hits: 106

Turner Field

Turner Field (7PA5), Prospectville, Pennsylvania. This small general aviation airport was located only three miles west of the Willow Grove Naval Air Station, PA. Turner Field was closed in the late 1980's. By John Hawranick, Jr. Turner Field Scenery. This small general aviation airport was located only 3 miles west of the Willow Grove Naval Air Station. Turner Field was apparently built at some point between 1945-47. The 1986 Flight Guide (according to Chris Kennedy)...

File size: 316.05 kB | Download hits: 46

Quad City International Airport

Quad City International Airport IA / IL. The Quad City International Airport serves the Quad City area of Davenport and Bettendorf Iowa and Moline and Rock Island Illinois, surrounding communities, plus areas of eastern Iowa and western Illinois. This scenery includes many improvements over the default version, including a completely new passenger terminal, modeled after the real life facility, using custom textures; the John Deere facility, Elliott Aviation facility, and the U. S. Postal...

File size: 4.72 MB | Download hits: 216

EPEL Elblag Aerodrome

EPEL Elblag Aerodrome Scenery. Scenery of Elblag airport located in northern Poland. Created with FSX SDK. Contains phototexture with seasonal variations. By Lukasz Kubacki (SimHangar). EPEL Elblag Aerodrome Scenery. -Seasonal (Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter and Hard Winter) and night textures. -Done with the FSX SDK, so it works in dx10 mode. -Photoscenery blending with UTX/Vector Europe. -The scenery requires FSX SP-2/Acc -Set texture size to 1m/pix, since the...

File size: 15.44 MB | Download hits: 257

EPSU Suwalki Aerodrome

EPSU Suwalki Aerodrome Scenery. Suwalki (EPSU) is located in the north-eastern corner of Poland, which is called "Polish North Pole" because of the lowest year-temperatures. The aerodrome is great for some GA, ultralights or gliders. The scenery was compiled with the FSX Acceleration SDK and contains phototexture, seasonal variations, specular textures, 3D apron and many detailed small objects. The landclass area has been hand drawn point by point to help with precise VFR flying. By...

File size: 14.91 MB | Download hits: 126

La Plata X

La Plata X, Argentina. This is the scenery of "La Plata", Republica Argentina. This is the continuation of BsAs_x.3 toward the south, passing the city of La Plata (requires BSASX_3.ZIP). This scenery includes: Aerodromo de Elizalde (ELZ), Tolosa (PTKL) and La PLata (SADL), and many other details for a flight VFR. By Pablo Contouris and Guillermo Posadas. La Plata X Scenery. Installation: This scenery has been created in form completely integrated with...

File size: 5.89 MB | Download hits: 134

Photoreal Ponta Grossa

Photoreal Ponta Grossa, Brazil. Ponta Grossa is a 350,000 inhabitants town in the Brazilian southern state of Parana. Photoreal scenery created using SbuilderX. By Gilson Cirino dos Santos. Photoreal Ponta Grossa Scenery. Ponta Grossa is 360.000 inhabitants town located at Brazilian southern state of Paraná, - it´s about 100km far away from Curitiba (capital)(90mi). This scenerary brings all the town and rural zone, incluind half of Alagados Dam (North),...

File size: 84.89 MB | Download hits: 344

Seven Row

Seven Row v2.0. This is the "Seven Row" Scenery from Germany for the FSX. You find the airports and more from: EDXW, EDWL, EDWJ, EDWY, EDWG, EDWR, EDWZ and EDKU. The scenery is compatible with the standard FSX installation or with newer mesh and terrain installation. Include is a setup .exe file for the installation. This version has the new beach at islands and all airports and all marker points. By Ulrich Loehl. Seven Row Scenery. This is the new "Seven...

File size: 3.45 MB | Download hits: 485

Abilene Regional Airport

Abilene Regional Airport (KABI), Texas (TX). Here is an improved version of the stock Abilene Regional Airport. Added and adjusted aprons and taxiways to more closely resemble real life. Assigned American Eagle to the gates. Replaced nearly every default building, moved the control tower, added additional buildings, parking lots, static planes and vehicles, and light poles. American Eagle aircraft are maintained at Abilene Regional. By Jim Cook. Abilene Regional Airport...

File size: 20.47 kB | Download hits: 187

Gouin Dam - Barrage Gouin

Gouin Dam / Barrage Gouin. Gouin dam (CTP3) is a waterdrome north of La Tuque (CYLQ), Quebec, Canada. By Jean St-Cyr. Gouin Dam - Barrage Gouin Scenery. The Gouin Reservoir (in French: Réservoir Gouin) is a man-made lake in the central portion of the Canadian province of Quebec. It is not one contiguous body of water, but the collective name for a series of connected lakes separated by innumerable bays, peninsulas, and islands with highly irregular shapes. It has...

File size: 5.84 MB | Download hits: 131


Gaspesie (Gaspe Peninsula), Quebec, Canada. Contains wind turbine farms, alpine ski centers and the famous Rocher Perce. By Jean St-Cyr and Gilles Gautnier. Gaspesie Scenery. The Gaspésie (official name) or also Gaspé Peninsula or the Gaspé is a peninsula constituting part of the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River, in Quebec, Canada. It extends into the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and is separated from New Brunswick by the baie des Chaleurs and the...

File size: 4.08 MB | Download hits: 135


KBTR Beta v1.0, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA). This version of KBTR brings forth some of the city scenery from KBTRv2 from FS2004. The airport has not been touched at all. Only city buildings and river traffic have been brought to FSX from the FS2004 scenery. There is lots of stuff there in this version, but a lot of work is still ongoing. All needed files are included in this package. Tested using Windows Vista Ultimate 64 and FS X Deluxe with Acceleration and SP1 installed. Not sure what...

File size: 21.19 MB | Download hits: 182

Horn Of Africa

"Horn of Africa" mesh: Ethiopia, Erythrea, Djibouti and Somalia for FSX in LOD. Horn Of Africa Scenery. All parts of the "Horn of Africa": Ethiopia, Erythrea,Djibouti and Somalia for FSX in lod 0 to 9. Install: Unzip the file in "Addon Scenery" folder and one sub-folder named "AfricaMesh" is created with one sub-folder scenery. Now, open F.S. and add the AfircaMesh scenery in scenery...

File size: 239.59 MB | Download hits: 294

EGTN Enstone Airfield

EGTN Enstone Airfield located on the edge of the Cotswolds in the centre of England, UK. Enstone started life as a WWII bomber crew training base and is now a busy GA airfield. Highly accurate detailed scenery with custom objects, runway textures, blended flatten, and ground features. Suitable for use with photo scenery or default. By Tim Arnot and Ian Melville. EGTN Enstone Airfield Scenery. The airfield at Enstone was built in 1942 as a satellite station for Moreton in...

File size: 23.57 MB | Download hits: 218

Eyguieres/Salon Airport

Eyguieres/Salon Airport (LFNE). Eyguieres airport is situated in the south of France in the beautiful Provence region not far from Istres, Salon de provence and Cornillon-confoux. The airport has two grass runways and has a short landing strip facilitating many gliders. Multiple hangars available and is tower controlled. By Daniel Louvet. Eyguieres/Salon Airport Scenery. Eyguieres airport is situated in the south of France in the beautifull provence region not far from...

File size: 787.74 kB | Download hits: 267

Mitzpe Ramon Airstrip

Mitzpe Ramon Airstrip. Mitzpe Ramon Airstrip is small airstrip near the town of Mitzpe Ramon in the southern Israel. This airstrip used for ultralight traffic. This scenery adds gravel runway and extends the asphalt runway 80 meters. By Bar Rodoy. LLMR - Mitzpe Ramon Airstrip is small airstrip near the town of Miztpe Ramon in the southern Israel. This airstrip used for ultralight traffic. Installation: Copy the Mitzpe Ramon folder into scenery library folder and activate it in...

File size: 2.97 kB | Download hits: 63

Greater Binghamton Regional

Greater Binghamton Regional Airport (KBGM), New York (NY). Here is an improved version of the stock Greater Binghamton Regional Airport. The author has added and adjusted aprons, taxiways and roads to match at the airport and added a new terminal with jetways and replaced the control tower with a more realistic one. Most default buildings are replaced and others added including the fire station. Airlines are assigned to the gates, added static vehicles and aircraft and other objects. By Jim...

File size: 19.74 kB | Download hits: 179


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