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FSX Scenery

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Orlando Seaplane Base

This scenery mod will add Orlando Seaplane base to the scenery of FSX, P3D, and FSW. The airport is not present in the default scenery of any of these games. In addition to adding the airport, the scenery around Lake Apopka has been improved and there are even sound effects around the base. This scenery uses default objects so no additional downloads are required. The scenery is compatible with FSX+Acceleration, FSX Gold, FSX-SE, all versions of P3D, and Flight Sim World. For best results, I...

File size: 113.72 MB | Download hits: 204

Bournemouth Scenery (EGHH)

Thank you for downloading my Bournemouth scenery. I've spent the last 2 months working to bring you the must up-to-date rendition of this airport, which was suggested for me to do by a friend who lives here. FEATURES: Custom models for Arrival and Departures Terminal, All 3 Cobham hangars, and Long hangars on the north-east side of the airport. Ground lines made almost entirely out of Ground Polygons, Updated Taxiways and Taxi Signs according to the latest ground charts...

File size: 261.35 MB | Download hits: 380

Salt Lake City International Airport 2020

KSLC - Salt Lake City Intl Airport 2020, Utah, USA by Ray Smith I have been asked many times could I do an update for SLC, knowing there were going to be major changes there I held off until now when someone sent me a plan for the new terminal layout and its taxiways, so here is my interpretation of what it may look like in 2020. This is a version of Salt Lake City Intl Airport with two optional files and made only for FSX, do not use in P3D: There is one version with the Crosswind runway...

File size: 4.91 MB | Download hits: 547

City of Paris - France

City of Paris - France v1.2 The scenery of Paris is for FSX. It covers about 140 km2 and also includes the towns of around in the west and the business area of "La Defense". It's apparently compatible with Prepar3D. ​The scenery includes new autogen, buildings, photo real mesh, iconic landmarks, the inclusion of bridges and correct placements for them and many replaced train stations and the addition of missing ones. By Marc Guitteny.   ...

File size: 1.47 GB | Download hits: 9575

Qeqqata X

Qeqqata X Scenery for Flight Simulator X. Lars Larsen: Rivers and Lakes polygons, Easter egg airstrips. Ulrik Motzfeldt-Skovgaard: Mesh, land class, coastline, custom made buildings. Finn Alfred Olesen: Added FSX standard object in Itilleq. Sarfannguit, Kangaamiut, Napasoq and Atammik. INFORMATION: QeqqataX covers the same area as Qeqqata Municipality. It has three airports: Kangerlussuaq (BGSF) Sisimiut (BGSS) Maniitsoq (BGMQ) The entire area has a...

File size: 1.44 GB | Download hits: 330

NZ West Coast Photoreal

ABOUT THIS SCENERY West Coast is photo scenery that covers a large area from Karamea in the North to Neils Beach at Jackson Bay in the South Airports covered Westport, Greymouth, and Hokitika.  Airfields covered Karamea, Franz Joseph, Fox Glacier, Haast and Neils Beach  INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANT: These files are designed to blend in with ORBX NZSI will also work with VLC Unzip the West Coast file into the Addon scenery folder of your FSX or P3D...

File size: 2.18 GB | Download hits: 663

Marlborough X 2015

Marlborough X 2015 is situated at the top of the South Island New Zealand and is compiled with the latest 2011 2012 high-resolution aerial images and covers a larger area of Marlborough including all of Marlborough Sounds. This scenery covers all of the Marlborough sounds and the Blenheim town and joins onto Robin Corns RealNZ Nelson and Robin Corn's Marlborough South lower resolution aerial imagery as it also Contains Robin Corn's 2007 Marlborough...

File size: 5.53 GB | Download hits: 427

Ibiza X

LEIB_Ibiza_X for FSX by Sierra.Foxtrot-Design. Installation: The folder "Flight Simulator X" contains the default FSX folder structure i.e. copy the folder "SFD_LEIB_Ibiza_X" and its contents in the parent folder "Addon Scenery" to "Microsoft GamesFlight Simulator XAddon Scenery". Start your FSX, go to Scenery Library and choose Add area. In the browser window select the folder "Microsoft GamesFlight Simulator XAddon...

File size: 121.47 MB | Download hits: 5390

Carlisle Airport Scenery by Chris Thompson

Thank you for downloading this scenery package for Carlisle Lake District Airport, ICAO code EGNC. This airport, located in Carlisle, Cumbria, England, is a former WWII RAF station (Crosby-on-Eden), once home for Hurricanes, Beaufighters, and Dakotas. Today it serves as a purely civil airport. Though not currently served by any airlines, it may eventually see service by ATR 42s of Aer Lingus Regional. Where they will park these is anyone's guess, as ther current parking layout...

File size: 452.89 KB | Download hits: 650

Elko Regional Airport

KEKO Elko Regional Airport NV by Eric Cagan. This is my rendition of Elko NV upgraded for FSX. I originally built this scenery using GMax for FS2004 (see AVSIM or Flightsim for those uploads). I decided to spend the time and upgrade this for FSX. I would like to thank Jirayu Tanabodee for his tutorial on how to upgrade FS2004 sceneries for FSX. I used that tutorial to upgrade a few libraries I heavily use in my sceneries (because they are perfect for what I need). All objects, except...

File size: 7.24 MB | Download hits: 330

St Maarten Scenery Package

This is a freeware file and has taken a lot of time and effort to make To install; simply run the auto install and activate in your scenery library. In this package you will receive: St Barthelemy airport WITH the sloping runway, Saba, Juancho E yrasquin airport completely re made and in its correct position as in real life. A rendition of Princess Juliana airport with assigned parking AFCADS and small fixes to the main airport. ...

File size: 86.32 MB | Download hits: 7289

Table Mountain

FSX Table Mountain scenery add-on. This is a freeware mesh for Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa. This mesh will improve your VFR flying experience. By Domonique Dantu. ...

File size: 13.43 MB | Download hits: 1478

Sand Pedro Sula-La Mesa Airport

FSX MHLM, LA MESA, SAN PEDRO SULA and Las Limas airfield.  Scenery created with Instant Scenery and A.D.E. Once unzipped the file, place them in the addon scenery folder in the root sim and activate to add area.  That's it.  freeware ...

File size: 1.08 MB | Download hits: 477

New River Gorge Bridge

The New River Gorge Bridge - FSX Some time ago, I ran across a post in a forum from someone looking for the NRG Bridge for FSX. So, I got out my modeling tools and got to workfrom drawings found via a GOOGLE Search. The New River Gorge Bridge spans the New River Gorge (of course) near Fayetteville,WV in the Appalachian Mountains. It is very near the New River Gorge airfield (WV32).  The bridge spans the gorge for just over 3000 Ft with a bed of 68 Ft in width. The bedis also some 850...

File size: 36.84 KB | Download hits: 149

Stuttgart Airport Scenery v2

Airport EDDS Stuttgart / Germany.  The gates have gate signs to show the number of the gate and gates and parking positions have ground painted taxiway signs for better orientation. ​The VOR DME Stuttgart STG 116,85 is added.  I was not able to remove the old VOR Stuttgart SGD 115,45 because this is part of the FSX database which I cannot change. Installation This is complete scenery, previous version not needed. unzip the contents of the zip file to a temporary...

File size: 4.13 MB | Download hits: 1883

Nieuenland Airport

Airport EDDW Bremen Germany.  Taxiways and designators up to date ( January 2013 ) Installation This is complete scenery, previous version not needed. nzip the contents of the zip file to a temporary folder. Copy and paste the folder EDDW_V1 and its sub folders to FSX/Addon Scenery Open the scenery library and add the folder EDDW_V1 and set it active. uncheck all other scenery folders with EDDW scenery. AI-Traffic I have made this scenery for my own purpose and...

File size: 311.67 KB | Download hits: 231

Schiphol Airport

Airport EHAM Schiphol Amsterdam.  Taxiways and designators up to date (January 2013). Installation This is complete scenery, previous version not needed. unzip the contents of the zip file to a temporary folder. Copy and paste the folder EHAM_V1 and its sub folders to FSX/Addon Scenery Open the scenery library and add the folder EHAM_V1 and set it active. uncheck all other scenery folders with EHAM scenery. AI-Traffic I have made this scenery for my own purpose...

File size: 186.04 KB | Download hits: 2003

Floyd Bennett Field (CGAS)

Floyd Bennett Field and CGAS Brooklyn (CGAS).  Author: Jim Dhaenens (  Ver 1.0 for FSX.  Floyd Bennett Field and Coast Guard Air Station Brooklyn (Future NAS Brooklyn).  FSX Native Compiled with FSX SP-2/Acceleration SDK tools. Information Floyd Bennett Field Started out it's life in 1931 as the first airport in New York City. Between 1931 and 1941, Floyd Bennett Field was visited as a departure (and often return) point for many record...

File size: 5.48 MB | Download hits: 262

Barking Sands Airport

Barking Sands Airport (PHBK), Hawaii (HI). Fictional expansion of the small airfield at Barking Sands on the west coast of the island. The airport has been completely re-made along the lines of the original two runway layout. Now featuring a 9000 foot (2743m) main runway 16/34 and added crosswind runway 02/20 which is 4300 feet (1380m) along with new terminal. The original airfield can still be seen - the former 16/34 has been re-sited much closer to the coast as in real life. Faded edge lines...

File size: 2.37 MB | Download hits: 371

Tubuai And Raivavae Photoreal

This is a scenery package for the two islands of Tubuai and Raivavae which are part of the Austral Island group of French Polynesia. They are located at the southern most end of French Polynesia and not that far away from the Cookie Islands. Texture resolution is 1m/pixel (LOD 15). Comes with a simple runway and basic airport autogen. By Tiberius Kowalski. ...

File size: 52.28 MB | Download hits: 224