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FSX Scenery

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Yuba County Airport

Yuba County Airport CA (IATA: MYV, ICAO: KMYV) is a public airport located three miles (4.8 km) southeast of Marysville, serving Yuba County, California, USA. The airport has two runways and is mostly used for general aviation. Oroville Municipal Airport (IATA: OVE, ICAO: KOVE) is a public airport located 3 miles (5 km) southwest of the city of Oroville in Butte County, California, USA. Oroville Municipal Airport covers 920 acres and has two runways. This airport is about 23nm NW of Yuba Co. An...

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CLE VOR. Adds the missing VOR/DME CLE (Calella), Spain, to the default scenery. This is needed to fly into Barcelona (LEBL). BGL file to create the VOR/DME CLE (Calella) missing in FSX. This VOR/DME is necessary for Barcelona (LEBL) SID and START. INTALLATION: Copy the "VOR cle.bgl" file to FSX/Addon Scenery/Scenery.   ...

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Schmidgaden (EDPQ), Germany. Modified FS9 scenery of Schmidgaden, Bavaria, Upper Franconia east of EDDN, near the city of Amberg. By Uwe Schweitzer. Schmidgaden Scenery. Turn wordwrap off. Description: This scenery covers the small airfield Schmidgaden in Upper Franconia, east part of Bavaria near the Czech border, north of Regensburg near the city of Amberg. It is probably not of great interest to foreigners. EDPQ is a default airstrip but with a wrong runway,...

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Caribbean South

Caribbean South. Scenery of the south Caribbean islands that includes Guadeloupe, Desirare, Les Saintes, Marie Galante, Dominique, Martinique, St.Lucia, Barbados, St.Vincent, Bequia, Mustique, Canouan, Union Island, Carriacou, Rondet, Grenada, Grenadines, Tobago and Trinidad. This scenery is based on mesh terrain of Yohann Baptiste. By Toni Agramont. Caribbean South Scenery. Caribean South Scenery of the South Caribbean Islands that includes: Guadeloupe,...

File size: 18.86 MB | Download hits: 2150

Fortaleza Airport

Fortaleza Airport (SBFZ), Brazil, Pinto Martins International Airport, v1.0. Features modifications to runway 13/31 and taxiways. By Peter Koller. Fortaleza Airport Scenery. SBFZ - Fortaleza - BRASIL - Pinto Martins International Airport --> for FS X ONLY! VERSION 1.0 2007-AGO-12 This is my first attempt to modify / enhance FS X airports. Try it out (day and night) and give feedback. Many thanks to Max Hochreutener for testing. Installation: Unzip...

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Curacavi Valley

Curacavi Valley, Chile. Features 1.2 meter satellite images, autogen objects and mesh terrain, surroundings of SCCV (Curacavi) in central Chile. By Marcos Grinstein. Curacavi Valley Scenery. To install run "Curacavi FSX SimChile_E.exe", the program finds your FSX folder and installs the scenery on the addons folder on the FSX path, you must have FSX installed on your computer. To uninstall the scenery run "Remove Escenario Curacavi FSX SimChile" on...

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Pack 2 Emergency Realism Kit For LEMR

Emergency Realism Kit For Asurias (Spain) Pack 2, LEMR (La Morgal - Oviedo). Changes for placing GA traffic at La Morgal Airport. By Felix Fernandez de Castro. Emergency Realism Kit For LEMR Scenery. These files are only made for placing GA Traffic in the “La Morgal - LEMR” little airport, near Oviedo (Asturias, Spain). This is not a realistic scenery. The source are the Google views. * AstEmKit_LEMR_AFX.bgl: AFD for LEMR, enhanced (??) with AFX in order...

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Neumuenster (EDHN), northern Germany. A small aeroclub airfield near the autobahn to Kiel in the province of Schleswig-Holstein. By Uwe Schweitzer. (See also EDHN_COR.ZIP). Neumuenster Scenery. This is a modified version of my former EDHN VFR-Scenery of Neumuenster, a town in the middle between Hamburg and Kiel in Schleswig-Holstein. Scenery done with GoogleEarth, SBuilderX, Instant Scenery and my own objects from FS9. As Abacus has not yet succeded in updating their FSDS I...

File size: 9.14 MB | Download hits: 134

Zurich Checkered Shed Fix

Zurich Airport Checkered Shed Fix. With the default scenery of Zurich International Airport (LSZH), Switzerland, you will maybe touch the checkered shed on runway 34 if you land or take off with a big airplane and crosswind. This file fixes the problem. By Robby Pauletto. Zurich Checkered Shed Fix Scenery. This ZIP-pack is not allowed to upload, sells or distributed in some other way, without permission of the author. Not full or part of this. This ZIP-pack...

File size: 17.84 KB | Download hits: 135

Killeen/Ft. Hood Airport

Killeen/Ft. Hood Airport (KGRK), Texas (TX). Adds the terminal, new civilian parking apron, jetways and parking spots to the default airport. Requires Rwy12 object libraries. By John Patterson. Two files are included: 1. AFX_KGRK.BGL - Adds the new civilian parking apron, jetways and parking spots to the default airport. 2. kgrk.bgl - Adds the terminal itself, or something resembling it. You must have Rwy12 Object Placer Library Collections by Israel Roth and Seev Kahn installed...

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Hospital of St Cross

Hospital of St Cross. The hospital of St. Cross, which stands about a mile from Winchester, Hampshire, UK, between the river Itchen and the Southampton road, was founded about 1136 by Bishop Henry de Blois. Generation X VFR Photographic Scenery Vol. 1 recommended. By Simon Swallow. Hospital of St Cross Scenery. The hospital of St. Cross, which stands about a mile from Winchester, Hampshire, UK, between the river Itchen and the Southampton road, was founded about 1136 by...

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UK ANO Objects

UK ANO Objects. The large objects listed in the "En-Route Air Navigation Obstacles" bulletin, issued by the CAA, are deemed to be just that. They are a potential danger to aircraft navigation and are, in the main, shown on the CAA charts. They are of course useful as navigation aids as well. The scenery covers 307 locations, many of which have multiple objects. By Gerry Winskill. YOU MUST READ THIS FIRST, BEFORE INSTALLING! INTRODUCTION: The large objects listed in the...

File size: 336.59 KB | Download hits: 752

Pack 1 Emergency Realism Kit For Asturias

Emergency Realism Kit for Asturias (Spain) Pack 1, LEAS (Ranon, Aeropuerto de Asturias) and Region Code Changes. By Felix Fernandez de Castro. Emergency Realism Kit For Asturias Scenery. Emergency Realism Kit for Asturias (Spain) Pack 1. LEAS (Ranón, Aeropuerto de Asturias) and Region Code Changes. The default FSX scenery is specially unfortunated in many regions of the world. I hope with these files you can fly over Asturias and the Cantabrico Coast without...

File size: 224.19 KB | Download hits: 159

Hungriger Wolf Update

Hungriger Wolf Update (EDHF), Germany. Photoscenery of EDHF/Hungriger Wolf; brings night and seasons change. By Uwe Schweitzer. Hungriger Wolf Update Scenery. I finally managed thanks to SBuilder and the tutorials to bring night and saison change. Just exchange the old ground.bgl with this one, the flatten (DEM.bgl) is no longer needed as included in the ground.bgl. Just for safety you can overwrite the exclude file 000HF. This scenery is freeware and you can do...

File size: 44.68 MB | Download hits: 126

Tocumen Int'l Airport

Tocumen Int'l Airport (MPTO), Panama. This is an AFCAD-type scenery (plus a little more) of the "Hub of the Americas", Tocumen International Airport in Panama. This scenery features improved parking, vehicle paths, updates MPTO to summer 2007 appearance, more jetways, landclass, waterclass, roads, traffic and much more. By Rhett Browning. MPTO Enhanced - Tocumen Intl - Panama Version 1.0 July 2007 by Rhett Browning This is an AFCAD-type scenery (plus a little more)...

File size: 25.88 KB | Download hits: 2806

EDHF Hungriger Wolf

EDHF Hungriger Wolf. Updated und reworked. Photoscenery of Hungriger Wolf, the former army (helicopter) air base ETHI in northern Germany, state of Schleswig Holstein. By Uwe Schweitzer. EDHF Hungriger Wolf Scenery. This is my first attempt to convert my former fs9 sceneries to fsX and I am still learning but happy with this result for the time being. EDHF is the new ICAO code of Hungriger Wolf, the former army airbase ETHI (helicopters/"Heeresflieger"). You find...

File size: 10.92 MB | Download hits: 168

Town Of Nantes

Town Of Nantes, France. Includes new local mesh, photoreal textures at 2 m/pixel, various buildings, chruches and visual reference marks. By Marc Guitteny. Town Of Nantes Scenery. Precisions concerning the installation. This scene was made for Flight Simulator X, with Gmax, FsXKML and the SDK of ms. It is made up of a new local mesh, photorealists textures in 2m/pixel, various buildings, churches, and reference marks visual. A map of a touristic tour is inclued in...

File size: 79.52 MB | Download hits: 971

UK Refineries

UK Refineries. Adds large oil refineries and chemical plants to England and Wales, as such large sites are highly visible from the air as navigation landmarks. By Gerry Winskill. Because of the way in which the scenery objects used in the FS9 version of UK Refineries was written the textures are not displayed by FSX. The arrival of FSX's SP1 didn't change the situation. The same problem arose with the UK ANO scenery, of which more anon. To get the refineries to show up correctly in...

File size: 2.15 MB | Download hits: 498

Dusseldorf International

Dusseldorf International Airport (EDDL), Germany. Includes added gates, helipad and parking. Also corrects taxiway names, adjusts tower view and more. By Thomas Schlechter. Dusseldorf International Scenery. This is my very first version of an FSX "AFCAD" file. For EDDL "Dusseldorf International" Germany FSX default airport. The following changes have been made: Gates added: V91-V96 (6 gates) V86 (1 gate) V61-V74 (10 gates) V53-V31 (9...

File size: 1.48 MB | Download hits: 1079


Scenerey--Wickenburg (E25), Arizona (AZ). Photo scenery of this small town northwest of Phoenix. By Kevin Burns. Wickenburg Scenery. This is my first attempt at a photo scenery for FSX. Wickenburg is a small town located 60 miles northwest of Phoenix. The population is roughly 5,000. The runway was recently extended. In fact, the work was in progress when the USGS photo was taken. This area is covered in the MegaScenery Phoenix package. I don't know if the two...

File size: 23.35 MB | Download hits: 107