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FSX Scenery

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City Place Tower

City Place Tower, Dallas, Texas (TX). Cityplace is a neighborhood near what has come to be known as "Uptown" in the Oak Lawn area of Dallas. By Michael K. Dealey. City Place Tower Scenery. Cityplace is a neighborhood near what has come to be known as "Uptown" in the Oak Lawn area of Dallas. It is located at the intersection of I-75 (Central Expressway) and Haskell Avenue. At 42-stories, Cityplace Tower is the tallest building in Dallas outside of...

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Flensburg-Schaeferhaus (EDXF), Schleswig-Holstein, north Germany. Germany's most northern airport on the mainland near the Danish border. By Uwe Schweitzer. Flensburg-Schaeferhaus Scenery. FSX-Remake of my former versions for the FS9. Germany's most northern airport on the main land near the Danish border, only Sylt-Westerland/EDXW is more northern/ If you use MyTrafficX rename AFX_EDXF into BR2_EDXF and put it into that scenery file as well but not before...

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Utah Complete (Update 1.2)

Utah Complete Update 1.2, for use with UTAHCOMP.ZIP. Highlights include St. George (KSGU) fix, Salt Lake City Int'l (KSLC) update, updated AFCAD for Ogden (KOGD), minor fixes for Provo (KPVU). By James Udall. Utah Complete (Update 1.2) Scenery. Highlights of this update: 1 - St. George (KSGU) - Some users have reported problems with terrain at the airport and have described "mounds" of terrain built up along the runway. A fix for this is included. However,...

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USS Saratoga

USS Saratoga. This is a tweak of Paul Clawson's Saratoga static scenery add-on (SARAVX.ZIP). It adds a movable AI ship out of the Saratoga model that he provided in the original package. Full integration with AIShips, and Arrcab 2.6. USS Saratoga Scenery. This is a nice little addon so you can have a World War II ship in your AI ships inventory. I borrowed the model made by By Paul Clawson, that he provided with his static Saratoga Available on simviation. I then took...

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Pitt Stadiums

Pitt Stadiums, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA). This scenery includes Heinz Field, PNC Park and Mellon Arena. It was designed by Camilo Forero for FS2004 default. His objects have now been reposition for use in FSX with Ultimate Terrain X. By Ray Lunning. Pitt Stadiums Scenery. To install it just move the FSX-Stadiums folder to your FSX Addon Scenery folder.. Then open FSX ans go to settings/scenery library and add it.. Ray Lunning ...

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Alconbury AB

Alconbury AB. Includes self-installer. By Alan McCarthy. Alconbury AB Scenery. Read me text for all my uploads. Just run .exe auto installer for Aircraft. Please note there might be occassions when you have click run then yes to accept certain guages. Run .exe auto installer for Scenery. Run FSX - CLICK ON SETTINGS - CLICK ON sCENERY LIBRARY - cLICK ON ADDON SCENERY FOLDER - FOLDER FOR SCENERY AREA YOU HAVE INSTALLED WILL SHOW UP - CLICK ON THIS...

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LZ Xray

LZ Xray, La Drang, Vietnam. Includes Pie Me special forces camp, LZ Xray, LZ Falcon and LZ Albany. By Alan Mccarthy. LZ Xray Scenery. Read me text for all my uploads. Just run .exe auto installer for Aircraft. Please note there might be occassions when you have click run then yes to accept certain guages. Run .exe auto installer for Scenery. Run FSX - CLICK ON SETTINGS - CLICK ON sCENERY LIBRARY - CLICK ON ADDON SCENERY FOLDER - FOLDER FOR SCENERY AREA...

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Telgte Airport

Telgte Airport, Muenster, Westphalia, Germany, for VFR Germany 1. By Uwe Schweitzer. Telgte Airport Scenery. This was my first scenery done onlyby photos from a contest of a German internet site from flightsim design. I have never been there, but as is often recommend for On-Line-Competitions it should by ok. As some users asked me to convert this for Aerosoft's first edition of the new VFR-Series I did not hestitate thoug there will probabely soon be a commercial...

File size: 1.35 MB | Download hits: 225

EGKR Redhill

EGKR Redhill. A complex grass airfield south of London, in Surrey, UK. Five runways and as many helipads. By Dominique M. L. Donzelot. EGKR Redhill Scenery. This nice place is a rather large complex of 5 runways of grass and 5 or more helicopters landing pads. Situated a handfull of miles, north of Gatwick, in the south of UK, in Surrey. The original scenery in FSX is very, very modest so it was logical to try something closer to the reality. Here is my modest...

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Berlin Landmarks

Berlin Landmarks. Fixes the location and size of some of the default buildings in the center of Berlin, Germany. By Edgar Knobloch. MS put a lot of effort into recreate some of the Berlin landmarks. Beside the landmarks of FS2002/FS2004 now landmarks were added like "Potsdamer Platz" square, Charite hospital, Allianz tower and the "Funkturm". Even the Reichstag was replaced by a new 3D model and new textures. The FSX extension pack "Acceleration" enhanced...

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IPBB Bush Camp

IPBB Bush Camp, British Columbia, Canada. IPBB ("Ian P's Bigger Base") is a pretty simple scenery, sitting on a lake in the middle of pretty literally nowhere. It's actually only a short flight from Telegraph Creek, but nowhere near any major town or settlement, which is pretty much the idea. The town of "D'noyet", where it resides according to the scenery listing, has yet to be built. By Ian Pearson. IPBB Bush Camp Scenery. Thanks for...

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Enrique Malek International

Enrique Malek International Airport (MPDA), Panama. Gmax scenery of one of Panama's larger airport, located in the city of David. By Rhett Browning. Enrique Malek International Scenery. This is a GMAX scenery of one of Panama's larger airports, Enrique Malek Intl in the city of David (pronounced Dah-veed). It is part of a larger project I have done some work on. At present the only other part of that project that has been uploaded anywhere, is MPTO (Tocumen...

File size: 802.69 KB | Download hits: 385

V1.2 Gloucestershire Airport

Gloucestershire Airport (EGJB), UK, v1.2. Includes AI traffic, fixed approach lights, better integratino of airport into photographic scenery. By T. Shields. Gloucestershire Airport Scenery. I thought FSX SP2/Acceleration might cause display issues with this scenery however there don't seem to be any problems as the vast majority of the code is in FSX format. Modifications. * Ai traffic is now compiled into the FSX Traffic format. * Approach lights now face...

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Icebergs Ahoy!

Icebergs Ahoy! The exact location of the icebergs is unknown. An RNZAF Orion report sighting icebergs approximately 35 nm southeast of Stewart Island, New Zealand; with another flotilla approximately 50 nm south of Dunedin. Start searching for the icebergs off Stewart Island first. By Rob Sitter. ARNZ X Friday Night Flight scenery for FSX in New Zealand. This scenery is designed for the ARNZ X Friday Night Flight of 9th November 2007 "Icebergs Ahoy!" See NOTAM on Forum for further...

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Grafton District Airport

Grafton District Airport (YGFN), Australia. A delighful small airport approximately 80 nautical miles from Coffs Harbour and a slightly shorter distance to Ballina and Lismore. This makes a good stopover for hopping down the east coast of Australia. By John Ross. Grafton District Airport Scenery. The size of the airport has allowed me to put in that extra detail which makes to terminal and surrounds very much "as in real life". Photographic textures are used for...

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Pic St Loup Airport

Pic St Loup Airport (LFNL), 20 miles north of Montpellier, in the south of France. This airfield is mostly dedicated to gliders. By Dominique M. L. Donzelot. Pic St Loup Airport Scenery. This nice place is mostly used by the glider club of the Pic St Loup. It is not available in FSX and neither in the previous version of flight simulator. Situated about 20 miles, north of Montpellier, in the south of France. This modest contribution to the world of FS was initiated...

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Victoria Canada Area Scenery (All Parts)

Victoria, Canada Area, including the Southern Gulf Islands and the San Juan Islands of the US. Features landclass, mesh, buildings, roads, airports, floatplane bases, heliports, rails, AI floatplane, cruise ship, boats. UTX compatible. By Don Grovestine, Jon Patch and Holger Sandmann. Part 1 of 2. Victoria Canada Area Scenery. Installation: run VicPlus.exe. Once installed, the manual, overview map, congigurator and uninstall options will be available from the...

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Roskilde Airport

Roskilde Airport. Copenhagen's Roskilde Airport (EKRK) is used by business travellers and VIP's wanting a quick and easy gateway to Denmark and the greater Copenhagen area. In 2006 the airport was approved to increase operations and in future charter and domestic airliners will be a part of the everyday traffic. EKRK is a custom and immigration point for international flights, and a base for all major Danish air taxi companies. The Royal Danish Air Force SAR unit Esk. 722 is here too....

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Reutte Airport

Reutte Airport (LOIR), Austria, v1.02. Reutte-Hoefen is a small airfield in the Tyrol in the west of Austria. Includes runway and helipad, detailed 3D objects with photorealistic textures, night textures, textures for fall and winter seasons, static planes and vehicles, windsock and wind tee with changing directions, AI compatible taxiways, AI traffic, roads, fuel polygons. By Juergen Lechleitner. Reutte Airport Scenery. INTRODUCTION: Reutte-Hoefen is a small airfield...

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Mehrabad International Airport

Mehrabad International Airport (OIII), Iran. This pack will resolve the many new problems in OIII such as deflected ILS, deleted military apron, incorrect parking, incorrect taxiways, ignored jetways, etc. More buildings are also included. By Touradg Morassaei. Installation: There are two BGL files (OIII071102.bgl & OIII071101.bgl) .Copy them into the “Addon Scenery/Scenery” folder and start Flight Simulator. The path can be For example: “C:Microsoft Flight...

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