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FSX Scenery

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Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Liverpool John Lennon Airport (EGGP), UK. Designed to blend with Horizon GenX photo scenery and mesh. Aditional files from Rwy12 and UK VFR Addons required to display as included pictures. By Tony Meredith. Liverpool John Lennon Airport Scenery. The following information is an extract from Mike Royden's Local History of Liverpool and its Hinterland. My thanks to Mr Royden for allowing it's reproduction here. "History of Liverpool Airport Chronology of Key...

File size: 559.04 KB | Download hits: 279

EGFE Haverfordwest Airfield

EGFE Haverfordwest Airfield UK. Designed to blend with Horizon GenX photo scenery and mesh. Aditional files from Rny12 and UK VFR required to display as included pictures. By Tony Meredith. EGFE Haverfordwest Airfield Scenery. “Haverfordwest airport is located on the northern outskirts of Haverfordwest town, close to the village of Withybush. The airport is owned, managed and operated by Pembrokeshire County Council and comes under the direction of the Development...

File size: 279.05 KB | Download hits: 137

Gosport Highrise

Gosport Highrise UK. Includes a selection of buildings in Gosport. Also included is the Royal Navy submarine museum with HMS Alliance. There is also the Gosport Ferry Terminal and a moving ferry between Gosport & Portsmouth. Generation X VFR Photographic Scenery Vol 1 recommended. By Simon Swallow. Gosport Highrise Scenery. Installation: Move the "Gosport" directory to your Addon scenery folder. Install scenery in the normal way. (eg Run FSX - Settings -...

File size: 2.69 MB | Download hits: 243

Madeira Archipielago

Madeira Archipielago. The archipelago of Madeira this located in the middle of Atlantic ocean. By Toni Agramont. Madeira Archipielago Scenery. This scenery is free. It cannot be sold or distributed in diskette or CD without the author's permission. All the rights of these files are reserved. This scenery can be used freely but one doesn't respond neither the same one is guaranteed before problems that could arise in its use. The scenariodense Neither one...

File size: 14.12 MB | Download hits: 2759

Australian Capital City

Australian Capital City and regional airports. A basic update of default airports. Many gates have been resize to enable larger aircraft to park at the terminals. Some airports have additional gates added and assigned parking codes. By Garry Appleby. Australian Capital City Scenery. Australian Capital City & Regional Airports by Garry Appleby. This is a basic update of FSX default Australian Capital City & Regional Airports BGL airport files. Many gates have...

File size: 2.09 MB | Download hits: 1731

Orly Airport

Orly Airport (LFPO), Paris, France. An update for the default scenery. Two versions are included, one with the crosswidn runway operating and one without. Also includes renumbered gates, animated jetbridges, assigned parking, support vehicle roads, extra fuel trucks and more. By Ray Smith. Orly Airport Scenery. My thanks for the Freeware ADE utility by Jon Masterson and Microsoft's SDK Compiler, these are the main tools used to help me make these bgl files: These 2 BGL...

File size: 35.88 KB | Download hits: 958

Sao Joao Del Rei Airport

Sao Joao Del Rei Airport. This scenery improves details to Prefeito Octavi de Almeida Neves airport (SNJR) in the city of Sao Joao del Rei in Brazil. By Cesar Marinho. Sao Joao Del Rei Airport Scenery. This scenery improves more datails to Prefeito Octavio de Almeida Neves Airport (SNJR) at city of São João del Rei in Brazil. This scenery is free and it can be avaiable for anyone or any site, although it can NOT sell. Enjoy your fly. ...

File size: 10.17 KB | Download hits: 206

Barrow (Walney) Airport

Barrow (Walney) Airport (EGNL) UK. Designed to blend with Horizon GenX photo scenery and mesh. Aditional files from Rny12 and UK VFR Addons required to display as included pictures. By Tony Meredith. Barrow (Walney) Airport Scenery. For Flight Simulator X. Walney Island is operated by BAE Systems (Submarines) Ltd. The airfield started life during World War 1 as a Royal Navy Air Station. These files are specifically for FSX using Horizon GenX Photo scenery and...

File size: 1.26 MB | Download hits: 182

Bristol Filton Airfield

Bristol Filton Airfield (EGTG), UK. Designed to blend with Horizon GenX photo scenery and mesh. Aditional files from Rny12 and UK VFR addons required to display as included pictures. By Tony Meredith. Bristol Filton Airfield Scenery. For Flight Simulator X Dedicated to all those men and women, of all the armed services, past and present who serve to protect us. Bristol Filton is operated by BAE Systems Aviation Services Ltd. "Opened in 1910 Bristol Filton...

File size: 1.2 MB | Download hits: 350

Courchevel Airport

Courchevel Airport Scenery (LFLJ), France. This is some very highly detail scenery with animations that include people walking around the airport, smoke coming from chimneys, AI aircraft with flight plans specialy made for the scenery, new airport mesh, new runway angle, extra trees around the airport, car crashes on the roads, custom buildings built in Gmax, an in-depth manual explaining the features of the scenery and also how to install the scenery. By Steven Frost, UkPilots...

File size: 2.92 MB | Download hits: 3787


Decimomannu (LIED), Italy. An important Italian military airbase located on the island of Sardinia, this field is used by NATO air forces and others for gunnery training. The base has excellent facilities plus there is usually good flying weather. By Bob Hinckley. Decimomannu Scenery. BASE HISTORY The airfield was used by both the Italian Air Force and the German Luftwaffe during WWII for bombing raids on allied fleets in the Mediterranean. It was subsequently captured...

File size: 13.92 MB | Download hits: 794

RJNA Nagoya Real

RJNA Nagoya Real Scenery, Japan, v1.1. Scenery by Kenichi Ochiai. RJNA Nagoya Real Scenery. Please enjoy the flight Japan. Fly to RJNA (Nagoya) 16. Special thanks to Mr.Takuya Murakami, Mr.Shige. ...

File size: 362.5 MB | Download hits: 934

German Camp Marmal

German Camp Marmal v2.0 (OAMS); a tribute to the German soldiers in Afghanistan. By Volker Giesubl. German Camp Marmal Scenery. Made with Airport Facilitator X V1.01 and Instant Scenery for FSX. 3D-objects made with FSDesignStudio2 + Gmax. Installation: 1. Unzip the file 2. Copy OAMS-Mazar-MIL Folder in /Microsoft Flight Simulator X/Addon Scenery 3. Copy all files from Texture-Folder to main-texture of Addon Scenery 3. Copy airplanes Folder in...

File size: 26.11 MB | Download hits: 604

Erie International Airport

Erie International Airport / Tom Ridge Field (KERI), Pennsylvania (PA). Adds all the hangars, replaces the default terminal with new buildings, adds moving jetways, replaces default boundary and roads. By Bill Good. This is an improvement of what came with the default scenery in FSX for KERI. I have added all the hangars including the new one on the east end of the airport. Replaced the default terminal with new buildings and added the three moving jetways that work well with AI traffic....

File size: 2.01 MB | Download hits: 138

Realism Kit For Asturias

Emergency Realism Kit For Asturias (Spain) Pack 3, LEAS (Ranon, Aeropuerto de Asturia), LEMR (La Morgal - Oviedo) and region code changes. Changes for placing GA traffic at La Morgal Airport. By Felix Fernandez de Castro. Realism Kit For Asturias Scenery. In this Pack 3 I have put together all the elements of the Packs 1 and 2, after fixing some bugs detected, specially in LEMR flattening and taxiways distribution. I have added some buildings, too, and enhanced the LEAS...

File size: 147.4 KB | Download hits: 248

Irish Sea Ferries

Irish Sea Ferries. This is a small dynamic scenery project which models the HSS Stena Line Car Ferry from Belfast to Stranraer, and Dun Laoghaire to Holyhead. Also modelled is the Norfolk Line Car Ferry from Belfast to Liverpool. The timetables are correct and were created using AIBTC (Flight Simulator X - Boat Traffic Compiler), and the ship models were created using Gmax. This scenery will only work in FSX. By Terry Shields. Irish Sea Ferries...

File size: 578.01 KB | Download hits: 729

Cozy Cabin

Cozy Cabin A small remote cabin positioned not far from Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada. By Nathan Bonyun. Cozy Cabin Scenery. Hello fellow simmers, my name is Nathan Bonyun. The purpose of this addon is the lack of small remote cabins in fsx. I love bush piloting, but at the end of the day when I have no home to fly back to, or perhaps a cabin to fly passengers to, maybe even a small laid back fishing getaway, the experience gets cut short. This fictional cozy...

File size: 415.64 KB | Download hits: 122

X9AN RAF Andreas

X9AN RAF Andreas (Isle of Man). Designed to blend with Horizon GenX Photo Scenery and Mesh. Aditional files from Rwy12 and UK VFR Addons required to display as included pictures. By Tony Meredith. X9AN RAF Andreas Scenery. Dedicated to all those men and women, of all the armed services, past and present who serve to protect us. Operational with the RAF between 1941 and 1945. The airfield is now primarily used for gliding. Not included in the original FSX list of UK...

File size: 913.93 KB | Download hits: 161


Portugal, intended for VFR flying. Adapts the author's previous scenery to FSX. Some of the big airports are photoreal. By Toni Agramont. Portugal Scenery. This scenario is an adaptation for FsX of the current scenario for fs2004. It doesn't contain any novelty. Some of the big airports they are fotorealistics. This is appreciated from the air. It is a scenario VFR. I recommend you to fly to 3000 feet to appreciate the work carried out. The AUTOGEN should be located...

File size: 30.31 MB | Download hits: 4223

Uetersen Airport

Uetersen Airport (EDHE). Uetersen is a well known GA airfield west of EDDH and a cheaper place for landing as well as a starting point for Hamburg sightseeings flights. By Uwe Schweitzer. Uetersen Airport Scenery. Uetersen is a wellknown GA airfield west of and not far from Hamburg (about 15 Miles by car) It is also a good starting point for Hamburg sightseeing flights at reasonably prices. After starting on the 27 you are right over the river Elbe, then south along the...

File size: 2.77 MB | Download hits: 144