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ItalVFR Trentino Alto Adige 2m Photo

ItalVFR - Trentino Alto Adige Photorealistic Scenery. This scenery covers the whole of the Trentino Alto Adige with photorealistic scenery 2 m resolution - Summer only. part of the ItalVFR photorealistic scenery of Italy. By Raimondo Taburet. Complete package, all files included. Trentino Alto Adige Scenery. Installation: Unzip bgl file in any activated scenery folder - or create a new folder called trentino in your Main FSX scenery folder, create a subofolder of...

File size: 2.1 GB | Download hits: 1948


ISS Over KPAM. The International Space Station placed directly over Tyndall AFB, Florida (FL) at 900,000 ft (175 miles). This scenery is intended as companion scenery to the Shuttle Atlantis (ATLANTI6.ZIP). Capable of reaching 600,000 feet on its own, but you'll need to use slew to make it the rest of the way up - and it's a short de-orbit to KSC when you're ready to come down. By Bruce Fitzgerald. ISS Over KPAM Scenery. Unzip and copy/paste The ISS_KPAM folder...

File size: 498.48 KB | Download hits: 1096

Zadar Airport ILS Runway 14

Zadar Airport ILS Runway 14. The standard airport shipped with FSX does not support the ILS on runway 14 at Zadar, Croatia. This add-on fixes that. By Karl Sorowka. Simply copy this file into your \FSX\Addon Scenery\scenery folder in FSX, restart FSX & you'll see the ILS (and outer marker) is now there. The frequency of ILS is 110.1. Inital alt 2300ft, check alt at outer marker 1710ft, decision alt 443ft, missed approach: Climb straight ahead to ZRA (Freq. ADF 330) to 3000ft and...

File size: 4.09 KB | Download hits: 356

LakeSide Dirt Strip

LakeSide Dirt Strip. This is a fictitious airbase located in central Texas with easy access to several major airports. (Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston to name a few). With no actual runways this scenery is designed for float planes and has a ramp to accommodate amphibious aircraft. However, both dirt roads by the ramp area have been used for landing when no one was watching. By Bob Smith. LakeSide Dirt Strip Scenery. From 89TX fly 300 degrees for a couple miles across...

File size: 965.83 KB | Download hits: 96

EKRK-Roskilde Airport (Update 2)

EKRK-Roskilde Airport Update 2, Copenhagen, Denmark. This update will correct some items in connection with Microsoft's FSX SP2. Further it will add the new Royal Danish Airforce SAR terminal and two new hangars just inaugurated at the airport. You will also find some new eye candy. By Jens Peter Bruun-Hansen. EKRK-Roskilde Airport (Update 2) Scenery. This update will Correct some items in connection with FSX Servicepack II and further add the new Royal Danish Airforce...

File size: 1.69 MB | Download hits: 330

WA Seattle-Tacoma International

Seattle-Tacoma International airport (KSEA), Washington (WA). Additional information for SEATAC.ZIP. By Vince Marrone. WA Seattle-Tacoma International Scenery. I neglected to mention in the original read me text that the scenery was created with Dan Downs' "" installed. This scenery adjusts some of the gate & jetway coordinates.etc. You should download and install "" available at as this will correct some...

File size: 51.28 KB | Download hits: 111

San Francisco International

San Francisco International Airport (KSFO), California (CA), v2. Updates the default scenery so that crosswind runways are activated, adds assigned parking, support vehicle roads, extra fuel trucks and other improvements. By Ray Smith. This is an update of my previous version, made with ADE Home Edition: my previous version not required: these 2 files are only for the FSX default airport: one with the Crosswind rwy's activated where all 4 rwy's will be used for takeoff/landing and...

File size: 68.62 KB | Download hits: 2937

Mineta San Jose International

Mineta San Jose International Airport (KSJC), California (CA). Updates the default scenery with assigned parking, corrected taxiday D, added taxiway signs, support vehicle roads rebuilt, added helipad, extra fuel trucks and other improvements. By Ray Smith. This BGL file was designed by ADE Home Edition and is only for the FSX default airport: assigned parking with extra parking, the missing part of Taxiway D and the Taxi signs now added, support vehicle roads rebuilt, a helipad added,...

File size: 19.14 KB | Download hits: 533

SeattleTacoma International

Seattle-Tacoma International airport (KSEA), Washington (WA). This scenery adds static aircraft and vehicles to the terminal and general aviation areas of the airport. By Vince Marrone. (See also SEATAC2.ZIP). Seattle-Tacoma International Scenery. This scenery adds static aircraft and vehicles to the terminal and general aviation areas of the airport. This scenery was created using the "object placement tool" included in the FSX SDK software and "Abacus...

File size: 669.62 KB | Download hits: 217

Fresno Yosemite Airport

Fresno Yosemite Airport (KFAT), California (CA). This scenery adds static aircraft and vehicles to the airport. Also includes a fictitious rendition of the Fresno Air National Guard base located at the south/east corner of the airport. By Vince Marrone. Fresno Yosemite Airport Scenery. This scenery adds static aircraft and vehicles to the airport. I have also created a fictitious rendition of the Fresno Air National Guard base located at the south/east corner of the...

File size: 147.3 KB | Download hits: 326

Chesterfield Parish Curch

Chesterfield Parish Curch, UK. Chesterfield Parish church stands 228 feet to the tip of the 'Crooked Spire'. Legend has it that a virgin once got married in the church and it was so surprised that it turned to have a look. It is said that if a virgin ever gets married in the church again the spire will become straight. The reason for the deformation is of course the use of green wood by inexperienced craftsmen. By Chris Brown. Chesterfield Parish Curch...

File size: 1.18 MB | Download hits: 160


Military Airport Of Nancy-Ochey (LFSO), France. This pack contains the military airbase of Nancy-Ochey BA133, and includes BA136 of Toul-rosieres closed since 1994, and Pont Saint Vincent LFSV. By Alexandre Remy. Nancy-Ochey Scenery. Location: The BA133 of Nancy-Ochey is located in the North-East of France , departement 54. N48* 34.9833' E5* 57.2667' Squadrons : The 1/3 Navarre The 2/3 Champagne The 3/3 Ardennes Installation: Click...

File size: 5.43 MB | Download hits: 414


LIPM-LIDR v1.0 upgrade, Italy. Includes two airfields: LIPM Modena Marzaglia and LIDR Ravenna with hangar, clubhouse. This upgrade adds grass texture near LIDR tower. By Francesco Cerra. LIPM-LIDR Scenery. LIPM-LIDR Version 1.0 upgrade only for FsX.   In this upgrade I have added the grass's texture near LIDR tower. With this program I have added to FSX two new airfield: LIPM Modena Marzaglia and LIDR Ravenna with hangar, clubhouse. ...

File size: 4.07 MB | Download hits: 291

Sunrise Beach Airport

Sunrise Beach Airport (2KL), Texas (TX). This is a grass strip located in Central Texas named Sunrise Beach Village. Includes buildings placed by reference to overhead pictures. Default FSX scenery around this area is fairly bland to begin with so a few trees added tend to help a bit. By Bob Smith. Sunrise Beach Airport Scenery. This is a grass strip located in Central Texas named Sunrise Beach Village. I tried to place the buildings where they were on the overhead picture...

File size: 1.41 MB | Download hits: 73

EDHE Uetersen Airfield

EDHE Uetersen Airfield v1.1. A small grass airfield close to Hamburg, northern Germany. By Andreas Dicks. EDHE Uetersen Airfield Scenery. EDHE is a small grass airfield close to Hamburg, North Germany. It's runway is about 1.1km long and extends from west to east (runway 09 and 27) with a traffic circuit for motor aircrafts on the southern side (altitude 750ft MSL). During the summer season there is sailplane traffic on the northern part of the airfield. This...

File size: 33.03 MB | Download hits: 254

French Polynesia Tuamotu

French Polynesia Tuamotu Archipelago Scenery update for SP2. This patch improves the issues introduced by FSX SP2. The issues of the scenery are as follows: 1. The transparency of 3D objects don't work; 2. The flatten of runways doesn't function correctly. This patch requires the Tuamotu-X_A (FPTA-XA.ZIP) and Tuamotu-X_B (FPTA-XB.ZIP). By Kazuo Kawamura. French Polynesia Tuamotu Scenery. Note: This patch works in FSX with SP2. This patch improves the issues...

File size: 1.41 MB | Download hits: 336

Bierset/Liege Airport

Bierset/Liege Airport (EBLG), Belgium. By Alan Mccarthy. Bierset/Liege Airport Scenery. Scenery for Liege EBLG - For FSX ONLY. Installation: 1.Copy the .bgl Files in the folder to Microsoft FLight Simulator XAddon Sceneryscenery. 2.Run FSX. Credit to google earth. Alan Mccarthy Bierset/Liege Airport Scenery.   ...

File size: 196.7 KB | Download hits: 243

KSC Launch Complex 39

KSC Launch Complex 39, Florida (FL). This is a rebuild of Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39 which includes the Vertical Assembly Building (VAB) relocated to its proper location, Photo background, removal of the ficticious Mobile Launch Platforms (MLP's of which there are only three, not five) with the old style Atlas towers, and addition of three realistic MLP's. Orbiter Processing Facilities have been added along with the other LC-39 complex buildings. There is also a helipad...

File size: 282.41 KB | Download hits: 493

El Mirage Field

El Mirage Field (99CL), California (CA). By Patrick Larson. Installation: 1. ProgrammFiles/Microsoft Games/AddonScenery 2. Start FSX 2.1 Options 2.2 Scenerylibrary 2.3 Addonarea 2.4 ProgrammFiles/Microsoft Games/AddonScenery/ElMirageField 2.5 OK El mirage scenery was designed himself, is not the Original!!! SCENERY EL MIRAGE FROM SIFR IS PROTECTED!!! SYSTEMREQUIREMENTS: Only Flight Simulator X SP1,Acceleration. MegasceneryX South California(is...

File size: 14.17 KB | Download hits: 47


Michelstadt Scenery (EDFO), Germany, v3.6. You must include FlighPort-Gmax-Lib 3.0 or higher. By FlightPort Team, Thomas Rohl and Jorg Dannenberg. ...

File size: 5.02 MB | Download hits: 55