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FSX Scenery

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USS Saratoga CV-3

USS Saratoga CV-3. This is a true FSX scenery object compiled with Xtomdl. It features an exact shape hard deck for carrier ops with airplanes equipped with rcbco-30 (not included). It also has a smoke effect, ship wake and a rotating beacon. A night texture is included for night carrier ops. It is located just outside Pearl Harbor. The files necessary to move it to other locations with the FSX SDK Bglcomp program are included. By Paul Clawson. USS Saratoga CV-3...

File size: 474.16 KB | Download hits: 249

Nutmeg Cabins Update

Nutmeg Cabins Update, for use with NUTCABS.ZIP. This update corrects a minor problem where Colorado did not show as the scenery state when using the "go to airport" search in FSX. By Bernie Martin. Nutmeg Cabins Scenery. This is a small update to Nutcabs. The enclosed .bgl file corrects a minor problem where Colorado did not show as the scenery state when using the "go to airport" search in FSX. ...

File size: 134.03 KB | Download hits: 64

Lansdowne Monument

Lansdowne Monument, located to the southeast of the White Horse, on top of Cherhill Down, UK. Erected in 1845 by the 3rd Marquis of Lansdowne to commemorate his ancestor Sir William Petty. It towers 125 feet above the hill and can also be seen 30 miles away. The hill now belongs to the National Trust. It is said that this is the highest point between London and Bristol. By Steve Murnan. To install, unzip the file to a temporary folder and create in your fsx add on scenery folder a folder...

File size: 112.01 KB | Download hits: 78

Nutmeg Cabin

Nutmeg Cabin, CO. Nutmeg Cabins is a (fictitious) mountain cabin resort located near Dillon Lake in Colorado (Summit County). Nutmeg Cabins has its own airfield (2500 foot dirt runway). Highly detailed scenery includes numerous trees, flying birds (crows and seagulls). By Bernie Martin. (See also NUTCAB2.ZIP). Nutmeg Cabin Scenery. This scenery was created using AFX, SBuilderX and Rwy12. Macros were created in EOD. Please note that this scenery was designed to be used in...

File size: 3.69 MB | Download hits: 115

Caribbean Seaplane Tours Scenery Pack

Caribbean Seaplane Tours. Includes scenery of Grand Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Mexico, Central America, Curacao, Bonaire, La Orchila. Requires CSPTF.ZIP. By Chris Carel. Caribbean Seaplane Tours Scenery Pack. Introduction: First, I would like to thank you for downloading this freeware project. It is a fictional airlines based on “Real World” places. Where possible, I’ve tried to stay as true to the photographs I had available. The “Thank You”(s)...

File size: 80.23 MB | Download hits: 1332

Caribbean Seaplane Tours Fix

Caribbean Seaplane Tours updated for use with FSX Acceleration, for use with CSPTCW.ZIP. By Chris Carel. Caribbean Seaplane Tours Fix Scenery. Like many of you, I went out and purchased FSX Acceleration. After attempting to install, I realized I would have to do a clean install. Once up and running, I was impressed by some of the features, espically the new scenery and aircraft. But, I was soon disappointed that most of my propeller aircraft had "Alpha" Channel...

File size: 30.74 KB | Download hits: 236

Monument Valley Vista + Beta

Monument Valley Vista+ Beta 001, Utah (UT). Public beta and technology demo featuring Monument Valley in 5m elevation and 1m photoscenery. Area includes Gouldings Lodge, Canyons and Several Buttes. This is a pre-release public beta. By Dean Mountford/FS Dreamscapes. Monument Valley Vista + Beta Scenery. The FS Dreamscapes Monument Valley Vista+ is a new high quality 5m Mesh Terrain and 1m Ortho Imagery product for Microsoft Flight Simulator X aimed at providing the best...

File size: 198.48 MB | Download hits: 632

Lismore Regional Airport

Lismore Regional Airport (YLIS), Australia. Lismore airport, situated in northern NSW close to Byron Bay and Ballina, operates 52 weekly flights on Rex airline to Sydney and has a large maintenance facility and a number of GA hangars. The terminal is modernistic in design and has a display of Aboriginal artwork. This scenery includes landclass and waterclass and a photo background blended to the normal FSX textures. All buildings are modelled with photo textures taken at the airport and...

File size: 5.6 MB | Download hits: 255

Neumuenster Airport Fix

Neumuenster Airport Fix, for use with EDHN_FSX.ZIP, Germany. Corrects the autumn season textures. By Uwe Schweitzer. Neumuenster Airport Scenery. I only now notice a mistake by reworking of the underground picture for the autumn season. An ugly white area covered the original scenery. Just overwrite the EDHN.bgl with this one. Freeware by Uwe Schweitzer ...

File size: 2.11 MB | Download hits: 69

Moorhead Airpark

Moorhead Airpark (PN40), Pennsylvania (PA). Removes the default hangar and adds two custom hangars using photo textures. Also includes other details like the skydiver landing targets, boundary roads, woods and fences. By Bill Good. This is an improvement of what came with the default scenery in FSX for PN40. I have removed the dafault hangar and added two custom hangars using photo textures that are on the airport. The third hangar is one that comes with FSX. Added the peas that the...

File size: 505.64 KB | Download hits: 44


Hartenholm, Germany (EDHM). Scenery of a small private landing place northeast of Hamburg in the forest area of Bad Segeberg. Starting point for sight seeing, pilot school and good place for skydivers. By Uwe Schweitzer. Hartenholm Scenery. Scenery of a small landing place in Schlesiwig Holstein about 50 km NE'ly of Hamburg. The airport lies in a huge forest area (Segeberger Forst) On Weekends you will find lots of skydivers but it is a good starting place for sight...

File size: 4.09 MB | Download hits: 127

Liverpool (John Lennon) Airport

Liverpool (John Lennon) Airport (EGGP), UK. Designed to blend with Horizon GenX Photo Scenery and Mesh. Aditional files from Rwy12 and UK VFR add-ons requires to display as included pictures. By Tony Meredith. Liverpool (John Lennon) Airport Scenery. The following information is an extract from Mike Royden's Local History of Liverpool and its Hinterland. My thanks to Mr Royden for allowing it's reproduction here. "History of Liverpool Airport Chronology...

File size: 558.76 KB | Download hits: 1504

Yangon Int'l Airport

Yangon Int'l Airport Mingaladon (VYYY), v3.0. Yangon International Airport "Mingaladon" in Burma (Myanmar), will be able to accommodate bigger aircraft and handle more passengers when work on extending its runway and upgrading its facilities is completed. The work on extending the runway from 8100 feet to 11,200 feet began October 2004. This is FPS friendly v3.0 with already extended runway, taxiways and new taxisigns. It also corrects the airport location to the real one. With...

File size: 18.84 KB | Download hits: 237

Bushflight Northwest

Bushflight Northwest. Enhances the "top left corner" of Washington state (WA) with airports, villages, ship wrecks, seaplane landings and even a rainbow. Scenery created by Bill Dick and Phil Cayton. Docs by Chris Brisland. Bushflight Northwest Scenery. Bushflight Northwest – installation This couldn’t be easier! Unzip the zip file to a location of your choice - this will create a folder called "Bushflight Northwest". Copy the...

File size: 1.3 MB | Download hits: 115

Christchurch Int'l Airport

Christchurch Int'l Airport (NZCH), New Zealand,. Updates taxiways and parking according to their real world layout. Also adds the Canterbury Aero Club. I have changed a few of the taxiways and parking positions according to how they are in real life.I have also made an apron and taxiways to the Canterbury Aero Club like in real life.(the Canterbury Aero Club is the buidlings and apron directly across the main runway from the main international airport terminal). Sadly i could not get...

File size: 9.33 KB | Download hits: 471

X4PS Samlesbury Airfield

X4PS Samlesbury Airfield, near Preston. Designed to blend with Horizon GenX Photo Scenery and Mesh. Aditional files from Rny12 and UK VFR add-ons required to display as included pictures. By Tony Meredith. X4PS Samlesbury Airfield Scenery. Dedicated to all those men and women, of all the armed services, past and present who serve to protect us. Samlesbury Airfield. “In 1938 English Electric became a 'shadow' aircraft manufacturer, able to build other...

File size: 753.02 KB | Download hits: 172

RJBD Ryujin Real

RJBD Ryujin Real Scenery, v2.2. Scenery of the beautiful Ryujin spa in Japan. Scenery by Kenichi Ochiai. RJBD Ryujin Real Scenery.   ...

File size: 348.98 MB | Download hits: 269

RJOY Yao Real

RJOY Yao Real Scenery, v2.0. Scenery by Kenichi Ochiai. RJOY Yao Real Scenery.   ...

File size: 122.82 MB | Download hits: 243

MIE Nisiki Real

MIE Nisiki Real Scenery, v2.2. Scenery of the beautiful Iseshima Nishiki Bay in Japan. Scenery by Kenichi Ochiai. MIE Nisiki Real Scenery.   ...

File size: 44.17 MB | Download hits: 130

EGCW Welshpool Airport

EGCW Welshpool Airport UK. Designed to blend with Horizon GenX photo scenery and mesh. Aditional files from Rny12 and UK VFR required to display as included pictures. By Tony Meredith. EGCW Welshpool Airport Scenery. Dedicated to all those men and women, of all the armed services, past and present who serve to protect us. Licenced airfield operated by Mid Wales Airports Ltd. This version of Welshpool airfield was created to better reflect the topography within...

File size: 482.56 KB | Download hits: 105