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PreviewIncludes 133 thumbnail images for all the aircraft that work or are flyable on the author's system. By Mike Basford.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
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Includes 133 thumbnail images for all the aircraft that work or are flyable on the author's system. By Mike Basford.

Thumbnail of Peg 520 in flight.

Thumbnail of Peg 520 in flight.

All are of Aircraft that work or are flyable on my system. IE, at15fps.

  • Unzip the zip of thumbs you just downloaded. Some place You can find it.
  • Add the aircraft if you want. If you don't allready have them.
  • Add the matching paints if you want (repaints or textures according to the directions provided by maker).
  • Open the folder of thumbnails.
  • Chose the one you like. I made multiple shots for you to pick from.
  • Place the Thumbnails in the matching texture folders.(Copy, Paste)
  • Then, rename them to read thumbnail.jpg. Don't forget to do this or thy won't show.

Go fly.

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4Screenshot 5Screenshot 6Screenshot 7Screenshot 8Screenshot 9Screenshot 10Screenshot 11Screenshot 12Screenshot 13Screenshot 14Screenshot 15Screenshot 16Screenshot 17Screenshot 18Screenshot 19Screenshot 20Screenshot 21Screenshot 22Screenshot 23Screenshot 24Screenshot 25Screenshot 26Screenshot 27Screenshot 28Screenshot 29Screenshot 30Screenshot 31Screenshot 32Screenshot 33Screenshot 34Screenshot 35Screenshot 36Screenshot 37Screenshot 38Screenshot 39Screenshot 40Screenshot 41Screenshot 42Screenshot 43Screenshot 44Screenshot 45Screenshot 46Screenshot 47Screenshot 48Screenshot 49Screenshot 50Screenshot 51Screenshot 52Screenshot 53Screenshot 54Screenshot 55Screenshot 56Screenshot 57Screenshot 58Screenshot 59Screenshot 60

The archive 133thums.zip has 174 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
FS-xthumbs04.30.070 B
Areo comanders04.30.070 B
AC-500's04.30.070 B
AC 500 Lands End1 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0711.26 kB
AC 500 Lands End2 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0711.77 kB
AC 500 Lands End3 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0711.32 kB
AC-500 22WR clean thumbnail.jpg04.30.0715.22 kB
AC-500 22WR clean1 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0715.02 kB
AC-500 22WR clean2 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0711.61 kB
Aero Design AC-500 Cargo Dirty thumbnail.jpg04.29.0716.83 kB
Aero Design AC-500 Cargo Dirty2 thumbnail.jpg04.29.0710.79 kB
Aero Design AC-500 Cargo Dirty3 thumbnail.jpg04.29.0710.68 kB
Thumbs.db04.30.0735.50 kB
Two Two WiskEEROmEO thumbnail.jpg04.29.0715.88 kB
AC-520's04.30.070 B
AC 520 N2609B w-o text.jpg04.30.0710.44 kB
AC 520 N2609B w-o text2.jpg04.30.0710.83 kB
AC 520 N2609B w-o text3.jpg04.30.0711.17 kB
AC 520 N2609B w-o text4.jpg04.30.0711.38 kB
AC 520 N2609B w-o text5.jpg04.30.0710.45 kB
Peg 520 w-o text thumbnail.jpg04.30.0711.59 kB
Peg 520 w-o text1 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0711.66 kB
Peg 520 w-o text2 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0711.59 kB
Peg 520 w-o text3 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0711.67 kB
Peg 520 w-o text4 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0711.19 kB
Peg 520 w-o text5 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0711.88 kB
Thumbs.db04.30.0735.50 kB
AC-680's04.30.070 B
AC_680_Ike1_thumbnail.jpg04.29.0712.06 kB
AC-680 AW1 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0712.12 kB
AC-680 AW3 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0712.36 kB
AC-680 AW4 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0711.97 kB
AC-680 AW5 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0712.27 kB
AC-680 AW6 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0712.35 kB
Aero Design AC-680 PT-BUF thumbnail.jpg04.29.0716.98 kB
Aero Design AC-680 PT-BUF2 thumbnail.jpg04.29.0711.87 kB
Aero Design AC-680 PT-BUF3 thumbnail.jpg04.29.0711.65 kB
Aero Design AC-680 PT-BUF4 thumbnail.jpg04.29.0711.61 kB
PEG 680 1 WO text.jpg04.30.0711.96 kB
PEG 680 2 WO text.jpg04.30.0711.24 kB
thumbnail2.jpg04.19.0712.13 kB
Thumbs.db04.30.0751.00 kB
USAF AC 680 IKE thumbnail.jpg04.29.0716.71 kB
USAF AC 680 IKE2 thumbnail.jpg04.29.0716.41 kB
USAF AC 680 IKE3 thumbnail.jpg04.29.0711.40 kB
Peg_thumbnail.jpg04.19.0713.93 kB
Thumbs.db04.30.07110.50 kB
C-119's04.30.070 B
501 Whiskee thumbnail.jpg04.24.0714.07 kB
B.F.U. C-119 thumbnail.jpg04.24.0714.65 kB
BFU C119 thumbnail.jpg04.24.0716.55 kB
BFU C-119 thumbnail.jpg04.24.0716.16 kB
Red Dog C-119 thumbnail.jpg04.24.0715.52 kB
Red Dog thumbnail.jpg04.23.0711.15 kB
RedD_C-119_1 thumbnail.jpg04.23.0711.28 kB
RedD_C-119_2 thumbnail.jpg04.23.0716.04 kB
Reddogs C-119 thumbnail.jpg04.24.0717.88 kB
Thumbs.db04.30.0737.00 kB
USAF-C-119 thumbnail.jpg04.24.0714.77 kB
C-46 Comando04.30.070 B
Aironortc46 thumbnail.jpg04.23.0712.62 kB
BM_C-46A_thumbnail.jpg04.23.0711.01 kB
comando_thumbnail.jpg04.23.077.89 kB
FT_C-46A_thumbnail.jpg04.23.0712.29 kB
Salmon-Ella thumbnail.jpg04.23.0715.07 kB
Thumbs.db04.30.0723.50 kB
USAF_C-46 thumbnail.jpg04.23.0714.66 kB
Odds and ends04.30.070 B
AW_Volpar_tumbnail.jpg04.23.0715.07 kB
Beech-58 thumbnail.jpg04.21.0710.38 kB
Classic white Blue Gold thumbnail.jpg04.24.0711.57 kB
red tail thumbnail.jpg04.24.0712.88 kB
thumbnail3.jpg04.23.078.09 kB
Thumbs.db04.30.0729.50 kB
Tiger sky6 thumbnail.jpg04.24.0713.22 kB
Trike_thumbnail.jpg04.23.0711.27 kB
White Blue&Blue thumbnail.jpg04.24.0712.34 kB
Stampe04.30.070 B
Stampe SV4 1 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0712.92 kB
Stampe SV4 10 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0714.71 kB
Stampe SV4 2 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0713.15 kB
Stampe SV4 3 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0712.90 kB
Stampe SV4 4 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0714.55 kB
Stampe SV4 5 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0712.19 kB
Stampe SV4 6 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0713.81 kB
Stampe SV4 8 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0713.02 kB
Thumbs.db04.30.0729.50 kB
STEARMANs04.30.070 B
Civilian04.30.070 B
Airmen beans1thumbnail.jpg04.30.0715.92 kB
Airmen beans2thumbnail.jpg04.30.0714.43 kB
Airmen beans3 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0715.92 kB
Airmen beans4 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0715.71 kB
Checks green 1 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0715.63 kB
Checks green 2 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0715.40 kB
Checks green 3 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0715.62 kB
Checks green 4 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0715.36 kB
Checks green 5 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0715.01 kB
Checks green 6 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0714.83 kB
Civilian gold 3 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0714.15 kB
Civilian gold 4 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0714.02 kB
Civilian gold 5 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0713.15 kB
Civilian gold 6 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0713.26 kB
PT-17 civilian1 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0713.46 kB
PT-17 civilian2 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0714.77 kB
RED Baron 2 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0713.67 kB
RED Baron 3 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0714.48 kB
RED Baron 4 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0714.58 kB
RED Baron 5 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0713.97 kB
RED Baron 6 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0714.20 kB
RED Baron 7 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0714.68 kB
RED Baron 8 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0714.88 kB
Thumbs.db04.30.0776.50 kB
PT-13A's04.30.070 B
Thumbs.db04.30.0719.00 kB
USAAC PT-13A 1 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0713.63 kB
USAAC PT-13A 2 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0712.47 kB
USAAC PT-13A 3 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0714.98 kB
USAAC PT-13A 4 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0710.52 kB
PT-13D's04.30.070 B
Thumbs.db04.30.0721.00 kB
USAAF PT-13D1 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0713.60 kB
USAAF PT-13D2 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0714.35 kB
USAAF PT-13D3 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0712.36 kB
USAAF PT-13D4 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0712.61 kB
USAAF PT-13D5 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0714.18 kB
PT-17 N2S-2's04.30.070 B
Thumbs.db04.30.0738.00 kB
USN PT-17 N2S-2 1 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0715.29 kB
USN PT-17 N2S-2 10 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0715.27 kB
USN PT-17 N2S-2 2 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0715.43 kB
USN PT-17 N2S-2 3 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0713.60 kB
USN PT-17 N2S-2 4 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0713.83 kB
USN PT-17 N2S-2 5 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0715.41 kB
USN PT-17 N2S-2 6 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0715.53 kB
USN PT-17 N2S-2 7 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0715.30 kB
USN PT-17 N2S-2 8 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0715.44 kB
USN PT-17 N2S-2 9 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0715.26 kB
PT-17 N2S-3's04.30.070 B
Thumbs.db04.30.0741.50 kB
USN 184 Kaydet 2 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0715.65 kB
USN 184 Kaydet 3 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0715.95 kB
USN 184 Kaydet 4 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0715.85 kB
USN 184 Kaydet 5 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0715.75 kB
USN 184 Kaydet 6 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0715.65 kB
USN PT-17 N2S-3 1 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0715.31 kB
USN PT-17 N2S-3 2 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0715.37 kB
USN PT-17 N2S-3 3 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0716.05 kB
USN PT-17 N2S-3 4 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0715.88 kB
USN PT-17 N2S-3 5 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0715.52 kB
USN PT-17 N2S-3 6 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0715.51 kB
PT-27's04.30.070 B
RCAF PT-27 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0714.91 kB
RCAF PT-27-1 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0714.50 kB
RCAF PT-27-2 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0715.17 kB
RCAF PT-27-3 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0715.40 kB
RCAF PT-27-4 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0716.07 kB
RCAF PT-27-5 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0714.19 kB
RCAF PT-27-6 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0715.28 kB
RCAF PT-27-7 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0715.30 kB
RCAF PT-27-8 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0715.05 kB
Thumbs.db04.30.0735.00 kB
RED Baron 1 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0713.51 kB
Thumbs.db04.30.07153.50 kB
Thumbs.db04.30.07570.00 kB
USN 184 Kaydet 1 thumbnail.jpg04.30.0715.71 kB
133thums.jpg04.30.0714.58 kB
133thums.gif04.30.078.46 kB
Read Me. Thumbs..txt04.30.071.00 kB
File_ID.diz04.30.07214 B
File_ID.diz04.30.07214 B
Read Me. Thumbs..txt04.30.071.00 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
Installation icon.

Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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