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A&F Data for Scotflight commercial scenery of Scotland. By John Hinson.

Small plane on the ground in Scotland.

Small plane on the ground in Scotland.

These AFCAD2 files are for use with the commercial add-on scenery from Scotflight (by Ian Gallagher and are not suitable for the default FS2004 airports. They will allow you to plan routes, and take off and land at all 24 of the airports in the Scotflight scenery, and ATC will route you appropriately.

AI aircraft will now land, taxi, park and take off in the correct locations, and you can introduce your own AI traffic, too, if you wish. For the first time, you can now watch AI traffic take off and land on the beach at Barra!

I do not propose to go into detail here on how to create AI traffic - that would be a book in itself! If you don't know how to do this, search the web for the subject as there are many helpful web pages and forums to be found.

PLEASE NOTE: Until the AFCAD design software is fully developed, you may experience AI aircraft parked or taxiing "hovering" a few feet above ground or with its wheels sunk into the tarmac. In most cases, this will be hardly noticeable, but there is a major anomaly at Dundee whereby the traffic sits four feet above ground level! Please DO NOT write to me about this issue (unless you have the solution!) as I cannot control it.

Some display issues with FS2004 have been resolved, however, with improvements to Aboyne, Dornoch, Fife (Glenrothes), Gigha and Turnberry making certain textures visible which weren't previously. At Errol, though, I have not been able to resolve the intermittent vanishing of taxiway surfaces, which seems to depend on your angle of view.

I have made no attempt at allocating specific airlines to gates as I have no data for this - apart from Aberdeen where I have matched these broadly with those on Richard Menheniot's file for the FS2004 default scenery (available under filename at download sites).

A full list of the airport files included is:

  • EGPD,N57* 12.24',W2* 12.01',213 // Aberdeen Dyce
  • X6AB,N57* 4.60',W2* 50.48',481.7 // Aboyne Deeside Flying Club
  • EGPR,N57* 01.6167',W7* 26.2500',0.3 // Barra
  • X6BR,N57* 14.63',W5* 50.11',23 // Broadford Isle of Sky (aka EG81)
  • EGEC,N55* 26.2333',W5* 41.1833',13.4 // Campbelltown
  • EGNC,N54* 56.24',W2* 48.54',187 // Carlisle
  • EGPG,N55* 58.5000',W3* 58.4667',106.7 // Cumbernauld
  • EG84,N57* 52.3200',W4* 01.8500',3.5 // Dornoch
  • EGPN,N56* 27.14',W3* 1.54',13 // Dundee
  • X6EF,N56* 00.0100',W2* 43.0300',114 // East Fortune
  • X6ER,N56* 24.2100',W3* 11.3500',26.1 // Errol
  • EGPJ,N56* 11.0000',W3* 13.2167',398.7 // Fife Glenrothes
  • EG88,N55* 39.4300',W5* 45.2500',42.0 // Gigha Airstrip
  • ULL,N56* 31.1000',W5* 54.8000',15.0 // Glenforsa (aka EG89)
  • EGPE,N57* 32.40',W4* 3.00',30 // Inverness
  • EGPI,N55* 40.9167',W6* 15.4000',16.5 // Islay
  • X6JR,N55* 52.3600',W5* 55.9400',0.0 // Jura
  • X6KN,N55* 52.5300',W3* 24.1100',653.0 // Kirknewton
  • OBN,N56* 27.7000',W5* 24.1000',6.1 // Oban - North Connel (aka EG92)
  • EGPT,N56* 26.3500',W3* 22.3333',121.0 // Perth Scone
  • UK10,N57* 20.1000',W5* 40.3000',24.4 // Plockton (aka EG91)
  • X6TU,N55* 19.19',W4* 49.52',0 // Turnberry
  • EGOY,N54* 51.0700',W4* 56.8700',17.4 // West Freugh
  • EGPC,N58* 27.53',W3* 5.58',125 // Wick

If you are generating AI traffic to these airports, you will need to ensure the above entries are in your airports file.

Apologies if some of the codes for airports aren't those you are used to. Some of these had to be used to avoid dual identities in FS2004, as you cannot remove codes for FS's default airfields.

I don't claim to be a high-tech expert on AFCAD or the airports themselves. Therefore, I expect that there will be corrections and improvements that can be made - so I shall call this Version 1. I look forward to your input and guidance on areas for improvement in later issues.

Glasgow, Edinburgh and Prestwick are not part of the Scotflight commercial scenery but are available, by the same author, as freeware. AFCAD2 Edinburgh has already been produced by Alex Berry and is available at download sites, filename . I will issue separate files for Glasgow and Prestwick.

The archive has 29 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
readme.txt12.02.035.66 kB
AF2_EG88.bgl11.30.03974 B
AF2_EGEC.bgl12.01.034.75 kB
AF2_EGNC.bgl12.01.033.00 kB
AF2_EGOY.bgl11.23.032.98 kB
AF2_EGPC.bgl12.01.035.70 kB
AF2_EGPD.bgl11.23.0312.25 kB
AF2_EGPE.bgl12.01.033.83 kB
AF2_EGPG.bgl12.01.031.59 kB
AF2_EGPI.bgl12.01.033.87 kB
AF2_EGPJ.bgl12.01.031.34 kB
AF2_EGPN.bgl12.01.032.21 kB
AF2_EGPR.bgl11.30.031.35 kB
AF2_EGPT.bgl12.01.032.38 kB
AF2_OBN.bgl11.22.03987 B
AF2_UK10.bgl12.01.031.00 kB
AF2_ULL.bgl12.01.03717 B
AF2_X6AB.bgl12.02.031016 B
AF2_X6BR.bgl11.30.031.18 kB
AF2_X6EF.bgl12.01.035.01 kB
AF2_X6ER.bgl12.01.031.67 kB
AF2_X6JR.bgl12.01.03896 B
AF2_X6KN.bgl12.01.033.26 kB
AF2_X6TU.bgl12.01.031.14 kB
AF2_EG84.bgl12.01.031.15 kB
FILE_ID.DIZ12.02.0371 B
scflAFD1.gif12.02.036.76 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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