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FlightSoft Releases Fly To Cancun

Posted on Wed, 21 Jul 2004 05:59:36 GMT

Now available from FlightSoft for FS2002 and FS2004 is Fly to Cancun on a DC10 Widebody Jetliner. The included Douglas DC-10 aircraft includes all the expected features. Also included is scenery for Cancun, Acapulco and other Mexican resort areas. For more information, click on Read More.

FlightSoft's FLY TO CANCUN On A WideBody DC10 Jetliner for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (fully backward compatible with Flight Simulator 2002).

Pat Zoffreo, President & CEO of FlightSoft, announces the Official Release of the summer blockbuster for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 ---- FLY TO CANCUN On A WideBody DC10 Jetliner --- a summer sizzler with the most advanced visual model ever depicted of the McDonnel Douglas DC10 Jetliner - a `Classic' jetliner of the 20th Century.

The DC10 Jetliner sports all the `bells and whistles' you're accustomed to seeing in high end designs --- some of the more prominent features include the Engineer moving about the flight office (as seen from Spot View) during the critical phase of short final --- watch him move from the jump seat to the Engineer's station for final checks and careful monitoring of aircraft systems before touchdown. In addition --- aircraft surfaces are fully rounded with engine nacelles brilliantly rendered for maximum eye-appeal --- the eye candy doesn't stop with engine surfaces and interiors --- you'll find extraordinary renditions of the fuselage complete with detailed 3D wing construction, massive flap surfaces rendered with photo realistic image overlaps -- night light effects including landing lights that are superlative along with an ensemble of aircraft sounds that heighten the realism effect ---- tires deflate slightly when compressed against the runway surfaces during touchdown --- all the visual effects including full reverse thrust engine visuals are spectacular and the complete range of thrust reverse engine sound effects will make the most astute PC pilot admire the courage of designers who spared no effort in bringing the ultimate realism to the deskptop.

The DC10 Jetliner features an amazing Cockpit with Photo Realistic high res images that capture the `oldness' of this classic jetliner --- some knobs worn abit others have that semi new look but the entire visual effect gives this `classic' jetliner its class and the fully functional INS (Inertial Navigation System) and authentic Auto Pilot Systems provide all the technology you'll ever need to fly to places near and far with a whole host of airliners that beckon you to discover the `mystique' and `hot' vacation spots that Mexico is so famous.


CANCUN .... Imagine flying into the `HOT NEW VACATION SPOT of Movie Stars and the Elite --- CANCUN has captured the first place in vacation destinations in North America --- it is the hottest new spot to sit on the sun bathed sand in brilliantly engineered beaches on a peninsula that jets out into the warm waters of the Caribbean with exotic hotels providing that safe haven between inspiring jaunts of people watching and swimming in the warm waters of Mexico's premier vacation destination.

CANCUN is one of the most beautifully and picturesque island adventures you'll ever take your widebody jetliner to ... just imagine pristine beaches with all the water color intensity of deep blue and the less deep azure water colors decked with white pristine beaches famous for spoting the Hollywood JetSet croud and swanky hotels with world famous quality ---- you can really enjoy life at its multi-faceted resorts --- beach front polo, miniature golf, a variety of fresh water pools and ocean front beaches plus the finest cuisine from Mexico's top chefs ... this is the resort of the rich and famous ... so come visit CANCUN and enjoy the tropical breezes, the hot salty air and the hot sultry romance of a love affair with Mexico's first class resort.

 But before you can visit the plus resort community of CANCUN you'll first have to land at its extremely challenging airport ... often mysteriously swept up in low cloud cover and fog coming in from off the ocean .... With temperatures in the high 90's (F) and high humidity with dew points in the high 70's .... How are you going to land a giant DC10 Jetliner at this island resort community airport? Do you think you have sufficient skills to tackle the severe crosswinds that can suddenly come up from time to time? What about using full flaps 50 and full thrust reversers to slow down before you come to the end of the runway .... You'll smile when you touch the hot tarmac with your massive wheels fiercely screetching as you employ Thrust Reversers to slow you down ... what a happening .... This is the type of airport approach with plenty of fanfare to keep you on your toes and help maintain your proficiency skills.

ACAPULCO has been the premier vacation destination in Mexico for many many decades ....

This famous vacation resort has been making visitors and foreign travelors happy for some quite some time .... You'll find Acapulco the summer sizzler of resorts ... the French Riviera and much much more with high cliffs beckoning those cool ocean breezes just cool enough to soften that scorching sun, hot really hot weather and high humidity ... it'll make you yearn for a lemon sorbet and lots of lemon tea with lots of ice to cool you down from those hot sultry breezes .... But first you have to get to Acapulco and for PC Pilots of Microsoft Flight Simulator the challenges are no less daunting .... You know you have to be in top form when you find yourself high above this enormous cliff and have to descend lower than normal to be within glideslope position of a perfect landing right on the numbers .... But at higher than normal airspeeds ( thick air - high dew points - high temperatures) your approach must be accurate and you'll have to employ full thrust reversers and keep your feet on the brakes --- brake slowly but convincingly --- watch the runway disappear in front of you --- will you have plenty of room or should you perform a go-around --- these are the typical questions that will face you on approach to Acapulco's smashing airport .... The mountains and cliffs around the airfield play tricks on you ... just when you least expect it a crosswind and severe downdraft will keep you honest and on your toes and as you succeed in your landing feat just remember to keep the yoke pulled back all the way to slow down the aircraft even further because as you rumble down this jungle runway remember you've just entered Paradise --- slow her down to taxi speed and bring her in to the terminal area --- your passengers have worked hard for their money and saved up for the vacation of a lifetime ... so hot the rubber from the heels of their shoes are smoking as their shoes touch the hot pavement outside ... this is the vacation stuff of their lives and Acapulco delivers in style.

 But what makes this place so so special for PC pilots? What kind of extraordinary approach are we talking about at Acapulco's newly renovated International Airport ---- you'll find the large mountain at the edge of Acapulco airport an amazing challenge and its visual effect on final approach one of the most spectacular island visuals possible whether you are a `spotter' on the ground or a member of the `Flight Office' bringing your `classic' DC10 Jetliner to the safety of the runway.

ACAPULCO is one of those must do experience approaches in your portfolio of accomplishments for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. Don't miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime ... if you can get there in person why not experience it in the simulator? You don't think it's any less exciting than sitting in the pilot's seat in the flight office of a real DC10 Jetliner do you?

PC Pilots know that the simulator experience is pretty exciting indeed with real world weather downloaded from the internet and authentic Mexican Air Traffic Control Audio creating that ambience of an authentic flight in the hustle and bustle of the Mexican airway system ... nothing could be closer to reality than being there in person and with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and FlightSoft's FLY TO CANCUN On A WideBody DC10 Jetliner you've got all the necessary tools to experience the wildside of aviation travel and visit remote areas of the world undreamed of before the advent of PC flight simming. So where else will you fly to besides CANCUN and ACAPULCO?

PUERTO VALLARTA ----- You may want to head over to Puerto Vallarta (pronounced PUEERTO VAYYATA) one of those `mysterious' island paradises ---- this place is truly `mysterious' and its detailed airport depictions will present a number of visual `easter eggs' .... You'll find plenty of jetliners and general aviation aircraft moving about these airports and flying around on scheduled routes, portable staircases for passengers to disembark before boarding busses to the main terminals, docking gates complete with airport attendant signaling aircraft for alignment based on a specific docking gate procedure, a number of catering trucks providing some of the best in Mexican cuisine for the astute traveler... you Iberia Airline fans may want to fly First Class for the best in Haute Cuisine. Puerto Vallarta has some of the most exciting beaches and resort hotels and communities and it is a must fly to destination in your Mexican travels.

 Puerto Vallarta's International Airport has an exhilarating approach that captures the complexity and variety of airport approaches that are so characteristic of the Yucatan Peninsula and provide some fascinating glimpses into the complexity of the Mexican airway system. HOT and HUMID weather abound and don't think simply because you can take off and land at airports throughout Western Europe and the U.S. that you can handle the humid and steamy weather and its intense pilotage challenges these phenomena present to airmen who must fly to and from the famous Mexican Resort Holiday airports. Don't underestimate how difficult it can be to maneuver a sharp right turn on final or a circling approach, NDB approaches or a variety of hybrid tearslip approaches will keep you on your toes long before you have to actually arrive at your destination airport --- so study those approach charts.

You may find that you'll have to consult the aircraft manual for flight performance characteristics under a variety of extreme conditions such as short runway lengths - extremely hot and very humid weather - short field takeoffs and short field landings that are the norm in many of the smaller community airfields and your technique must be in top form. You'll need to be proficient in short field techniques and successfully takeoff and land at Puerto Vallarta, Cozumel and other challenging resort airport destinations --- each of these experiences will teach you new things about your DC10 flying abilities and help you stretch the envelope of techniques and skills to their ultimate challenge.

And ... if these challenges are not enough remember each approach is designed to the exact terrain of the airport environment and the setting is often mountaneous with wild tropical foliage and lots of hot steamy weather (with plenty of lightening and thunder) or unexpected turbulence and downdrafts that will keep you guessing long after you thought you had figured it all out and were absolutely satisfied that things were going fine ... everything in this package will challenge you and your excitement begins the moment you've installed our software ... so where next?

 COZUMEL is one of those romantic islands getaways that abounds in mystery and is so so exotic that you'll fly into this short field airport just to park your plane close to those palm trees so you can walk down the ground vehicle operated portable staircase and walk over to those exotic Palm Trees swaying in the wind while you recline on a beach chair to catch some summer cool breezes. Take in some LemonAid or a Pina Collada (without alcohol ofcourse) before embarking on further adventures to discover the wild and crazy side of island hopping and resort holiday paradise vacations in the Yucatan Peninsula.

But first you'll have to takeoff from COZUMEL and take your massive DC10 Jetliner onto the elaborate taxiways to the runway and perform a short field takeoff in characteristically hot and humid weather to discover what flying in the tropics is really all about ... and who knows just what lies ahead --- other HOT vacation spots throughout Mexico's tourist vacation resorts?

Isle De Mujeres is the Island of the Women and it is some island paradise. This is an island paradise that requires you to fly in with a small general aviation aircraft. The plush tropical foliage and exquisite cool ocean breezes will beckon you to take up a Cessna or other small aircraft and fly into this island hot paradise --- look out for those cross winds and remember to look out the window for the view is spectacular .... Just look at those beautiful designed beachfront homes ... truly a nice place to spend some time ... perhaps do some golf and watch the surfers take in those waves.

This is your island of choice if you want to fly into a picturesque airport with exquisitely designed terminal .... It is truly one of the most beautiful places to taxi up to and park your plane. Once you get off the aircraft you'll be welcomed into the picturesque terminal and a Pina Collada, freshly squezzed Orange Juice, or Lemon Drink will be waiting along with some wonderful lounge chairs to sit down rest abit while you look out into the pristine waters of this island paradise.


Mysterious and Exotic ...even downright spooky .... this is X- Files stuff and you'll get goose bumps once you find yourself on final approach to this airport's strange and unpredictable environs. First of all ... you may not even see the airfield even though you are looking straight at it and flying directly to its paved runway.

The moment you've located the airfield ... the atmospheric conditions play tricks on your eyes and you start flying down to the vicinity of the airfield but the image gets somewhat blurry ... strange atmospheric effects on final .... And it is a long final approach straight into a mysterious airfield with what appear to be farm barns near the airport and strange mysterious ruins purported to have been built by Mayan Indians in the strange mysterious past of this mystical land.

As you land on the runway just look out on the left side and just as you touch down you'll see those mysterious ruins ... visitors fly into this airfield from all parts of Mexico and North America to visit those mysterious Mayan Ruins. Take your time as you roll out onto the runway and find your way to that mystical terminal area on the side of the airport .... Plenty of `Easter Eggs' await the curious traveler. Remember as you pull up to the edge of the Terminal Area fence to look past the Palm trees and parking lot containing some Rent-A Cars and view the fascinating pyramid structures to your left.

As we get out of our Cessna or other general aviation aircraft let's go inside the small terminal shop and rent a car then drive down and embark on a dangerous journey into the great unkown... the mysterious Mayan Ruins just lie straight ahead.

We'll after you've survived viewing those mysterious ruins remember there's much much more to explore including spine tingling approaches into such exotic places as Hermosillo, Monterrey and visit those extraordinary restaurants in Baja California or fly to Mexico City and visit its extraordinary museums and learn more about Mexico's ancient past.

Here are some extraordinary images of the DC10 Jetliners that will take you to parts unknown to uncharted waters and some of the most beautiful scenery ever depicted for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight. FLY TO CANCUN On A WideBody DC10 Jetliner with Real ATC Audio featuring real life Mexican Air Traffic Controllers will bring you to the brink of Mexico's ancient exotic past when you're not flying to the HOT VACATION destinations of CANCUN, ACAPULCO, PUERTO VALLARTA, MAZATLAN, COZUMEL, and much much more!

Don't be complacent about it all .... Leave those fancy big modern jetliners at home ... it's summer ... who wants to go flying around with his fingers of one hand typing away on a Flight Management Computer(FMC) while the fingers of the other hand are holding a pipe while at the same time taking a shower .... Give your modern jetliner with FMC and all the rest to your executive assistant .... Real men and women take a rest from the computer flown modern jetliners and take charge of matters ... that's right ... step up to the plate and place one hand on one side of the flight yoke and the other hand on the other side of the flight yoke ... pull it back and forward ---left to right ---- and by all means disconnect that Auto Pilot .... You don't want to be seen asleep at the wheel because of boredom, nauseau or perhaps even something worse ... when you're flying thru jungle environments with the heat level high and humidity and dew points so dense that you could cut the air with a fork ... you know you've arrived ... be adventureous .... Summer is here .... It's hot .... It's humid .... It's even hotter still in Fly to Cancun .... And this is the summer to break open a bottle of Corona beer ... put your shades on ---- dark sunglasses please ---- and dream of those misty sun drenched beaches of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula ... never been there before? Well ... you don't have to go there in person to experience all the excitement of a Holiday Adventure GetAway.... Hop into your favorite DC10 Jetliner and when you hear the growl of those engines eating up the runway that is quickly disappearing before your eyes ... pull back on the yoke ... get airborne .... And start having some fun!

Remember .... Your secretary can `fiddle around' with those `pretty' modern jetliners ... you want a real jetliner the kind whose landing wheels yell out a violent screetch on touchdown and the hot mettle and sophisticated ligaments of the landing wheel apparatus undercarriage creek and squeal with a massive thud and a low reverberating growl while thrust reverser sounds put a smile on your face as you gaze beyond the runway's edge lights to the ocean view ahead and the crimson red sky above ... this description paints a picture perfect postcard view of an unparalleled sunset. What better way to spend your summer vacation ... do you deserve a break today? Take a vacation with FlightSoft and experience FLY TO CANCUN On A WideBody DC10 Jetliner ... you won't be disappointed ---- when you eventually make it back to the office and find your Executive Assistant half a sleep and semi comatose from reading all those FMC manuals about modern `computer flown' jetliners --- you can wake the `ole lad' up and invite him to experience the real world of aviation when aircraft were meant to be aircraft and real pilots had to get off their buts and fly the thing they way God intended jetliners to be flown. On the other hand ... if your Executive Assistant doesn't wake up don't hesitate for a moment to call 911 ... ask for an ambulance and remember to request `life support' machinery ... you'll need it if your Executive Assistant or Secretary has spent most of the time reading FMC manuals and other `artificats' of the modern jetliner age.

And ... by all means .... When you turn that tight corner on short final to Mazatlan's tricky airport .... Disconnect that damn Auto Pilot and place your hands on the flight yoke ... that's right ... place both hands on the yoke and make that visual approach with precision and pride because you've earned the `right' to be called a pilot and you'll only have one chance to place that massive beast on the numbers right on the centerline of the runway ... don't be shy ... when you hear that high pitched screeching sound of the landing wheels as they come in contact with the hot tarmac ... and hear a series of thud like symphonic sounds emit from the undercarriage of the Landing Wheel apparatus ... and even when you hear those wild and loud thrust reverser sounds you'll know you've arrived and even a composer having his music performed at Symphony Hall couldn't be inspired to higher heights ... ah ... don't you deserve a big congratulations ... open the champagne bottle and toast your achievements today! Get FlightSoft's FLY TO CANCUN and GRADUATE TO THE HAND FLOWN DC10 JETLINERS AND IF YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST YOU CAN FLY TO CANCUN AND EVEN BRING YOUR SECRETARY OR EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT ALONG FOR THE ULTIMATE SUMMER SIZZLER OF A HOLIDAY ADVENTURE!

To order your copy of FLY TO CANCUN and view some exclusive screenshots of this fabulous new FS2004 addon.

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