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Sim-Wings Issues Information On FS2004 Compatibility

Posted on Sat, 02 Aug 2003 23:00:18 GMT
Sim-Wings has just released information on compatibility of its previously issued scenery products with FS2004. Some work as is while others will requires patches ranging from major to minor. For full details on upgrading and planned new releases, click on Read More.Short information about the compatibility of our FS2002 sceneries in FS2004:

 Some of our sceneries, like La Gomera, do not need any update. Others, like Tenerife, need some minor updates to solve problems with transparent textures (they appear as not transparent in FS2004). Also some sceneries need exclude switches in the scenery.cfg to exclude the new FS2004 default runway signs. Some sceneries, like Gran Canaria need more work due to that the new FS2004 coastline does not match to the FS2002 one. So we've to make a new one.

Conclusion: There are little incompatibilities with FS2004. We're actually working on it to solve them. At this and Aerosoft's website you'll soon find some FREE patches to grant the technical function of our existing FS2002 sceneries in FS2004.

In addition to these free patches we'll rework some of our sceneries, like the Balearic Islands.
Ibiza will be built completely new with the new terminal building, new ground textures etc., Majorca needs some work to represent the actual shape, some new sightseeing objects, coastlines that match to the reality, Landclass files, etc.
Unfortunately such an immense work cannot be done for free, and the new version will be sold as new full versions for FS2002/FS2004. Owners of the actual FS2002 versions will get a special update price.

Following FS2002 and FS2004 products will be released soon (until March, 2004)

  • Box "Balearic Islands" (Owners of the "Islas Baleares" will get a special update price)
  • Box "Canary Islands" (Owners of the "Islas Canarias" will get a special update price)
  • Box "Spain" containing the airports: Madrid Barajas, Malaga, Almeria, Jerez de La Frontera, Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, Santander, Pamplona. (Owners of the "Islas Baleares" will get a special update price)

Our customer of single online airports (simmarket) will still be able to buy single new airports at simmarket. They also can get special prices for new versions (and they can use the free technical updates).

We think that we've found a fair way that allows our customers to use their sceneries in the new flight simulator for free and that allows us to invest time and money in developing and reworking our existing and new sceneries to provide you with an actual "state of the art" flight simulation scenery.

Due to the beginning of the summer holidays it will take some more time until the release of the free patches. We hope to finish the free technical patches until the end of September 2003.

Thorsten Loth, sim-wings

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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